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Brown Meets Blue

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Troyella. Basketball and Dancing. Brown meets Blue.

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Troy dropped the basketball on the floor by the foot of his bed and flopped down onto it. His muscles seized and his body shook. Curse his dad for making him practice extra hours after their standard practice.

“Now there’s a sight I don’t get to see very often.”

Troy groaned and cracked an eye open to see Gabriella sitting in a corner of his room smiling at him over her book. Despite his weariness he smiled and opened his arms.

“Come here.”

Gabriella bounced up off the floor and knelt at the foot of his bed.
“I meant get your butt in my arms Brie.”

She wrinkled her nose and wagged a finger at him.

“You’re all sweaty and I’m clean.”

Troy scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“Now I know that you’re love is conditional.”

Gabriella scooted between his legs and ran her hands in feather light caresses up his stomach to his chest. She grinned as Troy’s breath hitched.

“Fine, I’ll go take a shower woman.”

“That’s my Troy.”


“And you love it.”


Troy entered his room with a towel around his waist and dropped his clothes by the door. He reached for the clothes on his dresser when a book hit him in the shoulder.


“Pick up your clothes Bolton.”

Troy turned with a shirt in his hand and saw Gabriella glaring at him with his hands on her hips. He rubbed his shoulder and pulled his shorts on. He took off his towel and threw it in a bag with his clothes.

“Since when did you put your clothes away Troy?”

“Mom! Brie hit me with a book.”

“That’s why you took a shower instead of taking a nap and your clothes are in the

Troy blushed at his mother’s knowing smile and flopped down onto his bead face down.

“Hello Mrs. Bolton.”

“Hello Gabriella dear. I knew you would be instrumental in teaching my son manners.”

“Oh no, he usually does stuff like this before I come over. Today was just a relapse.”

“Whatever the logic, I’m grateful. We’re all going out to lunch and your mother will meet us there.”

Mrs. Bolton smiled and shut the door.

“Brie did you have to tell my mother that?”

Gabriella ran her hands up and down his back.

“I’m sorry. You know how your mother and I can get.”

“Like twin school girls, convinced boy’s still have cooties?”

Gabriella pinched his sides but laughed all the same. Troy closed his eyes and smiled, he loved
her laugh. A groan escaped his lips as Gabriella worked the kinks out of his shoulders.


Gabriella kissed his shoulder.

“Relax Wildcat.”

For ten minutes Gabriella worked the kinks out of his back. She loved the effect she had on him and glad she could feel the muscles beneath his skin without him seeing her blush. Troy’s deep breathing signaled he had fallen asleep. She moved to get off the bed when Troy hooked her to him with his calves.

“I don’t think so.”

“I thought you were asleep.”

Troy rolled over and pulled her down so she rested against him.

“Think again.”


Troy heard the room’s door open and his mother poked her head inside.

“Hey you two we’re all ready to go to…”

Troy shook his head and his eyes dropped to Gabriella’s sleeping form. He held up a finger and nodded. Mrs. Bolton took a picture, smiled and shut the door.

“Hey Brie, lunch is ready.”

Gabriella didn’t stir and Troy couldn’t bring himself to wake her up. Her soft shiny black tresses fanned out across his chest and her arms were tight around him. Troy’s phone flashed and shook on the bedside table. He reached for it and prayed Gabriella would keep sleeping.

“Bad timing Chad.”

“You and mystery girl getting busy huh?”

“Chad! We’re not like that.”

“So you say but…”
“What do you want Chad?”

“The boys and I would like to know when you’re getting back.”

Troy smiled and weaved his fingers through Gabriella’s hair.

“Tomorrow Chad.”

“Oh right. You know the school’s going to go nuts right?”

Troy’s smile changed into a grimace.

“Dude, I’m on vacation with my family, drop dead gorgeous girlfriend and her mother. Don’t ruin it.”

“Drop dead gorgeous huh? You’re whipped. I give it a week, like your last two girlfriends.”

“She’s different man. You’ll know when you see her.”

“Or you could let me talk to her and send me a picture of her over your phone.”

“Nope. Gotta go man, lunch time.”

“Later Troy.”

Troy closed his phone and set it back on the bedside table.

“Sounds like Chad’s kind of annoyed his best friend isn’t home.”

Troy stiffened and his hand stopped halfway through her hair.

“Um, how much of that conversation did you hear?”

“Since the beginning.”

Gabriella sighed and snuggled closer to him.

“Um…well…I’m sorry if you…uh…”

“Heard the first part?”

Troy turned bright red.

“Don’t worry Troy, I trust you. Plus daddy would kill you if you tried.”

Troy’s eyes widened and perspiration formed.

“I thought your father-”

“I don’t have a daddy anymore Troy. I’m sorry, that joke was out of place.”

Troy felt her tears on his chest and sat up, Gabriella wrapped up in his embrace. Her father had
divorced her mother three years ago and disappeared off to the east coast chasing his business dreams.

“Hey come on, it’s time for lunch. My mother came up and….told us to get ready to go down.”

“So the possibility of her taking a picture of us was that high huh?”

“More like a hundred percent.”

“I’ll have to get that camera.”

Troy tightened his hold on her.

“Oh no I don’t think so. Those pictures are going to my uber secret hiding spot for safe viewing.”

Gabriella turned her brown puppy dog eyes on him and Troy felt his resolve start to melt. He hopped off the bed and Gabriella fell onto her back.

“Nope. No. No. No. I refuse to let you use your puppy dog eyes on me. Come on, both our mother’s are going to wonder what’s going on up here.”

Gabriella pouted on the bed and Troy had a strong desire to kiss the expression away. No, they weren’t like that yet. He held out his hand and bit his lip so not to let out a sigh as their fingers laced together,

“That wasn’t nice Bolton.”

“And I’m not going to lose this battle Montez. Get your butt out of my bed and let’s go to lunch.”


Troy sighed and stepped out of his car in the East High school’s student parking lot. He had been home for less than twenty-four hours and already he missed the vacation atmosphere. He walked across the parking lot and became surrounded by the usual jock and cheerleader mob.

“Troy my man, welcome back.”

Troy cringed as Chad’s wild afro filled his vision.

“Hey Chad. Hey guys.”

“So I hear Coach made you practice all the time over this two month long extensive camp you went to.”

The crowd tittered with laugher and Troy nodded.

“Well excuse me guys, need to get inside.”

Troy pushed through the crowd, into the school and hurried to his locker. He expelled a huge
breath and transferred his school items from locker to backpack.

“Hey Troy.”

Troy didn’t bother to look up.


“I just wanted to know if you had the Algebra 1 homework from last night.”

“Not in Algebra Ashley. I’m in Analysis.”

Troy closed his locker and made to move down the hallway.

“Tsk tsk tsk. Typical cheer leader no brainer comment.”

Troy bit back a groan. The situation was bad enough that Ashley the head cheerleader was flirting with him. Now the girls soccer captain Samantha was getting into the mix.

“Score the goal someplace else Samantha.”

“Surprised you remember. Made a new cheer to make it easier to remember?”

Troy slipped through the ensuing catfight and towards homeroom. A familiar brown haired beauty slipped by him, hit him with her black adidas bag and stopped at her locker. He grinned a half grin and slipped behind her.

“Not on speaking terms with me Brie?”

Her hair tickled his nose and he inhaled her vanilla scent. He closed his eyes as he realized how much he missed her.

“Troy aren’t you supposed to be in homeroom?”

“Come to escort you milady.”

She turned and caught his cheeky grin. The emotions in his eyes betrayed his calm exterior and she couldn’t resist, standing on tiptoe she kissed him on the cheek.

“Um…sorry. I know we discussed…”

“Relax Brie it’s fine.”

His eyes twinkled at her blush and he rested a hand on her upper arm.

“Come on, I’ll walk you to class.”

They fell in step and he let her enter the classroom first.

“Mr. Bolton and Miss Montez, glad you could make it. Bolton your usual seat and Miss Montez you may take the seat next to him.”

“Yes Mrs. Darbus.”

Troy led Gabriella to her desk and ignored the stares aimed at them because of the close proximity between him and Gabriella.

“Now let us begin the journey of a new school year…”

Troy caught Gabriella’s stare and grinned while rolling his eyes. She smiled a small smile back but her eyes showed the masked emotions. Homeroom definitely took an upswing since last semester.


Troy heard the soft patter of footsteps come up the stairs and counted down the seconds. Fifteen seconds later her brown tresses bobbed into view.

“Almost thought you weren’t coming.”

Gabriella turned and met his ocean blue eyes.

“Sorry but I a decathlon girl was nervous about an upcoming debate and…”

Troy smiled. Her face was flushed, her hair wind-blown and she kept pulling at the hem of her shirt while sneaking glances at him. She looked breathtaking.


He snapped out of his gaze and grinned at her.

“Sorry Brie.”

They stared at each other in a comfortable silence until the tension became too great. He opened
his arms and she flew into them. He held her tight and she found her favorite spot in the crook of his neck.

“Goodness Brie, I’ve been waiting to do this all day.”
She kissed his neck in response and her lips burned his skin. A throaty moan escaped his lips and his embrace tightened.


His mind went hazy but the shrill bell saved him. He loosened his hold on her but kept her within the circle of her arms. A devilish smirk rested upon her lips.

“That was so not fair.”

“Sorry Bolton, sounds like you didn’t enjoy it.”

“You’re such a tease.”

“And you still love it.”

“I do. I’ll walk you to class.”

He led her down the stairs and into the hallway. True to her request there was no P.D.A but Troy kept as close to her as possible. He kept his face blank but his eyes sparkled a brilliant blue. Gabriella had a small smile but didn’t turn her head back to look at him.

“Hey Captain!”

Chad materialized beside him with a basketball twirling on his fingers.

“What’s up Chad?”

Troy kept Gabriella in front of him.

“Just checking in. Didn’t see you at lunch today.”

“Had another appointment.”

Chad wiggled his eyebrows.

“With mystery girl right?”

Troy rolled his eyes and he heard a soft giggle from Gabriella.

“By the way I’m Chad Danforth, Troy’s best friend. You’re the new girl right?”

“Hi Chad.”

Gabriella’s voice was soft and Troy melted.

“Try not to let Troy charm ya.”

The trio stopped outside the couple’s classroom and rested against the lockers.

“I try not to.”

Troy caught her eyes and gave her a half smile. The bell rang and Gabriella and Troy slipped inside. Gabriella leaned back out.

“Gabriella Montez Chad. Mystery girl extraordinaire.”


Troy grinned as he walked across the down the street with Gabriella and Chad. Chad was still fuming that Gabriella was the mystery girl and Troy hadn’t told him. He brushed his fingers against her hand and listened to his ipod. It was fall and East High Prep stood like a valiant bastion in it’s nestled grove.

“You still could have told me man. I mean come on, we’re brothers and we share everything.”

Troy rolled his eyes but smiled when Gabriella nodded at his slight gesture. He laced their fingers together and offered her an earphone from his ipod.

“Alright just because I know you’re dating doesn’t mean I have to be a witness to this sappy sweetness.”

Gabriella giggled and Troy’s heart melted. How could this one girl have such an effect on him?

“Relax Chad, we’re only holding hands.”

Troy snapped out his daydream and bent down close to her ear.

“Only holding hands Montez? You just wait till he leaves.”

He kissed the shell of her ear and bit back a moan, as did she. Her skin was soft and smooth
causing Troy to have a momentary mind blank.

“He better leave as soon as we get there then.”

Chad stopped short and turned around.

“What are you two talking about? No mushy stuff remember?”

“Nothing man. Gabriella’s just going to tutor me so I don’t have to drop off the basketball team is all.”

“Oooh, yeah, that would be good. I should probably find a tutor too.”

Gabriella put an innocent expression on her face.

“Why not ask Taylor too?”

Chad dropped his basketball but picked it up and checked it for mortal wounds. He turned and
glared at her.

“No way. She’d insult me the whole time.”

“Call her. Here’s your stop anyways.”

Chad glared at the couple but entered his house.


Troy stared at his analysis homework with a hopeless expression on his face. The functions seemed to twist together until they formed a big question mark on his paper. He looked over at Gabriella who lay on her bed scribbling at a furious pace in her physics notebook. True to their word for the past two hours they had worked on their homework. Well, Troy had tried and started to doodle when a very patient Gabriella sat down and helped him with it.

“Two times the quotient….minus three…”

Troy grinned at Gabriella but found himself entranced by her. A knock on her door drew him out of his gaze. Gabriella looked up.

“Si mama?”

“Tu es hambre? Claro Troy es hambre. No estudian, comer.”

Gabriella rolled her eyes but smiled while getting up to open the door. Mrs. Montez walked in with a huge tray of steaming food.

“Hello Troy. I apologize for my daughters lack of time when it comes to studying.”

“Oh, it’s no trouble at all Mrs. Montez, if anything I should be thanking her.”

Troy saw Gabriella bush and fiddle with the end of her shirt.

“Well after you’re done eating, no more studying.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Mrs. Montez smiled and took a picture much to the protests of the teens and left the room. Gabriella buried her face in a pillow and curled up into a tight ball.

“Well not that I don’t like the view but I like seeing your pretty face better.”

Gabriella didn’t move and Troy laid down beside her, careful to not get to close to her. He didn’t speak but lay there beside her listening to her breathing.
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