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Brought Together, Torn Apart

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Can Gerard handle the band, the tours, his two year old daughter Charli and all the problems inbetween?

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"Jade, can I get a little help up here please?" Gerard shouted from the bathroom upstairs. He was trying to change his daughters nappy, but failing miserably as most first time fathers do. He and Jade had been together about six months before they found out they were going to be having a baby, it was difficult because Gerards band were taking off and an extra mouth to feed and care for would be stressfull. They decided to go through with the pregnancy anyway and Gerard had never been happier, he loved his baby girl more than anything in the world.

"Im busy Gerard, me and Rick are making plans" she shouted up to him. Gerard sighed, he should have guessed that would be his answer. Jade loved their daughter very much, but not as much as Gerard did. She would take care of her when she had to but when Gerard was home she was off making plans with her best friend Rick while he had to do everything else.

Finally Gerard taped the clean nappy in place and picked up his daughter. She was 2 and a half years old and looked exactly like him, dark head of hair and sparkling hazel eyes. This was his last day with his 'family' before he had to go on tour and he was spending it cleaning up poop.

"Come on then missy lets take you over to see grandma" he said as he picked her up and carried her downstairs. Putting on her little fur coat and gloves Gerard thought of how lucky he was to have a perfect baby girl.

"Jade Im taking Charli over to Ma's now you coming?" he said, knowing the answer would be no.

"Im still on the phone with Rick!" she shouted, closing the door to the living room.

"Just us two then princess" Gerard said, holding his hand out to Charli. She looked up too him and pouted, "No mama?"

It hurt him so bad to see Charli upset like this because her own mother couldn't even take them time to play with her, because she was busy with her best friend. Although he didn't like Jade hanging out with Rick, he accpeted it because he loved her very much, more than she loved him in return.

"No mama today baby, just daddy"


They arrived at Donna's about 15 minutes later and Gerard rang the doorbell. Charli was holding Gerard's hand and stamping her feet on the floor, attempting too dance. He smiled down at her, seeing how happy she was.

"There's my favourite little girl!" Donna said as she bent down to pick Charli up who squealed with delight.

"Gamar!" she cried, not being able to pronounce many words properly yet.

"Yes Gamars going to look after you today" said Donna as she kissed Charli's cheek. She took her into the hallway and beckoned for her eldest son to follow them through.

"No Jade again?" Donna asked as she took off Charli's coat and gloves. Gerard shoved his hands into his pockets and just shook his head. Donna and Jade didn't really get on because Donna didn't like the fact Jade neglected her grandchild so much, Gerard's excuses for Jade stopped working on Donna a long time ago and he simply refused to discuss her with his mother.

"You coming in for a coffee son?"

"Nah, I gotta go, we have a practise today. I will be back later to pick up Charli"

Gerard kneeled down in front of the little girl. "Daddy has to go work now baby but you stay with Gamar and I will be back soon okay?"

She nodded her head and flung her little arms around Gerard's neck. "Wuv you daddy" she said before scampering off to play.

"Bye ma, and thanks again for looking after her" said Gerard as he stepped outside.

"No problem son, see you soon"

A/N- I have planned this story out so it is sort of organised. Things will get more exciting I promise. Sorry about the lame ending but I couldnt think of a dramatic/exciting one without making this chapter too long and I dont like making my first chapters too long or else they get boring. Im gunna shut up rambling now, please enjoy this story and tell me what you think :)

Dondon xo.
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