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To You

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I want you to know you I really am...So I’ll strip myself down till only the essence of me is left...And I’ll stand there an let you judge me..// Poem based off my story Homecoming, writen from...

Category: Xiaolin Showdown - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Chase Young,Jack Spicer - Published: 2008-10-05 - Updated: 2008-10-05 - 343 words

People define themselves by how others see them

We don’t like to admit it, but we do

I know I did

The whole thing I did was all rebellion and nonconformity

But that was just to get you to notice me

I acted tough in the hope that maybe you’d believe it

I dressed in black so you’d see evil

Sometimes I’d even tripped so you’d look my way

I was a fool

I admitted it to myself even then

I was a fool, but I was a fool for you

School-life showed me that I could get attention

Without even trying

My talent, and later my looks, got me

All the attention I needed

I won’t say that I don’t worry about how I’m viewed

Because I don’t want to lie to you

Occasionally I’ll slip back into my old ways

It’s kinda inevitable

But if I do, know that I’m doing it for you

Now I’ve decided to be fairly honest with who I am

I guess part of the reason I came back

Was to find myself

And I won’t know who I really am

Until I know how you see me

So now I lay myself out before you

The real me

No more over the top attempts at being completely evil

I’ll admit that I do have some good in me

I’ll admit everything

I want you to know you I really am

So I’ll strip myself down till only the essence of me is left

And I’ll stand there an let you judge me

Because your words are like air to me

I need to hear them just to survive

So be honest

Be cruel

I need to hear the truth or I’ll be totally lost

I am totally lost

And I need you to find me and tell me who I am

Judge me

Tell me

Who am I?

But more importantly

Who am I to you?
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