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Jade gets robbed, not that she cares. Gerard's head is empty, why?

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"Gerard I have got your case sorted okay, bring it round to Frank's in the morning" Mikey yelled as he was ready to leave. Gerard came into the hallway and hugged his brother goodbye.

"Charli come and say bye to Uncle Mikey"

She came running out and Mikey picked her up and kissed her cheek. "See you soon princess" he told her. She giggled and ran back in the living room to play.

"See you tomorow bro" Gerard said, closing the door.


The next morning was a bit of a rush for Gerard as he had to take his case round Franks, pick up Charli's things from his mom's house and then come back to make dinner.

"Charli please eat your food without throwing it on the floor" Gerard said as he picked up her destroyed pancake for the third time. Jade was still sleeping and Charli was a bit of a handful on a morning. Once Gerard had drank his coffee and fed Charli he set her down to play in the living room.

"Jade!! Im going now, back in about an hour, love you!" as usual he got no reply. He flung on his shoes and grabbed his case.

"Charli daddy will be back in a bit, love you sweety" he said as he set off to Franks with his stuff.

Jade was just waking up and Charli decided she was bored already and was going to explore the house. She picked herself up and toddled out of the living room, past the stairs and into the kitchen. Opening the cupboards she could reach, on the bottom, she started pulling out pans and dishes, when she was done she walked into the washroom and down to the basement. Charli was having fun trying to figure out how to get down the stairs and when she reached the bottom she found a singing clock, it seemed to amuse her and she sat down clapping her hands to the beat.

Upstairs Jade was getting ready, deciding what to wear today. When she found her outfit she made her way downstairs to get some breakfast. She looked in the living room and found the TV was on, but nobody watching it;

"Gerard, always leaving things playing away to themselves"

Making her way into the kitchen she gasped when she saw the mess. Pots and pans everywhere, scattered all over the floor, bu only from the bottom cupboards.

"Oh my god" she cried, "Not only have we been robbed, but we have been robbed by a dwarf!"

Jade pulled out her cell and called Gerard, she couldn't be bothered to clean up the mess.

"Gee, can you and Charlie come home I think we have been robbed"

"What the fuck?"

"I know I was just as upset, I mean someone has broke into our house"

"Forget that, what do you mean me and Charli? She is at home.."

"Stop fooling around Gerard"

"Jade please tell me you are joking, I left her in the living room when I went. I told you I was leaving"

"Well I was probably still asleep, so if she isn't with me and she isn't with you.."

"Oh god no, they have fucking took her"

Gerard slammed down his phone and told the guys that they needed to get back to his house fast. They jumped into Bob's car and drove around, only to find Jade sitting with a mug of coffee watching TV.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Gerard said, fuming that she wasn't looking for their daughter.

"Erm, hello, its Desperate housewives" she said

Gerard's mouth fell open, how could she care more about a TV programme than their own daughter? He shook all the negative thoughts from his mind, leaving himself with an empty head. 'Just think of all the goodtimes you, Jade and Charli have had' he thought, once again he was left with an empty head.

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