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Chapter 14

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“Evie? Darl, it’s time to get up.” Somebody said into my ear.
I groaned before rolling over and cuddling into Brendon.
“Awwe.” The voice cooed.
“Go away.” I muttered.
“Come on babe. You need to get up. Don’t make me drag you.” They threatened.
I groaned again, “Ok... fine.” I replied sleepily, carefully detaching myself from Brendon and climbing out of the bunk.

Jon was smiling at me and holding out my glasses. I took them from him with a smile.
“Thanks.” I said to him.
He nodded, “So uhh... what were you doing in Bren’s bunk last night?” Jon asked with a smile.
“There was a Th-thunderstorm last night. I don’t deal well with them.” I replied honestly.
“Alright,” he nodded, “well, do you wanna come out and get breakfast with me?” he added.
“Sure. Just let me get dressed.” I said before going to the back of the bus to get changed.

You know those cute dresses with the circular collar that Vicky T wears? I wore my black one plus blue stockings and black flats. I tied my hair up before grabbing my small handbag which had my purse and phone in it before walking back out to Jon. He was dressed in his normal skinny leg jeans with a light grey sweater top teamed with black shoes.
“Ready?” he asked as I neared him.
I nodded, “Let’s go Jonny boy!” I said, linking my arm with his and leaving the bus.

We got pancakes from... I dunno what the shop was called, and we also went to Starbucks to get everyone a coffee. It took us around 20 minutes to get everything, and we hurried back to the bus so the food and drinks wouldn’t get cold. Once we got inside, Jon unpacked all the food and I ventured into the bunk room to wake the cavalry. Spencer and Ryan both were half awake so it was easy to wake them. But Brendon however was a bit trickier.

“Bren? Wake up!” I said, gently rocking him to get him to respond.
He groaned and rolled over, now facing the wall. I rolled my eyes and crawled into the bunk, thank god I was wearing stockings with this dress!
“Bren! Ohmigod Jessica Alba just walked in naked!” I shouted, but still not response.
I straddled his lap now and shook him by the shoulders, “Wake up! We have pancakes and coffee!” I said.

Nope. No response. Wait!
“And we bought a shit load of red bull.” I added.
He immediately opened his eyes and raised an eyebrow, “Not that I’m not comfortable, but why are you straddling me?” he asked with a smirk.
“You wouldn’t wake up.” I replied, getting off of him and hoping he didn’t see me blushing.
Brendon got out carefully after me, and walked into the living area with me following behind him.

Tonight was the last night of the tour. Everyone had organised to go out afterwards to celebrate. I couldn’t wait to get to Vegas and check out my new home. The guys had just finished their set and I watched the entire thing from the pit. I hadn’t actually watched the entire show once since I’ve been here. I’ve either gotten distracted, called away or something had come up. I wish I had gotten to watch them more.

Their stage presence and enthusiasm is amazing. They perform with such energy it makes you feel like they’re doing it entirely for you. Once the show was over, I weaved through the crowd and made my way to the backstage entrance. Zack saw me and smiled before letting me in. I said a quiet thank you before walking through and looking out for the guys.

“Hello Stevie. Business going well?” Jacob asked from beside me.
I rolled my eyes and continued walking, keeping an eye out for one of the guys.
“Oh, business not going to good? Such a shame.” He said mockingly.
“Bite me.” I said through gritted teeth, speeding up my steps.

Jacob laughed, “I bet you say that to all the guys hey?” he asked smugly.
“Can’t you just fuck off?!” I said louder now.
“You’re a slut. Everybody here knows it. I bet your mother was a slut hey? I bet she would sleep with plenty of guys and she taught you how to be one to ‘carry on the family business’ huh?” he said before laughing a bit more.

That’s when I lost it. I swung my fist at his jaw and kicked his stomach. He barely bent over before fighting back and punching my jaw before shoving me backwards violently. My anger boiled and I continued punching him. How dare he talk of my mother like that! Tears were falling freely down my cheeks constantly.

It was like someone had turned on the valve and it wouldn’t give up! I continued punching him and before I knew it I was sprawled on the ground with pain bursting through my jaw and stomach. I got up shakily, trying desperately to see through my tears when, once again, I was shoved backwards and landed on the floor. Jacob crawled on top of me and continued punching me.

“Hey! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” somebody yelled angrily.
I heard running footsteps coming towards me and a pair of hands pulled Jacob off of me whilst another helped me up. I shakily got up and cried into the person’s shoulder. My whole being hurt. Emotionally and physically, I was exhausted. The person half carried-half walked me to a bus and helped lie me down on the couch.

“Are you ok?” they asked softly.
It was then that I realised it was Ryan. I shook my head.
“Where does it hurt?” he asked me.
“Jaw and stomach.” I answered.
Ryan nodded and left, but returned with an ice pack, a glass of water and a Panadol. I gratefully took the Panadol with the glass of water before holding the ice up to my jaw.

“What happened Evie?” he asked me.
“H-he called me a slut again and then he s-started talking badly about my mum.” I replied quietly, hoping that nobody would hate me.
“What did he say?” Ryan asked me.
“He said that she was a-a slut and that I was carrying on the family business.” I said, tearing up again.
Ryan took me into his arms and rubbed my back soothingly.

“Bren! Calm the fuck down!” Jon shouted, pulling Brendon onto the bus.
Brendon was flailing about as Jon dragged him inside, followed closely by Spencer.
“What’s going on?!” Ryan shouted, standing up from his position beside me on the couch.
“Brendon was beating the shit outta Jacob. Zack and Rob came and had to physically rip them apart.” Spencer told him.
Instantly I felt worse than I already did. Brendon was beating Jacob up. Zack & Rob had to intervene. It’s all my fault.

“It’s all my fault.” I said quietly.
But everybody must have heard me because they stopped talking and looked towards me. Ryan walked back over and sat beside me, taking me in his arms.
“No it’s not your fault Eve,” Brendon said, calmer now, “Jacob had it coming, and when I heard that he basically sexually assaulted you and saw him beating the shit out of you I had to do something.” He said, making his way towards me.

“W-where did you hear that?” I asked him quietly, after his little speech.
“The fucking jackass was basically gloating about it to the other roadies.” He replied angrily.
“O-oh...” I trailed off, accidently applying more pressure to the ice on my jaw and wincing.

Brendon took the ice from me and looked at my jaw, “Shit Eve. It’s really bruised. So is just under your eye.” He told me.
“Great,” I moaned, taking the ice back and holding it there, “I-I’m going to bed.” I told them before getting up.
When I was near the door I looked over at everyone, “Thank you.” I said sincerely before retreating to the back couch.

That night, I woke up crying from a dream I had about my parents. I was reliving that night all over again. The night my world came crashing down. The night where I cried for the first time in front of people. I frantically got up and searched for my phone, grabbing it once I found it on the floor. I quickly dialled the familiar number and waited.

Ring... ring... ring-“Hi, you’ve reached Lola and Eric Summers. We can’t come to the phone right now so please leave a message after the beep. Beep-”
I miss you.” I whispered before hanging up and silently crying.
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