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Its hard to hear the truth, Liar

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It'll probably be a little confusing with 2 ryans so ryan mason, will be Mason.


"...All this time, huh?"

"All this time." Ryan Mason repeated.

"Your one sick son of bitch. hehe. So who were your really there to kill? Huh? Your poor, poor, baby sister? Or? Maybe you weren't planing on killing anyone, Officer." Those last few words stunned everyone in the room, even Mason. "Let me rephrase, Ex-cop. You were stripped of your officer duties after, A) Attempting to arrest and killing another police officer, B) Repeatedly stabbing to death your Ex-wife, Both of which crimes were not fully accounted for until April of '04. Correct?" Officer Urie smiled as he close the file and laid it down on the cold steel table.

"Well aren't you just one smart bitch. To bad your penis don't seem to favor your brains." Mason smirked.

Officer Urie decked Mason in the face. Hard. Mason attempted to strike back.

"Stop it!" Ashley yelled.

"What are you gonna do-"

"Go Fuck yourself Ryan!" She screeched.

"Enough! God your like six year olds. Mr. Mason..." Officer Ross sighed. "Never mind asking you why you did over and over, it isn't getting us anywhere, so... Fuck this. You should sentence to life already for the two accounts on murder. But there would still be trial. Now, admit it. Being an only child for 10 years, is kinda cool. But then Ashley hits the picture, what you take revenge out semi years later?"

"That not how it went down-" Mason began.

"Oh riiight! You take revenge on the bitch that conceived her...and the one that helped. Huh? That was it is? Ashley began to become an attention hogger?"

"Smart ass I would never-"

"Opps! I hit a soft spot. Or? Did Daddy have a love affair with the nanny you grew to hate so much. Ashley your half sister? That it? Did Mommy commit suicide from depression? Depression pills, maybe? 'Accidental overdose'?"

"Your not gonna break me, Officer."

"Not what I'm hear for. Ashley. You taunt your brother about how Mommy and Daddy love you more. Daddy's little girl? Mommy's little angel? Your brother's worst enemy?"

"NO!" Ashley shouted. "My Mom never wanted me! And my Dad never wanted us. My brother took care of me. But never loved me. We had a fucked up life, O.K."

"How'd you mange college?"

"Drugs. Never took 'em, just sold 'em. I just wanted to..."

"Hmmm. So cute too. Arrest 'em both."

"What!?" Mason and Ashley screamed in unison.

Ryan just laughed as the officers cuffed them and lead them out the room.


"Good night, love. Hope that monster eats you alive!" Mommy said to her child turning out the lights and locking the door shut.

"NO! Mommy! Please!" Ashley cried chasing after her pulling the doorknob. She cried and cried. "Mommy!" She whispered. Even after rejecting her so much she still begged her mother's love. She crawled over and into the empty corner of her room and cradled herself. She couldn't sleep. She wouldn't. Not even if her mother would come back...She didn't dare leave.

"Dad! stop!" Mason screamed as his father struck him in the face with the belt.

"Dad, stop." His father mimicked. He laughed. The sick cruel bastard. He struck him again, this time drawing blood. He laughed strike him again and again and... shall I go on? Once satisfied with the amount of blood pouring from his face he leave the boy be. "Have a fun night." his Dad smirked as he closed the door to Mason's room.

He cried.

They cried.

Almost forever that night. Until their own cries drifted them to sleep...That is until Mommy and Daddy couldn't sleep.

Flashback end


I know, I know short flashback short story. Blame righter block. And the reason of the last chapter is answered next chapter. So Review and send me some LOVE!

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