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Paul has a thing for Benji...

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My heart sank when he walked past me. Benji didn't know how good he looked. He was as beautiful as an angel with his black suit and tie on. His hair was in his face like the guys from The Misfits. He was gorgeous. Joel wasn't that bad either, but there was just something that just made me like Benji more. Sure, he had his faults, but I still loved him anyway. He swept his hair to the side as he looked at Joel. Benji smiled at something Joel said. His smile is so sweet. I love it.

"Say Benj..." Benji turned to me as Joel leaves.


"You doing anything tonight?"I asked hesitantly.

"I might go somewhere with Tony, why?"

Damn Tony, I hate him. He takes all of Benji's time.

"I was wondering if you'd like to chill with me at my house?"

"I'll see what I can do." He responded.

"Alright. Cool. Later Benj."

"Bye Paul." Benji walks off.

Damn that was close. You almost blew it Pauly boy but you didn't.sighs I love everything about him. He's perfect. I love his eyes; those beautiful brown eyes. They sparkle when he talks. He had perfect lips which get even more accentuated with labret rings and his Marilyn Monroe; actress-beauty mark about his lip un-centered. Oh God, what I wouldn't give to kiss around them and have the sweetness of his tongue around mine.

I lick my lips and give a smile before I go to sound check. I grab my bass and start tuning it to the pitch of "I Just Wanna Live". Benji sets his guitar in his stand and runs his fingers though his hair and sucks on one of his labrets then walks over to Billy and ruffled his hair like Billy was a child. Billy smacked Benji's face playfully. Benji's mouth motions the words: "Don't do that you ass!" Billy and Benji laugh as Benji kissed Billy on the cheek. Billy wiped it off and pushed Benji and smiles. Benji walks right past me and looked at me with a smile. I smiled weakly back.

I wish Benji would kiss me again, even if it was just like the one on the MTV Awards. Just a kiss on the cheek, that's all I really want. My heart sank even deeper as my innocent love for him grew even more. I let out a sigh and tuned my bass more; plucking the cords to find the pitch. I can still remember being 14 showing Benji how to play Nirvana's Lithium. He was so horrible at it but every day he had gotten better. Within five days, Benji could play it perfectly.

flash back

He had hugged me tightly and then ran back home to tell Joel. He had turned and waved while still walking closer to the front door. "Thanks Paul. You are awesome!" he told me. I waved back and then he was gone.

My eyes blink and bring me back from my blank stare. My parents would kill me if they knew I liked Benji. Benji had everything going for him though. He was hot, talented, smart, funny, and his soul was the most beautiful thing I've ever known. He was a made man. Forget what my parents think! I'm going to go for it. I'm gonna make Benjamin Levi Madden mine...
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