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"Mmmm Rick stop, I gotta go" said Jade as he moved from her lips to her neck. He pushed her down onto the couch and moved back to her lips, kissing her gently as he climbed on top of her. She rolled over and straddled him "I..really..gotta..go" she said inbetween kisses.

"Come back later?" he said as they got up off the couch.

"No, you come round mine, I will have Charli when Gee goes out" she said kissing him before putting her coat on.

"She better not get in the way" he said

"Dont worry she wont, come round at 6"

"Love you Jade"

"Love you too" she said shutting the door behind her. She closed her eyes and sighed heavily, she had no clue how she was going to get herself out of this without hurting Gerard.


"Yeah ma, I will bring her round tomorow maybe" said Gerard as he put on Charli's shoes and jacket for her.

"Bye sweety" Donna said as she gave Charli a kiss

"Bye gamar"

Gerard picked her up and walked out the door, hugged his mom and turned to go down the path.

"Gerard" his mom called


"Remember what I said"

He nodded, "Sure thing ma" he and Charli headed home, arriving just moments after Jade got in. Gerard took her upstairs into his and Jade's room and put her down to sleep in her cot. Watching her sleep he smiled to himself, things seemed to be going okay that day. He headed downstairs and flopped onto the sofa, Jade came in and sat beside him. Without warning she climbed on his lap and started kissing him, running her hands through his hair. Gerard put his hands round her back and kissed her back, slipping his tounge into her mouth. He let out a low moan when her hands rubbed against his inner thigh, making his tight pants even tighter.

"Gerard" she breathed


"You said you were going round to the guy's house" she was worrying, it was already 5:45

"Yeah but, they can wait right?" he moaned, kissing her again.

Jade got carried away and forgot all about Rick coming over. Gerard carried her upstairs and into the spare bedroom, laying her down on the bed and pinning her arms behind her head. He kissed her neck and she reached over and removed his shirt, rubbing her hands on his bare back. Jade was just about to shed her clothes when a knock at the door interrupted them. Her heart nearly leapt out of her chest when she realised who it would be.

"Just ignore it, they will go away" Gerard said

Jade knew Rick had a key and would let himself in if he was ignored.

"No, I'll get rid of them" she said, getting up and running downstairs before Gerard could stop her. She opened the door and sure enough, there was Rick standing there with a rose in his mouth. Without warning he rushed forward and kissed her, driving her against the wall. She tried to push him off but he was too strong.


The voice was rough but un-sure. She opened her eyes and realised Rick couldn't speak as he was attached to her lips, she directed her eyes to the stairs.

It was Gerard.


"Mikey it's something I have to do"

"You don't have to, this will only make things worse"

"Goodbye Mikey"

"Ma please..."

The phone went dead and Mikey threw it against the wall. "Fuck" was all he could say.


"Gerard, it's not what you think" Jade said as she pushed Rick away from her

"Jade, don't even go there" he said, he didn't know why he was suprised he had always had a feeling she wasn't faithful but it was hard actually finding out he was right.

"Im, Im sorry" was all she could manage to say, this was what she had been trying to avoid all along. Breaking Gerard's heart.

Rick was still standing at the bottom of the stairs, "So know you know can me and Jade finish off what we started?" he asked, smirking up at Gerard.

"Stop it!" Jade shouted as Gerard leapt down the stairs and punched Rick square in the jaw.

"Get the fuck out" Gerard spat at Rick. He stumbled out the door and Jade turned to Gerard as he went into the kitchen. She tried to touch his arm but he pulled it away as if she was a germ.

"Jade" he started off angrily.

"Just don't, please don't" he sighed in defeat. She nodded and pulled away.


"Yes, social services please"

"Hello, how can I help you?"

"I would like to report something please"

"Certainly, could I take your name?"

"I would prefer to stay anonoymous if that's okay"

"That is totally fine, now what would you like to report?"

"A little girl that lives with her mom and dad, but they don't have time to take care of her as the mom is, sorry was, having an affair and the father is always off on tour or working"

"And do you know if the child is getting abused?"

"Not that I know of, but I just think she needs to go into care you know, where she can have somebody's full attention"

"Totally, thanks for your call, we will send someone round soon"

"Thanks, bye now"

"Goodbye and thanks again for your call"


"How long has it been going on for?" Gerard asked once he had calmed down a bit

"About four month" Jade said, trying to hold back tears

Gerard drew in a breath, he was heart broken.

"So are you going to stay with him then?" he asked

"I love him" was all Jade said

It suddenly dawned on him, what would happen to Charli while he was on tour? He couldn't ask his mom as she had plans and it wasn't fair on either of them. The only choice he had was to take her on tour with him, if that was at all possible. Jade silently went upstairs and packed her things. She went into where Charli was sleeping and kissed her forehead, she wiped at her eyes and headed downstairs and into the kitchen where Gerard was still sitting.

"I guess I will go then" she said

Gerard just nodded. Jade went over and kissed him on the cheek, which made him flinch slightly. Her heart skipped a beat as she realised how much she had hurt him.

"Im sorry Gee, truly sorry" she said as she left him, sitting alone in the kitchen.

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