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Smart-ass ain't so smart

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"You Bitch!" Stacy said running up to Lauren.

"Yes, yes you are a bitch." Lauren said turning around with a smile. "A big Bitch- No, no more like Miss bitch? Wouldn't you say?" She said with a questionable yet sly look on her face.

Stacy released her angry with a punch...straight into the wall. Lauren had pretty good reflexes. Surprisingly she ducked. Lauren stood up. She stared at Stacy for a moment before decking her in the face. Stacy, sadly couldn't take a punch. She fell to the floor. Hard. Lauren laughed a bit, then leaned over her.

"Told you. Your a bitch. Only difference, chicka, is your on the floor, bleeding. Oh and, Have fun." Lauren said. She turned around and walked to class.


"What the fuck did you do!?" Gabriel asked as he came into Lauren's room.

"Woah! Knock will ya!" She said using the magazine she was reading to cover her bra. She had a black bra on and polka dot shorts.

"Agh! Sorry!" Gabriel said backing up out into the hallway.

Lauren grabbed a shirt from her dresser and invited him back in. "Now, what the hell are you nagging about now?"

He sighed. "You beat up-"

"Your girlfriend? Ya old news."

"Shes not my girlfriend!"

"Someones defensive!"

"Yes, I am! You've gone too far!"

"Fuck it! its none of your business!!!" She screamed in his face.

"She said you were fighting over me. Care to explain!?"

"Fuck it! Just Fucking forget it!"


"Because I'm and tired of, 'Oh Lauren can you ask that hot, hot, hotty if he'll go out with me?' or 'can you see if he's fucking, yet?' You might as well be a hoe!"

"That doesn't mean you hit someone and it doesn't mean you can kiss m-me!"

Lauren's mouth dropped. "Ohhh! I get it now. Its about that kiss. You liked it and your pissed."

"What!? no! I-"

"Then kiss me."


"I didn't studder, kiss me."


"Fine." Lauren said removing her shirt. "I will take my bra off."

"Then do it."

"I will!"


"Fine." She stared at him. "Oh, Fuck it!" She ran into the bathroom and locked the door.


"Oh my God! Graduation is like 4 weeks away! Aren't you excited?" Tiffany said to Lauren as she slumped on the couch.

"Yeah...Happy..." Lauren mumbled.

"Whats wrong, sweet. I haven't seen you this bad since...well damn never."

"Few days ago me and Gabriel got at it. We argued and we haven't spoken since."

"Awe. What so you guys break up?" Tiffany said.

"What! No! we were never... Forget it..."

Tiffany shrugged and turned to the TV. Finding Nemo was what they were watching. Suddenly she said, "Poor Nemo. Just like Bambi...Ya know...expect underwater..."

Lauren laughed a bit. "...The fuck?"

"I don't know. I say when we get graduated we should celebrate!"

"What you have in mind?"

"How 'bout a Ludo concert?"


"You know Ludo? Love me dead? I hear their pretty solid."

"Oooo...right! Sure whatever... Ludo? hmmm..."

"Lauren? Last time you talked like that, bad things happened..."

"Don't worry...its my 19th birthday in a couple of days...I could have some fun."



I don't know...I was listening to ludo so I said what the heck and went with it...
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