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"Paul?" He called coming towards me.

"Y..yeah?" I managed to stutter out.

"It was you who wrote those notes?"

Benji sat down in the chair beside me as I looked straight at my feet.

"You really feel this way, Paul?"

"Yeah. I can't stand seeing you with Tony. He is so WRONG for you. All he ever does is treat you like crap then begs for you to take him back. You always do..."

"I'm not going to this time." I looked up.

"You aren't?"

"Not when I have someone better for me." He placed one of his hands on mine. I looked at him and saw a soft smile appear on his face.

"C'mon, Paul. We don't want to scare the "normal" people..." He laughed.

He reached his hand out to me and I took it as he lifted me from the chair.
"Let's go back to the rooms. We'll talk further there." Benji said.

Benji pressed the button to call the elevator down. People must have been on it because it had stopped on the second floor. The elevator came to a halt and a bunch of people had gotten off. Benji and I got on as the door began to shut. Benji motioned to me that there was a camera on the elevator. Benji stuck his bird finger up toward the camera and flipped the security people off. Then he looked at me and laughed. I laughed back. Benji then leaned over toward me. I thought he was going to kiss me but he didn't. He just whispered in my ear.

"I'm glad it was you and not Joel." Benji pulled away and looked at me as I looked at him.

"Euuuuuuugggh" we said simultaneously in disgust as we shuddered.

"Never say that again, Benji!"

"I don't plan on it." The elevator stopped on the third floor where our rooms where. Benji almost literally dragged me out of the elevator. We approached his and Joel's room and Benji opened the door without even checking to if Joel was changing or something.

"Joel, I need you to bunk with Billy tonight." Benji commanded. Which shocked me if I may say so myself.

"Why?" "Let's just say I wasn't on a mountain when it came to me."

Benji looked at me and smiled.

"Oh okay, I got ya." Joel winked.

"Way to go, Paul."

"Just shut up and go already Joel." Benji commanded again.

"Okay, okay, fine. I'm going now. See?" Benji took Joel's suitcase and shoes and threw them into the hallway.

"Bye now Joel."

"Bitch." Joel laughed jokingly at Benji.

"Bye Joel." I said laughing. Benji shut the door and locked it.

"Did you really have to throw his stuff in the hall?"

"Look who you're talking to here."

"Good point." I laughed again.

"Now where were we? Oh, yes. I remember now." He said with a grin. He put his arms around my neck.

"You know when I said you could tell me anything, Pauly boy?"

"Yeah." I said with a cocked eyebrow.

"Well, I meant it but DAMN! Why did have to do it in a letter?!?"

"I'm shy Benji..."

"Are you too shy for this?"

"Too shy for wha..." Benji pulled my head toward his and planted a huge kiss on me.

"Apparently you aren't..."

Benji tilted his head back and laughed before putting his head back in the full, up-right position.

"So, what do you think Paul?"

"Well, let's see. Timing, technique, holding it, posture. Um... I'd say a 7; 8 at the most." Benji slapped my arm.

"Okay, okay. It was a 10 of course."

"That's better."

"I'd say so."

"Can you hang on for just a minute Paul?"

"Of course." Benji sat on one of the beds and pulled his phone out.

"Who are you calling?"

"Ghost Busters." I looked at him in an awkward manner.


"Why are you calling him!!?"

"You'll see."

"Hello" I heard Tony say from the phone. It was that loud.

"Hey, it's Benji. I was just calling to say that I can't make it tonight like you had planned."


"Well, something suddenly came up." Benji held my hand and smiled at me.

Benji hit the end button without even saying bye to Tony. Benji turned his phone off before Tony could call back. Benji laid the phone on the bed and put one hand behind my neck.

"Come here Paul." He laid another kiss on me. He pulled back and placed that same hand on my knee.

"Let's go back down to the lobby alright? I'm hungry."

"You know what? I am too. Let's go."

And with that, Benji and I headed back down to the lobby.

*I thought this was gonna be the last chapter but it came out like this so I think the next chapter will be the final one. I hope you have enjoyed this so far. I have worked so hard on it. Laters people.*
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