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It was five minutes until we were about to go on stage to do our show in Atlanta, Georgia. Thousands of girls would be shouting our names, but I didn't care. I was in love with Benji and no one surprisingly knew about it. Benji was on his cell phone obviously trying to get someone off of the phone. I listened as closely as I could without trying to look like I was trying to listen.
"Yes, I know Tony, I know you want me to be with your right now but I can't."

Figures it was Tony.

Tony always makes Benji feel horrible about something like it was Benji's fault. Which it wasn't. Benji loved Tony more than a friend but they weren't "boyfriends" as people might look at them and say. He just I dunno, bonded with him I guess you could say. Tony would do something and blame Benji then go off pissed like it was Benji's fault. He'd come back or call back rather, and come loving up on Benji like nothing happened, but something did happen and Benji would always forgive him. It was just Benji's nature to do that. Benji looked tough on the outside but he was really just a soft hearted fool. I would never do anything like that to Benji. I mean never.

"I have a show to do in five minutes Listen; I'll call you after we get finished okay?"

Benji looked blankly then shut his flip phone off; about to have a fit. I looked at him quickly then turned away.

"Paul, you ever known anyone obsessed with someone?" I shook my head no.

"You know, after all this time you still hardly ever say anything Paul?"

"Yeah." I almost whispered.

"You need to speak up sometimes man. If something is begging you, let me know alright?" I shook my head yes. "Cool. See you in about..." he looked at his phone.

"Well, three minutes now." He laughed then began to walk closer to the main stage.

"Oh and Paul?"


"Rock on hard tonight." He walked off. I picked up my bass and began to walk to the stage.

Why can't he see why I am so shy around him? I am different around the Billy, Joel, and Chris. I am pretty outgoing; I think anyway. I would have assumed Benji would know how I felt yet somehow he didn't. I just wish I could tell him how I felt about him. About how the way his piercings make his lips look sexier than they already are. How his hair flows over his face with his black suit and tie on making him look like a freakin' angel. He looked the hottest when he smiled though. He has really pretty teeth for a guy. Who am I kidding? I'm pretty sure everyone thinks he has pretty teeth. It matches his beautiful smile. sighs I love Benji so very much but how can I tell him that I love him?

I continued down the hallway to the stage where the bright lights were shining and the audience was chanting "GC,GC,GC!"
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