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The concert was over and I knew that Benji said he'd call Tony back. I also knew that I had my chance to talk to him again before the call but Benji had left the stage first and therefore had gotten backstage first. I went to the tour bus and went straight to my bunk. I got some paper from my notebook and began to write to Benji. It was the only way I knew how. I might as well face it right now that I'm way to shy to tell him to his face yet I can't directly tell him either. I guess it's just the way I am.

The bus made a quick pit stop just as I had finished. I was, of course, the last one out and I placed the note on Benji's bunk. The driver had gotten off the bus too and therefore wouldn't snitch on me. I could just imagine the look on his face when he found it.

We had arrived back at the bus minutes later. Benji, Joel, and Billy were heading to the very back of the bus to play some videos games when Joel began to pass Benji's bunk. He stopped in the middle of the aisle and backed up a step.

"Why'd you stop Joel?" Billy asked.

"There's a note on Benji's bunk." Benji leaned over Billy's shoulder to see this "official" note.

"A note?" I asked.

"Yeah, a note. But how did it get here?"

"Was Frank on the bus?" I asked trying not to be suspicious.

"Hey Frank?!" Benji called to the front of the bus.


"Did you see anyone on the bus when we went inside?"

Frank had gotten up and walked toward us. "No sir, I don't think so. I had shut the doors but they weren't locked; so someone could have gotten on and left it."

"Probably." Benji replied.

"Well, who's it from?" Frank asked.

"If we knew, we wouldn't be asking you would we?" Benji laughed at him.

"Open it Joel. Read it to us."

No, don't do that. Please don't Joel. It was meant for Benji to read only.

Joel glanced over it. All of us huddled over Joel. "Damn guys, back off my ass! Geez! It looks like a love letter."

"Read it!" Billy demanded.

"Nah, this is meant for Benji to read alone. Sorry I opened it Benj."

Joel hands it to Benji. Thank God! I don't need other people knowing about it!

Benji goes to the kitchen area and sits at the table.

Exactly where I wanted him to be actually. That was kinda eerie.

Billy, Joel, and I headed back to the back of the bus. I saw him open it up just as I had disappeared from his sight.


I have been meaning to tell you something for the longest time. First of all, I am so crappy at writing letters to people but yet with you; I strangely know what to say. You are so amazing. You are so beautiful to me. I love everything about you; your lips, your eyes, you tattoos, your piercings, your edgy side, your softer side, your smile, your laugh, the way you dress; I love everything about you. I am writing to tell you how much I care for and love you. Sometimes it seems like you don't really notice me like I want you to but I still love you no matter what you say or do. Will you do me just one small favor please? Write me back and leave the note on the kitchen table. If you are remotely interested then please write me. I will pick it up when I find it.



I had written on about three-fourths of the paper so I didn't now if Benji would write on the bottom of it or on another piece. That is if Benji DOES write me back.

I worried the whole time I was playing video games with Billy and Joel. I think Benji will write me back mainly because he's Benji and he cares about important things like this.

I wonder how many people have written him a secret admirer letter. Well, whatever the outcome, I just pray he writes back...
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