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Donna tries to talk sense into her son, he is having none of it

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Gerard walked to Franks from his mom's house, he felt sort of bad always dropping Charli off at his moms but Frank's would be too loud for her and Jade would be off with Rick so he thought his mom's was the best place for her when he wasn't around.

"Hey Gee, what took you so long?" said Frank opening up the door to let him in

"Sorry I was dropping Charli off at my mom's" he said entering the house

"No problem the rest of the guys only just arrived, come on" Frank said leading Gerard down into the basement

They both walked into the basement and found Mikey, Bob and Ray all sitting on top of a case that had been packed way too full. Gerard cringed and smacked his head against his hands,

"Suitcase, shit, I totally forgot all my stuff" he said realising he left his belongings at home

"How did you manage to do that Gee?" Mikey said wriggling up and down on the case, trying to flatten it as much as possible

"I was too busy getting Charli ready to take to mom's" he said crossing the room and sitting on the bed

"Well couldnt Jade help? Oh wait, that would invlove her getting off her ass and not talking to Rick for like five minutes" Frank said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Gerard frowned, he knew that none of the guys really liked Jade because they all said she treated him bad. The guys all loved Charli to bits, and were like second dads to her but they had notcied that Jade neglected both her and Gerard, always putting herself and Rick first.

"Actually after tour Im gunna ask her too marry me" Gerard told them

"Your fucking what? Are you crazy?!" said Mikey

"No, I love her, she loves me, we have a beautiful daughter, why not?" Gerard replied

"Why not? Why fucking not? Maybe because she treats you like shit and you know she is no good for Charli" said Bob stepping in

"Jade is a brilliant mother and girlfriend, soon to be wife" Gerard snapped, making them all snigger

"Jade, a brilliant mom? C'mon Gerard you know fine well she isnt" Frank said softly, trying to make his friend see sense

"Just drop it okay?" Gerard sighed

He knew they were all right, she wasnt the best mom and she didnt really love Gerard back. She only stayed with him because he was on his way to making it big. He just wanted her to love him back, love him like he loved her. But he doubted that was ever possible so he went on pretending he was loved.


After practice Mikey, Gerard and Bob headed over to Donna's house as Bob had the car and he was taking the brothers to pick up Charli before they went for Gerard's case. The tour was coming up in a week and they were no where near as prepared as the should be. They pulled up outside Donna's house and walked to the front door, shivering in the harsh Jersey air. They were greeted by Donna, with Charli close behind.


Charli scuttled towards Gerard as fast as her little legs could handle, he scooped her up and kissed her on the cheek.

"Have fun at Gamars baby?"

She nodded and wriggled free from his grip, running up to Bob and yanking on his trouser leg. "Hey squirt" he said picking her up and blowing a rasperry on her face, she giggled with delight and attempted to return the favour, but instead she just managed to drool on Bob's cheek. He carried her through into the living room as the rest of them sat down she ran over to greet Mikey.

"Miyee" was the best she could do, and he picked her up and hugged her close. Gerard watched as his brother played with Charli, even the guys were better with her than Jade was, he was snapped out of his daydream by his mom.

"Earth to Gerard!"

He turned his attention to her, "Sorry Ma, what?"

"Bob tells me your going to ask Jade to marry you"

Gerard shot a glance at Bob who was delibratley avoiding eye contact. "Yes actually I am"

Donna got up off her chair and Gerard put out his arms as he assumed she was going to hug him. Instead she slapped him across the head. Bob bit his lip to stifle a snigger.

"Ow, what the hell was that for?" he said, rubbing his head

"I know men are dumb Gerard but come on your not that stupid are you?" she said, sitting back down in her chair. He just shrugged and folded his arms.

"Its my decision ma" he told her

"Yes I know son, but think of Charli, Jade is no good for her! Hell, I bet Bob here could make a better mother" she said pointing to him

"Oh sorry, so you want me to ask Bob to marry me instead?" Gerard said sarcastically

Bob raised his hand in the gayest way imaginable, "Well Gee, I dont know what to say, Im flattered" he said, fanning himself

Donna laughed and then turned back to her eldest son, "Just please do what is best for Charli" she said, watching as Charli ran over and pulled herself up on Gerards lap.

"Maybe I want to think about me for a change!"

Mikey, Bob and Donna were all shocked at this, Gerard loved Charli more than life itself but he seemed to be going into selfish mode. He picked Charli up, not even bothering to put her coat or anything on and stormed out of the door to wait by Bob's car. He was seething, mostly at himself, he knew he was being stupid but he couldn't help it, he couldn't face the fact that maybe Jade didn't really love him. His thoughts were broken by Charli starting to cry;

"Daddy me is cold"

He wrapped her up in his jacket and rocked her to sleep.


"Im back!" Gerard shouted as he and Mikey walked through the front door to get his case. The car ride home was silent apart from when Charli woke up and started screaming for Donna. She ran off to play as soon as they got in the house and Jade was suprisingly not on the phone. She waltzed into the kitchen and put her arms around Gerard, kissing him full on the mouth. Mikey cleared his throat akwardly and she pulled away from Gerard.

"Sorry Mikey you want some too?" she said moving closer to him.

He backed away nervously, "Erm no I'm okay Jade"

She just laughed as he quickly left the room to retreive Gerard's case.

"So what was that for then?" Gerard asked her

She smiled and shrugged, "Im I not allowed to kiss my wonderful boyfriend?" she said, placing her hand in his. Gerard smiled, inside and out, maybe Jade was changing for the better. He hugged her close and whispered words that had never been spoken in a long time.

"I love you"

He never in a million years expected a response from her, let alone a positive one.

"I love you too Gee"

Mikey was just outside the door and couldn't help but think something sucspicious was going on, he was going to find out before Gerard could get hurt anymore than he already was.
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