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Benji and I went back down to the lobby like we had planned. I just kinda stared at him as he dragged me along.

"What do you think we should get?" I asked.

"Well actually to tell the truth, I was going to have you do some stuff with me in the public bathrooms down here."

"Really?!" I said shocked.

"Yeah of course. It's much more fun to do it in public." He grinned.

My mouth was agape. "You want to do personal things with me in a public bathroom?"

"I didn't stutter did I?"

"Well no but still; we're gonna get caught!"

"Who says that?"

"Where at in the public bathroom?"

"They've got stalls."

"So we're gonna make out in the bathroom?" "More than just make out." Benji replied with a wide smile.

"Oh really?"

"Yes, you know it." We approached the bathroom and went in one at a time to not look suspicious. I had walked in first and checked under all the stalls and checked the urinals. There was no one in sight. Benji strolled in and looked at me.

"No one in here huh?"

"Not yet." I replied.

"Good." He giggled. Benji pushed me gently to one of the stalls.

"Get in there." He joked. I started to head into the stall and Benji slapped me playfully on the ass.

"You are a little feisty aren't you?"

"After all these years of knowing me and you haven't figured that out yet? That's kinda sad, Paul."

"Oh shut up!" I laughed at him. I sat down on the seat and watched as Benji entered in and locked the lock on the bathroom door. Benji then strattled me as he began to sit down.

"We don't want anyone to see two sets of feet under this door now do we, Paul?"

"I guess not." I replied.

"Lean forward a little, Paul." I leaned forward as Benji slowly began to wrap his legs around my waist. He giggled and then kissed me full and hard just as we heard the bathroom door open with a couple of familiar voices.

"So like I was saying, Paul came out and told him." Benji and I released our lip lock as we tuned into the voices.

"That's pretty gutsy if you ask me. I didn't even know Paul was gay."

"Yeah, I couldn't imagine that either but they both seemed pretty happy when Benji kicked me out of the room. I just want Benji to be happy you know."

"Yeah, I know what you mean, Joel. Where are they anyway; I wanna congratulate them on making this work."

"Last time I checked, they were in the room. They could have left though."

"Yeah, probably. Do you think they need to tell all of our fans about them being well... them?"

"It's not good to keep secrets so maybe they should. I dunno, society is fucked up as it is anyway."

"Yeah, you're right."

"Well, I gotta piss before I go get something to eat. Wait outside for me, okay?"

"Alright." The door opened and Billy exited. Benji and I heard the various noises associated with getting prepared to use the bathroom. Joel finished and washed his hands then exited.

"Maybe this isn't a good time to fool around in the bathroom." I answered.

"For once, I agree with you." Benji hopped up and unlocked the door.

"Well, we gotta do something to waste some time." Benji added.

"You know, I actually am hungry. Maybe we should join Joel and Billy."

"Let's do that then." Benji and I exited the stall right when a bell boy entered the bathroom and stared at us as we left. We laughed as we made our way through the dinning area where Billy and Joel were at. We sat down next to them.

"Where have you guys been?" Billy asked.

"Doing stuff." Benji replied

"Well, since we are all here, how about we all get something to eat. Since we have a concert tonight, I think we need our energy."

We all made our way to the buffet table and loaded up on our favorite foods. It was eight o'clock and our show was about to start.

"I feel nervous Benji"


"I'm either going to do the smartest thing or the stupidest thing in my life in a few minutes."

"What are you going to do, Paul?"

"You'll see." The last few minutes had past and I asked Joel right before we went on if I could say something to the audience. The crowd started cheering and screaming as we came on. I approached the mic.

"Hi everyone." I said nervously.

"Hi Paul!" They all screamed back.

"I've came up here to say something whether anyone likes this or not. Everyone can say whatever they want about us because I really don't care. I feel that I am secure enough to say that I like guys."

The crowd went silent for a brief moment.

"Who with?!"

Some girl shouted from the front row.

"Who with?" I repeated back.

"Well, if I tell you, you guys would scream." I laughed.

"Tell us! Tell us! Tell us!" they shouted.

"How about if I bring him out? He's here tonight." The crowd started screaming again.

"C'mon out." I spoke into the microphone. Benji slowly made his way onstage. The crowd looked to their right; our left and saw Benji approaching me. Everyone screamed from the top of their lungs.


"Yes, Benji."

I took my hands away from the mic and placed both hands on Benji's face and kissed him gently on the lips. We heard gasps then cheering. I went back to the mic.

"Alright, let's get on with the concert now." I went over to my bass and picked it up as our temporary drummer, Billy, and Joel came on stage.

"Let's get this show rockin' the fuckin' hizzouse!" Joel said with enthusiasm.

The show went on without a hitch. The moral of this whole story is:

That you can't just hold back your emotions. If you are worried about telling someone you like them and how you feel, just tell them because even getting rejected makes you feel better. At least you will know. Benji and I have been going great though this whole ordeal. Tony was pissed at Benji and at me but he's gotten over it now. He's dating Frank from My Chemical Romance now so it's all good. Benji and Tony still talk every once in a while but they never see each other. Benji and I still love each other very much and I guess that's all that really matters.

The End
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