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They search for Charli and we learn a little more about Jade

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"Jade, are you kidding me? This is our potentially missing daughter were talking about and all you can do is watch TV!"

"I-I'm sorry Gee, I guess I was so confused about Charli, I wasn't thinking straight" she replied.

The rest of the band were shocked when Gerard pulled Jade close to him and hugged her. "I know this seems bad baby, but we will find her I promise" he told her.
Jade smirked at the rest of them over Gerard's shoulder and pretended to cry. Fake little sniffles that obviously Gerard thought were genuine tears, the others could only watch as Jade messed with Gerard's mind more and more.

"I think we should search the house first dont you?" Ray said to them. They all agreed and went to look for her. Bob and Ray headed upstairs, Mikey and Gerard covered the garden while Frank and Jade were stuck together looking downstairs.

"Charli, come out, it's Uncle Frank" he cooed.

Jade sniggered at him as she half heartedly trailed around the kitchen. He just glared at her and carried on looking, out of all of them, Jade and Frank hated eachother the most.

"Jade I think you should check the basement while I stay in here" Frank said as he attempted to look behind the fridge.

"No thanks, its dirty. Why don't you look there?" she said, folding her arms.

Gerard and Mikey entered the kitchen, empty handed. "Any luck in here?" Gerard asked, they both shook their heads.

"Nah, sorry Gee. But Jade was just about to look in the basement weren't you Jade?" Frank smiled sweetly at her, much to her annoyance. She faked a smile too and headed to the stairs, "Yeah..I was"

She slumped down the staircase and sure enough, there was Charli at the bottom, lying asleep next to a toy clock. Jade had never really shown much affection to Charli eventhough she was her own daughter, it wasn't that she hated Charli it was just she hadn't been ready for motherhood. Jade's mother, before she died, was very much against abortion and that's how Jade was brought up, so when she found out she was pregnant, she made a promise to her mother that she wouldn't get an abortion. Many times Jade had thought of running away with Charli, but she realised how much she reminded her of Gerard and that's what stopped her. She knew she wasn't a great mother, but she did know Gerard was a brilliant dad, and that's why she stayed because it would kill him if he ever lost Charli. She and Gerard had been so in love, but Jade slipped out of that love and soon found new interests, of course she never told Gerard, he still thought she loved him, but his friends could see straight through her. Although she didn't love Gerard, she would never dream of hurting him, that's why she acted so cold towards everyone, so maybe they would hate her and it would make leaving easier because she knew she had to leave sooner or later before Gerard's heart was completley broken.

For the few moments they were alone together Jade picked Charli up and hugged her close. Smelling that baby scent of talcum powder and softness, she stroked her cheeks and kissed her forehead, seeing how peaceful she was. Jade smiled a genuine smile, something she hadn't done in a long time.

"Jade, whats taking you so long? Have you found her?" Gerard called down the stairs.

"Yeah, she's here"

A clatter of footsteps grew closer and Gerard, Mikey, Bob, Frank and Ray gathered at the foot of the basement stairs. Gerard hugged Jade, with Charli still in the middle and sighed with relief.

"Thanks for your help guys, I will see you later on?" Gerard said as they all climbed up the stairs.

"Yeah, see you later bro" said Mikey as they all went out the front door

Gerard closed it after them and turned to Jade who was still holding Charli. He smiled, seeing her interact with her for the first time in a while.

"Im gunna take a walk okay?" Jade said as she passed Charli to Gerard.

"Want me to come?" he asked. She shook her head as she got her coat and kissed him soflty on the lips.

"See you soon" she said in an almost whisper. He nodded and took Charli upstairs into her bedroom, laying her down and stroking her face. "Sleep tight"


Walking down the street Jade pulled out her cell phone


"Rick, its me. Im on my way"


A/N- Hey guys, hope you enjoyed this chapter. I know, I know full of mush, but hey, why not eh? Ok so before I introduce Rick I want you, the lovely readers, opinions. Do you think I should make him the sort of instigator and the one who wears the pants in the Jade/Rick friendship so maybe he could pressure her into doing things that could spell trouble for Gerard or should I make Jade the dominant one of the two? Reviews would be much appreciated guys!

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