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Battle of the Mind and Body

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A not so innocent game of one on one

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“Please eat Troy. Mama brought all this food up so we could have the energy to…study.”

Her voice hitched at the end of her sentence and tapered off at the end. She buried her face in the pillow again and Troy grinned.

“Nah, I’m not hungry. I mean, I still have to try and understand my Greek and then it’s time for my artwork.”

Gabriella turned and faced him.


Troy smiled.

“Yeah, I mean I know that numbers different from letters but…”

“Why didn’t you ask for my help with your math homework Troy?”

He averted his eyes from her gaze.

“You were busy and I should be able to do it…I mean…well…”

Gabriella’s face softened as Troy rambled. Why hadn’t she seen it? He need help but he didn’t want to distract her from her studies so he struggled with his own.

“Come on, mama put this feast in front of us. Let’s eat and then we’ll spend only five minutes on your math. After that we can do whatever you want, promise.”

Troy grinned and pulled to the tray up onto her bed. He nodded at her and leaned back against the headboard.

“Aren’t you going to eat Wildcat?”

“Ladies first.”

Gabriella sighed and scooted back against the headboard with him.

“Troy I can hear your stomach growling. Eat.”

“Nope that’s your stomach. You eat.”

Blue eyes met brown and had a contest of wills.

“Let’s play a game. Loser eats first.”

Her eyes twinkled at his challenge.

“Any game you want Bolton.”

His grin widened.


Her mouth dropped open.

“You can’t be serious!”

Troy rolled up and over her so he was hovering above her slender frame. She really was gorgeous.
He saw her eyes widen but she didn’t move.

“Correct me if I’m wrong Brie, but you said any game.”

“I didn’t think you’d take advantage of me.”

“You’re just mad I outsmarted you.”

“No! I…you…just…”

Troy laughed and stood up but Gabriella lay on the bed with a pout on her face. When she saw Troy wasn’t going to waver, she stood up with a sigh.

“So what do I get if I beat you, Mr. Basketball star?”

“Why I thought you were supposed to eat first?”

They looked at each other and Gabriella’s eyes flickered from his eyes to his lips. Troy’s eyes sparkled.


Gabriella ran down the stairs with Troy hot on her heels and down the sidewalk. She skirted through the door in the fence and onto Troy’s personal half basketball court. Before Troy could explain the rules, she grabbed the basketball and made a foul shot.

“That’s one for me Bolton!”

“Hey you cheated!”

Gabriella thumped the basketball into his chest. In one smooth move she tied her hair back and rolled up the sleeves of her long sleeve t-shirt.

“Consider us even for you taking advantage of me earlier. Now bring it on Wildcat!”
Troy grinned and in a flashy spin move danced around Gabriella and made a backwards lay up. He checked the basketball to her and stood with his hands on his hips.

“Want to hear the rules now Brie?”

Gabriella huffed.

“I’ll play with one hand and every shot you make counts for two. First to twenty one
wins. Fair?”

She nodded and dribbled past him intent on increasing her lead.


Jack Bolton stood at the sink with a soapy dish in hand but his gaze was fixed on the scene playing out in his backyard. Troy and Gabriella were playing an intense one on one match up and Troy had his shirt off while Gabriella wore a tank top.

“Jack honey those dishes aren’t going to clean themselves. Jack. Jack?”

Lucille Bolton walked over to the window and smiled at the sight. She reached behind her and pulled out her camera and took several pictures.

“How come she doesn’t compete like that in P.E?”

Lucille chuckled at the dazed but admiring expression on her husbands face and hit him on the back of his head.

“She knows you would never give her a break if she did.”

Jack tore his gaze away from the couple and looked at his wife.

“Are you implying I’m a workaholic?”

“Not at all my dear. Just competitive is all.”

A loud cheer drew their gaze back out the window where Troy had stolen the basketball away from Gabriella and dribbled back to the half court. His gaze was bright and a cat shire grin played across his lips. Gabriella’s face looked determined and she bounced on her feet stopping Troy’s advances. He put her off-balance and spun around her. With a jump into the air, he stretched upwards and dunked the ball into the net, securing a win and maintaining his precious ego.

“Troy that’s not fair!”

Troy turned around and grinned at Gabriella.

“You agreed to the rules Brie.”

She pouted and placed her hands on her hips.

“But I’m the girl and what ever happened to letting me win?”

He walked over to her and placed his hands on her waist. The gesture sent shockwaves throughout their bodies and she closed the distance between their bodies.

“I’ll be the gentlemen and eat first.”

She looked up at him with sparkling eyes.

“Now that’s the Troy I know.”

Troy leaned down closer and his lips hovered above hers.

“And I’ll still give you your prize.”

“That’d be nice.”

Their eyes closed and their lips met. A groan escaped from low in Troy’s throat and he pulled her closer to him. She wound her arms around his neck and gripped his hair while kissing him back with just a fierce passion. A breathless moment later their foreheads were pressed together and dreamy grins rested on both their faces.

“Okay I’ll admit it, that was soooooooo worth losing the pickup game to you.”

Troy chuckled and drew mindless patterns on her lower back.

“Why thank you milady. I think that was the first nice thing you’ve said to me all day.”

She smacked his arm and glared up at him with a twinkle in her eye.

“Take that back Bolton.”


His lips crashed down on hers again.

A/N: So what do you all think? I for one think that Troy winning their little one on one is justified. He did compromise after all….
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