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I placed the newly written note on the kitchen table before I had walked by to my bunk to turn my light off and go to sleep. It was now 11:30 and I felt my eyes fall as I sleepily turned my light off and shut my curtain. No sooner had I laid my head down; there came a yell.

"Where's my note?! Where is it?" My eyes flew open.

Should I make a run for the note or let him find it. If I let him find it, he'll know it's either me, Joel, or Billy. I think I can leave behind the fact that Joel could be in love with his brother; so that can be ruled out. So it will come down to Billy and me. I had to think fast because I was running out of time to get the note from the table. Or should I let him find it?

I decided to open my curtain and ask about the situation hoping not to look suspicious. "What's wrong Benji?" I asked sounding concerned.

"My note. The note from my secret admirer. I can't find it. Will you help me Paul, please?"

"Sure Benji, I'll help you look for it." I hoped down from my bunk and acted like I was looking for it.

"Where was the last place you had it?"

"I think I had it with me in my bunk."

"You fell asleep with it?"

"The pen was in my hand when I woke up."

"Hmm." I answered.

"Go ask Billy and Joel; maybe they saw it."

As Benji made his way to the back of the bus, I snuck back to the dining area and grabbed the note from the table and placed it up the sleeve of my long sleeved shirt. I pulled out the other note from my pocket and held it in my hand.

"Benji?" I called out to him.

"Yeah?" Benji approached me.

"I checked the kitchen area already. Go check to see if you left it in the bathroom or something."

"Alright, if you find it tell me okay?"

"Of course." As soon as Benji opened the bathroom door, I shifted his mattress over and placed the note in the crevice at the foot of the bunk.

"Nope, I don't see it in here." Benji called from the bathroom as he turned the light off. "Did you find it, it's really important?"

"Hold on, I see something." I pulled the paper out from the area I put it in. "This it?" I asked.

"Yes! Thank you Paul." Benji hugged me. I closed my eyes and held him for the brief moment that we had. It had felt so good to hold him. That was really the closest we have ever been. Benji pulled away and smiled. "I knew I could count on you to find it Paul."

"It was nothing; anything to help you Benji." Benji went to the kitchen and placed the note on the table. "Whoever had this crush on me will get it off the table. That's where they were telling me to put it anyway." I nodded my head and headed back to my bed.

Benji followed right behind me. Benji got into his bunk and closed the curtain. I hopped into mine and did the same. I pulled the note out that was concealed in my sleeve and placed it on the foot of my bed. I went to sleep with a smile on my face. I awoke the next morning to the sound of Frank's voice over the intercom on the bus.

"Wake up guys. We're outside of the hotel right now and that means a continental breakfast full of wonderful food in the dining room." He teased.

I rolled my eyes at Frank's pathetic attempt to wake us.

That's not the way you do it anyway.

I opened my curtain and hopped down onto the floor. Benji's curtain was still shut. I didn't bother to wake him. Not yet anyway. I walked back to the back of the bus where Billy and Joel were asleep on the couch. There were potato chips bags, candy wrappers, and empty Pepsi product bottles scattered all over the floor. I ran my fingers through my hair because I knew I would be the one picking it all up later. Joel was on one side of the couch sitting diagonally with his head on the corner. Billy's thin framed body was draped over Joel. I didn't even want to know so I just left them alone. I walk to the front of the bus toward Frank.

"That's not how you wake us up Frank you should know that by now. Give me that announcer."

Frank handed it over to me. I cleared my throat and then held the button down to talk.

"GET THE HELL UP!" I let go of the button and tossed it back to him. "There you go." I laughed at him.

I made my way back to the bunks where I saw Benji's legs hanging out.

"You up now?" I asked Benji.

"I guess so. I've just been really worried about this secret admirer thing." I sat down beside him.

"It'll be okay. I'm sure whoever it is will tell you eventually."

"You really think so, Paul?"

"I know whoever it is will tell you eventually."

"Thanks Paul."

"It's no problem, Benji." Joel and Billy walked to where the bunks were. Joel scratched his head. "Morning already?"

"Yes." I giggled under my breath.

"What's so funny Paul?"

"Nothing. You just need to hide your sleeping habits better." Billy and Joel looked at each other. Billy blushed and looked away to the side. Joel turned back to face Benji and I.

"You still trying to figure out that letter Benji?"

"Yeah, I don't know who it could be."

"You'll figure it out." Joel said sympathetically to his twin.

"That's what I told him." I said. I got up from the bed.

"Well, I'm gonna go wash my hands first okay guys."

"Alright, Paul." Said Joel. "We'll see you inside." "Alright." I replied as I watched all of them put on a clean shirt and a pair of shoes. I headed to the bathroom until I felt it was the right time to leave.

I did actually washed my hands though.

I exited the bathroom and went to my bunk to get the letter. I reached up, grabbed it, and held it in my hand for a moment.

"I sure hope you understand Benji." I said to myself. I kissed it and then placed it on Benji's bunk. I walked toward the door of the tour bus. Frank was still sitting in the driver's seat reading the newspaper. He looked at me as I began to exit.

"Have a nice time Mr. Thomas." He said.

"Thanks Frank." I walked into the hotel smiling.

Benji is never going to catch me before I have to tell him. Frank is going to do the same thing he did yesterday...leave the bus unattended and this mystery person will strike again...
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