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Chapter 15

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“Eve babe. Wake up. We’re at the final destination.” Somebody said mysteriously.
“Final Destination? What the fuck?” I groaned, rolling over and falling off of the couch.
Spencer laughed and helped me up.
“I’m definitely not going to miss that.” I stated.

Brendon saw me and smiled slightly, “So uhh, how’s the jaw and stomach?” he asked.
“They’re ok. Am I badly bruised?” I asked him worriedly.
“Well... yeah. Just under your eye, your jaw and you’ve got a small cut on your lip.” He replied, with a cringe.
“Do I look intimidating?” I asked, posing ‘fiercely.’
Brendon laughed and gave me a gentle hug, “Come on! Get your bag ready. We’re heading off!” he told me before skipping out of the room.

I rolled my eyes and pulled open my bag, getting changed out of my PJ’s and into some clothes. Once I had chosen my outfit I pulled it on. It consisted of a ‘2 size too large’ button up white top paired with a blue tank top underneath with a black bust belt and black short shorts plus my beaten black high tops.

I left a few buttons undone up the top which revealed the top part of my tank top before tying my hair up into a messy ponytail and slipping my ray ban sunnies on top of my head. Ha bitches! I got these babies with prescription lenses so I can see without having my normal glasses. Score! I lightly covered my bruises with concealer and slid my glasses over my eyes before grabbing my bags and wheeling them out the front.

“Whoa. Somebody’s dressed to impress.” Spencer pointed out.
“Uhh thanks?” I chuckled, not knowing how to respond.
“Nice stems.” Brendon said with a smug grin.
“Why thank you Christian. Are we going to go shopping now and you’ll save my BFF’s life?” I asked in a ‘valley girl’ tone.
“Huh?” all the guys said collectively.

“Clueless. The movie. Christian says ‘nice stems,’ they go shopping, he saves her friends life, turns out he’s gay after trying to- wait! Bren, are you trying to tell me through my knowledge of movies that you’re Gay?!” I asked in mock shock.
“What?! No way! I mean, nothing against gays but I’m not gay. I like girls. Hell! I’m as straight as they come!”
“What? What about those small kisses Brendon! I thought they meant something to you too!” Ryan shrieked before pretending to cry into Spencer’s shoulder.

Brendon just stood there awkwardly until I started laughing, “We’re just joking babe. Lighten up.” I smiled at him.
Ryan, Spencer, and Jon all joined in with my laughter as a Brendon’s face turned a shade of red.
“Awwe, I’m sorry Bren,” I apologised, walking up to him and giving him a peck on the cheek and hugging him, “and thanks for the compliment.” I whispered before breaking away.

“Well kids, let’s get off of this bus! I’m ready to see Evie’s place!” Jon said happily, wheeling his bag off of the bus.
“Oi! Cool your jets,” I shouted as we all followed him off of the bus, “I talked to the ex-owner and she told me she’d be there around 11am and it’s...” I waited for someone to answer.
“Oh! 9:48am.” Ryan answered.
“Thank you Ryan. So we have over an hour until I can get in anyway... besides, I don’t even know where I am!” I laughed.
The guys joined me in laughter.
“Well, how about we grab something to eat, hang out for a while, and then go to your new place.” Spencer suggested.
Everybody agreed and we piled into the van with our things.

“Ohmigod I’m so excited!” I said as we drove to my new home.
The guys around me chuckled.
“Yeah. I think you’re gonna like it here in Vegas.” Spencer said.
I smiled and looked out the window at my surroundings. It looked pretty good so far.

5 minutes later we arrived at my new place and we all got out of the car. It was even better in person! A quaint yet modern 2 story townhouse with a small front yard with a chair swing. The previous owner was already there. She was probably 30-35 years old, long blonde hair and carrying a small child on her hip.

“Hi.” I greeted with a smile.
“Hi, you must be Stevie.” She said, out holding her hand for me to shake.
I took her hand and shook it with a smile.
“Here’s your key. I’ve cleaned everything up so it’s all ready to go.” She told me.
“Thank you so much.” I replied.
“Well, I have to get going. It was nice meeting you.” She smiled.
We both said our goodbyes, and she headed off.

“Yes!” I cried, running up to the front door and unlocking it quickly.
Once I was inside I was astonished by the size. It was like a Tardis. Smaller on the outside, bigger on the inside. Yes, I like Doctor Who. Deal with it.

“Wow. This place is nice.” Jon said once he came inside.
I nodded before walking back to get my bags but saw that Brendon had already taken care of them.
“Thanks Bren.” I smiled.
He smiled back, “No problemo. You’ve got a nice place.” He complimented.
“Thanks!” I replied.

“Oh! I need to choose my room! Bren, come help me!” I said, grabbing his hand and pulling him upstairs along with my bags.
There were 2 rooms. Both had ensuite bathrooms and fairly large sized rooms but I chose the smaller one.
“Why this one? It’s smaller.” Brendon pointed out.
“But it’s got the window seat.” I replied, gesturing towards the window.
Brendon nodded and I placed my bags on the bed.

“Evie! You chosen yet?!” Jon called throughout the house.
“Yep! 2nd to the left!” I called back.
There was a heard of footsteps and the other 3 guys walked in.
“Ooh, window seat!” Ryan exclaimed, going towards it and sitting down.

“So, Jon. Don’t you live in Chi-Town?” I asked.
“Yeah, but I’m staying at a hotel until I need to get back.” He replied.
“How about you stay here? With me? That way you don’t need to waste money and you can keep me company! But you don’t have to if you don’t want to. It’s just a suggestion.” I suggested.
“Seriously? Ahh, that’d be awesome. Thanks.” He smiled.
I smiled back, “I’ll be back. I wanna check something out.” I said before getting up and making my way out the back.

It was a narrow backyard but it was long. It even had one of those ponds with a bridge going over it. And rocks surrounding it. It was like those fairy gardens! I smiled before making my way over to it and sitting on the bridge. It was so relaxing.

“Evie? You out here?” somebody called.
I kept my eyes closed and exited my previous tranquil state and yelled back, “Yeah. Over here.”
Footsteps approached and someone sat beside me. I opened my eyes and turned my head. It was Brendon.

“Hey.” I said calmly.
“Hey. Wow, this is incredible.” He said, looking around the garden.
I nodded, “It’s like a fairy garden-as childish as it sounds, but it does.” I told him.
Brendon nodded in agreement, “I’m glad you moved here.” He said.

“How come?” I asked back.
“Because...” he smirked knowingly.
“What? What is it?” I asked apprehensively.
“You’re never going to get rid of me now.” He smiled.
“And why is that? You’re going to build a tent out here?” I asked with a laugh.
“Now that’s not a bad idea.” He stated, stroking the small amount of stubble on his chin.
I laughed and slapped his arm playfully.

“Kidding. No, because I, Brendon Urie, live 4 houses down from here.” He told me.
My eyes widened, “What?! Forcereal?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.
He nodded, “Yep. Though this place is a lot cooler though.” He replied.
I smirked, “Admit it. You just like my fairy garden.”
“I do. I really do. I might just steal it.” He stated.
I raised my eyebrow and gave him a ‘are you for real?!’ look.

He laughed, “Joking, joking. Now come on. Ryan’s ordered lotsa pizza and Jon’s gone out to get booze.” He told me seriously, getting up from his spot on the bridge.
“Oh, cool.” I said.
As I was about to get up, Brendon held his hand out for me. I smiled and took it before he helped me up and we both walked back inside.

“I ordered pizza!” Ryan told me happily as we walked inside.
“Coolies. Whatcha doing guys?” I asked as I saw them in front of the TV with many, many, wires.
“Uhh, setting up Jon’s PlayStation.” Spencer replied.
“Awesome.” I replied, taking a seat on the couch.
Brendon sat beside me and we watched the guys setting the console up.

“And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
and for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself...”

I quickly dug my phone out of my pocket and answered it.
“Evie! How are you?” Ace asked happily.
“I’m good babe. How about you?” I asked.
“Good. How’s the house?” he asked me.
“It’s soo cool! I have a window seat in my room and a fairy garden!” I exclaimed.
Brendon chuckled from beside me. I slapped his arm playfully.

“Do I get a window seat?” he asked.
“What the spare room is officially yours is it?” I asked with a smirk.
“No, the spare room doesn’t have a window seat. It’s bigger than mine though.” I answered him.
“It’s my room. Admit it.” He said.
I could picture him grinning.

“Fine. It’s your room. But other people can use it if need be.” I replied.
“Fine.” Ace pouted.
I laughed, “Get over it you big baby. So what’s happening? How’s Nan?” I asked.
“She’s good. Mum invited her over for dinner last night.” He answered.
“Oh that’s good.” I smiled happily.
“How’s the Jacob situation?” he asked seriously.
“Umm, yeah. It’s over now.” I replied, hoping he wouldn’t go into it.

“You’re hiding something.” He stated.
“No I’m not. I’m not hiding anything.” I said, whimpering and holding my jaw as I opened it too far.
“What’s going on? And don’t lie.” He told me.
I sighed, “Fine. Jacob spoke shit about mum so I punched him. Then it turned into a whole big fight and I think he won. But then Brendon got him back, so I think that disqualifies his win.” I replied.

“What!? What did that mother fucker say?!” Ace shouted angrily.
“Please Ace. I don’t want to talk about it. Please.” I pleaded.
I heard him sigh, “Alright, fine. You’re lucky that those guys care so much about you.” He told me.
“I know.” I replied.

“So... made a move on Brenny boy yet?” he asked, probably wiggling his eyebrows.
“Ace!” I exclaimed, blushing.
I hoped Brendon couldn’t hear anything.
“What? It’s just a question Evie. And all questions need an answer.” He told me.
“No Ace, I haven’t. Happy now?” I asked sarcastically.
“No. Make a move! He might get snatched away! You know this.” He replied.

I rolled my eyes, “Whatever Ace.”
“Fine, fine. Look babe, I have to go. Tell the guys that I thank them for looking out for you.” He told me.
“I will. Love you.”
“Love you too Evie. Bye” he replied.
“Bye.” I said before hanging up.

“Ace says thanks for looking out for me guys.” I told the room.
They all smiled.
“It’s no problem.” Ryan said.
“Yeah, it felt good to beat the shit out of Jacob.” Brendon stated.
“You’re lucky he didn’t sock you one in the jaw.” I laughed, but was still slightly freaked out about it.
“Don’t worry. You can hardly notice the bruise.” Spencer told me.
“Good. Means I used my make up properly.” I chuckled.
“Oh...” Spencer replied before going back to the PlayStation set up.

“Finished!” Spencer cried 15 minutes later.
Right on time, Jon walked through the door carrying a brown paper bag.
“What did you get?” Brendon asked.
“Just the usual. Jack Daniels, rum, and some beer.” He replied.
“Cool. Let’s get started.” Brendon replied.

“Why is the rum gone?” Brendon slurred, causing me to giggle.
“Wooh! Johnny Depp is spunky!” I exclaimed giddily.
“W-what about meee?” Jon pouted.
“Awwe! Jonny boy! You’re adorabubble!” I giggled, kissing his cheek.
Jon laughed and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.
“Ooh Jon and Stevie.” Spencer teased.
Both him and Ryan making ‘kissy faces.’ I blushed immensely and buried my face into Jon’s chest.

I yawned and stretched my arms out in front of me, “I’m g-going to bed guys.” I stuttered, getting up clumsily and falling onto Brendon’s lap.
“Oops. Sorry Brenny.” I smiled drunkenly, quickly pecking his cheek and getting up once again and walking up the stairs.
I tripped on the stairs and began to giggle. I heard footsteps coming up behind me and somebody helped me up.

“Whoops, c-careful Eve.” Jon giggled, helping me up and walking me to my room.
I walked over to my bed, and lied down immediately snuggling into my pillow.
“N-Night Evie.” Jon said.
“Nighty night Jonny.” I smiled, pulling him down and hugging him tightly.
I let go, crawled under my doona and rested my head on my pillow before I heard my door close. After pulling my doona around me, I fell asleep almost instantly.
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