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Well, here it is. Not the last chapter but probably the next to last one. I might make a sequel I dunno yet. Well, here it is...

We had finished eating once again and in this time had gotten most of our stuff piled into our rooms with the exception of our things in the bathroom which I knew we had to retrieve. All four of us made our way back to the bus. As we approached, I saw Frank still sitting in the seat. Did he leave the bus?... I thought to myself.

Joel had gotten on first once again as I followed, then Benji, and finally Billy. Benji looked anxious when he found the note. He picked it up, sat down, and read it while the rest of us gathered our belongings.

Benji, the sweet angel of my dreams, Hello once again. I am so sorry to keep you waiting like this. It is just really hard for me to tell you. I am going to answer your questions and tell you about me.

1. Who are you? I can't tell you just yet.

2. Are you a fan or someone I know? I am definitely a fan and knowing me? Well the really depends on how observant you are.

3. How did you get on the bus? It isn't that hard.

4. Do you really love me this much? Yes, yes I do.

5. How long have you loved me? Since Good Charlotte started.

6. I'm having boyfriend kind of troubles right now; I don't know if you know that. I do know this.

Now onto the something about me part. I am really loveable and sweet. I am shy most of the time and I truly love you with every fiber of my being. I can play an instrument. I love to hug and I also like to have a good time whether it is playing my instrument or reading. I am just really scared of what you'd think. I'm sorry. Don't beat yourself up over this. I will tell you eventually. I hope you aren't mad.



Benji looked up from his letter after he folded it up and placed it in his pocket.

"Say Frank?" I heard Benji call to the driver.

"Yes Sir?"

"Were you on the bus this time?"

"Yes Sir, the whole time."

Oh crap...

"May I ask why Sir?" he called back to Benji.

"I got another note." Benji said almost unsurely.

"Well Mr. Madden, whoever it was, was on the bus when it happened because I didn't leave for a second."

"Alright, thanks Frank." Benji approached the bathroom.

"Okay, who did it? Is this some kind of joke because this is NOT funny at all!"

"Did what?" Billy asked.

"Wrote those letters?" Benji responded.

"I don't know." Billy said.

"I don't know either." I said trying not to sound fake.

"Neither do I." Joel answered.

"Well, I'm going to find out who it is and if it is a joke, I'm kicking their ass or asses if it is more than one of you. Now hand me my stuff."

Joel handed Benji his things and Benji stormed off to exit the bus.

It isn't a joke Benji. I really wish you didn't find that note in this situation. I will tell you Benji I swear.

When the guys and I got back to the rooms, there was a note stuck inside the crease of the door of the room Benji and Joel were to be sleeping in. Joel read it out loud.

I have gone to think this over. Please don't try to talk to me right now. I am so angry with all of you. How could you do this? All this time I thought I might have a true love and I come to find that you guys are joking with me. I won't be back until about noon. I just need some time to cool off.


Joel took the note, opened his door, and walked in.

"I'll see you guys later alright? Don't worry about Benji. He's been mad like this before, he'll come around."

"Alright talk to you later Joel." Billy said with relief.

"Bye Joel."

"Bye guys." Joel said while shutting the door.

Billy opened our door across the hall and I laid down on the bed while Billy looked for some clothes.

"I'm going to take a shower alright?"

"Okay." I said to him wearily.

Billy walked to the bathroom and shut the door. I heard the water run just a few seconds later.

Good, now I have about 15 minutes to write another letter to Benji and tell him that what I feel isn't a joke.

I wrote my note and slipped out the door without making a noise. I walked slowly over to Benji and Joel's door and placed my note on the opposite side Benji had his on. I had left a note on the bed for Billy to tell him where I was going. I walked down to the lobby, sat, and waited.


The elevator door opened and Benji walked to his room. He pulled out the note to see if it was his. It wasn't.

Dear Benji,

I swear this is not a joke. I want you to meet me in the lobby. I am already there waiting for you. And if anyone else reads this, please don't come down looking for me. This is for Benji and Benji only.


Benji made his way to the elevator as fast as he could. The elevator reached its destination and Benji walked off in a hurry. Benji saw the back of Paul's head.

At the moment, I had no idea Benji was staring at me. I heard footsteps coming from behind me. I turned around and there he was...
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