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Your a B!#@* and I'm making enemies

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It was a Saturday night, the kinda night that makes Lauren wish she didn't have a tutor.
As Gabriel taught she crumpled a piece of and threw it at him.

"Ow! not nice." He said.

She laughed and fell back on her bed. "Your boring. You should be a teacher."

"Thanks." He mumbled.

She sat up and grabbed his face, "Awe, don't feel bad." She said pinching his cheeks.

He pushed her hands away. "Not funny, either."

"Ok, ok, I'll pay attention. Grumpy." She sighed. She scooted over and leaned her head on his shoulder.

He sighed. "Pretty much what Romeo is saying is that hes in love with Juliet."

"Ok, that simple, enough. Not easy to say, but simple."

He smiled.

"Finally! been wait for one of those!" She screamed.

"One of what?"

"One of those devilishly handsome smiles of yours."

"I'm smiling because for once I'm not just babysitting you."

She looked at him funny, then punched his arm.

"Ow, whats with the abuse?"

"What's with the insults?" She mocked in a funny voice.

"Your a real character, aren't you?"

"Well, I try." She gushed.

He stared at her for several minutes.


"Nothing," He said softly, "I'll see you tomorrow."

She hugged him and said her goodbyes and he left.


Lauren's day started out at it's worse and it wasn't going to get any better.

"Fucking locker!" She screamed banging it.

"Hey! Miss that's a detention!" her homeroom teacher yelled.

She groaned and closed her eyes. Suddenly a squeaky, yet perky voice yipped as it came closer.
Lauren groaned again. Stacy Friedan the most preppiest, giddiest girl in school. 'Rainbows and butterflies are just beautiful' she once said to Lauren in sophomore year.
At that moment she spoke those 6 words Lauren would forever hate her.

"Lauren, Lauren!!! I so need a favor!" Stacy screeched.

"What! What, the hell could you possibly want from my life, right now?" Lauren screamed.

"Well, Miss 'anger management', I want you to see if you'd ask your tutor if he would take me out Friday." Stacy said biting her lip in thought.

"Who Gabe?"

"Yeah, that cutie." As Stacy said those words Lauren bit her tongue to keep back many angry thoughtless words.

"Sure, hehe, why not?"

And at that moment Stacy spoke those 4 sentences, Lauren would forever hate her...More.


After class Lauren walked to Gabriel's locker. She smiled in satisfaction to what she was about to do.

"Yo, Gabe!" She called out walking up to him.

"Yeah." He responded as Stacy and her 'gang' walked closer toward them.

"Just go along with it." She said grabbing his face to her as they locked lips. She smiled in pride as Stacy's mouth dropped low enough to drag.
Lauren leaned into him as he pulled her closer swallowing her tongue. He hands at her waist and hers at his neck. Gabriel was practically going to eat her face it felt so good to him. Lauren released the kiss and smile up at him as brought herself down from the tips of her toes.

"Woah!" Gabriel said stunned almost.

"Yeah, that just saved you from that," She said pointing towards Stacy. "Now, I'll see you at my house hows 7?" Gabriel just nodded in response as she walked away.

Stacy and Lauren's arm brushed heavily enough to send Stacy stumbling Lauren felt good, both about herself and the fact she wanted more.
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