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"Your so all over that!"

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The school bell rang loudly as everyone grabbed there books. Tiffany and Lauren met up at the door.

"Sup! Chicka," Lauren said as they walked to their lockers.

"Hey, so got something tell me," Tiffany said raising an eyebrow.


"Dont play dumb! Your tutor, I hear hes a total Hott Hott hottie!"

"Oh, yeah...UGH! My mother, stuck me with 'em."

"Dont feel so bad...Oh speaking of hottness."

"Oh God...Hes over here for me," She groaned and slid down the lockers.

Gabriel walked up and as Tiffany waved senselessly at him. He waved back, then turned his attention to Lauren.

"Get up," He muttered.

"I'm not your dog!" Lauren said defensively.

"Just do what I say, once in a while." Gabriel sighed.

"Just because your older than me does make you the boss of me!" Lauren yelled standing up.

"Considering I'm being your baby-sitter for 2 hours everyday kinda does." He pointed out.

"Fuck you!"

The bell rang once again ending their quarrel and dragging them to class.
As the teacher taught Lauren slid in her chair, to her classes were endless. Gabriel whistled at her and pointed towards the board. She groaned and sat up in her chair.
When the teacher pointed out homework Lauren slid back down, causing Tiffany to laugh.

"...So do you understand," Gabriel said as he turned to see Lauren texting on her phone. So he snatched it from her.

"Hey! give that back!"

"Come on, just pay attention for five minutes so im not fully wasting my time." He said holding the phone above her as she tried to grab it.

She glared at him.

"That face is not comforting," Gabriel said.

Lauren lunged at him pinning him down on the couch and snatching her phone.

"Your such a girl." She smiled victious.

"Really?" He said. Suddenly he jumped up and flipped them over and held her arms down. "Whos the girl now?"

"Thanks..." Lauren said searching his face.

"I've got to go," Gabriel said relasing her from his grip. He picked up his books and walked out the door.
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