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Rick tells Jade his idea and Donna takes action in helping Gerard

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"What took you so fucking long?" Rick said as he pulled Jade inside, making sure the door was shut properly.

"I told you I had to help Gee look for Charli" she replied, hanging her coat on the hook.

"Ugh, when are you gunna hurry up and leave them already?" Rick said as they made their way into the living room. Jade sat down and crossed her legs sighing.

"Its not that easy you know Rick"

"What? Don't tell me you still love him?" he sniggered, Rick was always pressuring Jade into doing thing he wanted but she could give as good as she got. It was a fierce friendship.

"No, but I do respect him, he has been so good to me and Charli and if I leave when he goes on tour where will Charli go?"

Rick crossed over and sat on the chair beside Jade.

"In care, where she belongs"


"Sure mom, I can bring her over now, see you soon" Gerard sighed and flipped his cellphone shut. Dragging his feet upstairs he went into Charli's room and gently shook her.

"Wake up sweety, time to go out"

Charli opened her little brown eyes and stared up at Gerard. She giggled and reached her arms up so he could carry her. Downstairs he got her in a jacket and shoes, put her in the buggy and set off for Donna's house.


"Care? What do you mean?" Jade asked.

"Like as in she goes to a foster home, someone elses problem then" Rick said, grinning at the thought of his idea.

Jade wasn't too sure, she sort of liked the idea of not having Charli as a responsibility anymore, and at least in care she would be looked after but it was Gerard that was the problem.

"Gerard would never agree to it" she told Rick

"Who say's he has to?"

"Im not following" Jade said

"All I have to do is pretend to be a concerned neighbour that is reporting something they have 'seen' to the social services" Rick smiled as Jade now understood what he meant, she still felt a bit guilty about it though and Rick could see this. He put her hand in his and turned to her;

"They would look after her you know, and Gerard could visit her anytime he wanted, it's fair on everyone" he told her softly

"Right then, lets do it" Jade said, ignoring the voice in the back of her head that was screaming at her to say no.

Rick smiled and leaned over to her, kissing her gently.

"Then we can finally focus on us"


"Gee you look like death warmed up" said Donna as she helped him bring Charli's buggy inside.

"Wow thanks ma, don't overload me with compliments" he said sarcastically

She laughed, "Sorry son but it's the truth, what's going on?" she asked, knowing Gerard would bottle up and pretend everything was peachy.

He sighed and sat down in the living room as Charli ran off to find some toys. "Its everything" he admitted to her. She sat forward in her seat, suprised he had even told her this much.

"Carry on" she said

"Its just..."

"Go on son, I can't help unless I know what the problem is" Donna said

"Well tour is coming up in four days so that's stressing me out, Charli is more than I can handle at the moment and Jade doesn't do much to help, she is always out with Rick and he isn't a good person from what I have seen and heard but if I complain I'm scared she will leave me and then what will I do with Charli..." he managed to say all in one go

A wide eyed Donna was sitting across from him trying to process everything she had just heard. She could see that her son was open to slipping back into a mild state of depression if he didn't get things sorted out, and fast.

"Okay well first of all the tour will be fine, you have done a few before and nothing drastic happened. Second Jade doesn't contribute much to you anyway so if she leaves then its a gain not a loss in my opinion and Charli..well..we will deal with that a step at a time"

Gerard nodded, feeling a little bit better that his mom had been straight with him, that's the type of person she was. She would help you as much as she could but when it came to advice there was no beating round the bush, she would tell it how it was. Even if it meant being a little harsh.

Donna could see it in her son's eyes that he was scared, scared of losing everything he had. She wasn't going to let that happen to him, not for anybody. She was going to do all she could to help him, even if it meant making some drastic changes that could potentially be upsetting, but worth it in the long run. Her first mission was already set, and it involved a certain female, she knew exactly what she had to do no matter how much Gerard wouldn't like it, he would thank her in the end.

She hoped.

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