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Success has its price

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Enjoy, just a little filler. The next chapter's all kinds of juicy! That sounded a lot dirtier than I intended. Sorry.

“Can you do that again?” The guy behind the camera waved at Katie.
“Do what again?” She looked up from her sewing machine.
“Sew that piece on. I want to get a better angle.”
“No. This is silk. If I take it apart and redo it, it’ll rip the fabric. Just wait until I do the next piece to get the different shot.” He picked the camera up, and maneuvered it over her shoulder until it was practically in her face.
“Ok, now go.”
“Are you serious? I can’t even see!” She snapped. “I thought you said they I wouldn’t even notice them?” She scowled at Dylan, lounging on her bed.
“You just have to work with them. Why’s your room so small?” Dylan sighed, rifling through the contents of the bedside table drawer.
“Because it’s an apartment.”
“How come you never opened your letter?” She held up an envelope addressed to Katie.
“That came yesterday. I forgot about it. You can open it if you want, I don’t know what it is.” Dylan violently ripped it open and pulled out a sheet of paper.
“I watch you every day.” She read. “Aw, that’s cute. You have a fan. You know the other day, these two girls, they couldn’t have been more than 12, told me they wanted to be just like me when they got older. Isn’t that adorable?” Dylan tossed the paper to the side.
“Does it say who it’s from?” Katie glanced over.
“No. There’s no return address either. Maybe they’re shy. Maybe it’s a boy, I’ve always wanted a secret admirer!” Dylan grinned.
“That’s weird.”
“What are these pictures from?”
“Oh. We shot the Cobra Starship video at the house last week when you were all away.”
“It looks like fun.”
“Why didn’t we know about this? That’s exactly the kind of thing the audience wants to see.” The cameraman perked up.
“That’s exactly why I waited until you were in Florida with her.” She glared into the lens. “Try it on.” She handed over the thin piece of chocolate brown material. Dee snatched it out of her hands and flounced into the bathroom with a huff.
“This would all go a lot easier if you’d just let us film you.” The guy sighed.
“I let you film me plenty. Just whenever I do something interesting, you’re unavailable. I’m not rearranging my own life so it’s convenient for you. I didn’t even want to do this shit in the first place.” She snarled. “Don’t sit on my bed.”
“You could let us come out with you and your friends.”
“You see my friends when they come here. They’re not part of the show, and don’t want to be paraded around so you can use their fans to get yourself a bigger audience.”
“You know, I’m filming all of this. We can air it if we want.”
“I don’t care anymore. Do whatever the fuck you want.” Katie sighed. The door opened and Dee emerged in a mini dress with an empire waist and a bubble hem.
“You know, it’s not bad. It’s actually kind of cute.”
“I know.” Katie shrugged. “What kind of sleeves do you want?”
“I don’t know. I mean I could actually wear this in public.” She gasped, looking at herself in the mirror.
“I could tighten the top and leave it strapless, or I could put little sleeves on it. I kind of like it with little short sleeves.”
“Yeah.” Dee nodded.
“Cool. I have a couple more things I have to fix, and I’ll be done by Saturday.”
“Maybe I’ll wear it to Paris’s party. I’m hungry, are you hungry?”
“I’ll get changed and we’ll go to lunch.” Dylan skipped back into the bathroom.

“Do you know what you’re going to have?” Dylan smiled.
“I think just a Cesar salad.” Katie nodded, scanning over the menu. The grins wiped off their faces as soon as the cameraman left to get the manager to sign the filming release. “I hate this place.” Dylan groaned.
“I know. I think it was the only place within walking distance that will still let them film.” Katie chuckled.
“He’s such a dick.”
“Seriously. He acts like we’re an inconvenience!”
“I miss this. What happened, Kay?”
“We went away to school. I discovered music, you discovered beer.”
“I’m sorry.” Dylan reached out and touched Katie’s hand. “I’ve been going to therapy. I’m trying to be nicer.”
“I know.” She said with a comforting half smile. The cameraman returned with the waiter and they both instantly sat back in their chairs, with scowls plastered on their faces. They placed their orders and the table became silent again.
“Are you coming on vacation? We leave in a week and Dad hasn’t booked your plane ticket yet.” Dylan asked after several minutes.
“No. I have stuff I have to do.”
“What? But we all sail around the Mediterranean every year.” She pouted.
“I know, and I hate it every year.” Katie shook her head.
“How can you hate it?! It’s awesome. Eew. That is like the third time that guy has walked by here.” Dee pointed over Katie’s shoulder, out the window. Katie turned around just as he disappeared around the corner.
“I saw him standing on our corner a couple days ago. I think he’s lost.”
“Eew. That’s creepy!” Dee made a face.
“But, I get bored sitting around in a boat for a month. And I really do have work I can’t just abandon.”
“You can’t blow it off totally.”
“I might come for a week or two at the end.” Katie shrugged.
“Good. It’ll be fun. We can pick up cute Greek boys. Or Italian, whichever you prefer.”
“Well, I DO like spaghetti.” Katie smirked.

Katie swung the apartment door shut and tossed her bag in a corner. She breathed a sigh of relief that the cameras were finally gone. She noticed the room was unusually dark and tiptoed over to the couch. A soft snoring sound emanated from deep underneath a pile of blankets, pillows, magazines and remote controls. She grabbed the plastic container that had been at her side for the past week and rifled through it. She found what she was looking for and stuck her hand down into the mountain on the couch. “I swear I will bite it off.” Gabe grumbled. Katie pulled the blanket back to reveal his scowling face blinking up at her.
“Open your mouth.” She grinned.
“Not if you’re going to give me more medicine.”
“I have to take your temperature.” She held up the thermometer for proof. When he opened his mouth to complain again, she shoved it in and held his jaw shut. “Now we wait.”
“You’re treating me like a baby.” He mumbled.
“If you were a baby, I would have shoved it up your butt. Now neither of us wants that, do we?” The thermometer beeped and he spit it out. Katie squinted at the tiny digital display. “You don’t have a fever anymore! You’ll be better in time for the tour.”
“You probably want a thank you, now.” Gabe grumbled, sitting up.
“Yes I do. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have taken care of yourself, and you would have kept getting worse and now you’d be dead.” He gave her a look and reluctantly mumbled.
“Thank you.”
“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.” She grinned.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.” She hopped over the arm of the couch and nestled herself down into the pile of blankets, resting her head on Gabe’s lap. “I think I’m turning into my sister.” She sighed.
“Is that bad? She’s hot, and I’ve heard she kind of easy too.”
“She looks exactly like me. I think I accidentally agreed to go to Italy with her to pick up foreign guys.”
“I’m foreign.” He smirked.
“You don’t count.”
“Says who?”
“I heard you’re feuding with your film crew.” He chuckled.
“The guy they sent is such an asshole. He keeps trying to get me to go out with you guys to get you on camera.”
“Is that so bad?”
“I ran into Pete at TRL. We were promoing the show. He actually told me to flirt with him so they could start a tabloid scandal to boost ratings.”
“Ok, that’s going a little too far.”
“Tell me about it. I just want to go to sleep.” She shut her eyes. “Wake me up when the season’s over.”

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