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Mikey has a plan and needs Jade's help

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"I know for a fact it is Rick and Jade. They will have been plotting my downfall!"

"Gerard, you don't know that for certain"

"Well c'mon ma, who else would it be? I doubt it was any of the guys, and I'm sure you had nothing to do with it"

"Can't you just leave it? They said nothing was wrong" she said, trying to avoid the question

"Yeah but that isn't the point, they still did it in the first place"

"So what are you gunna do?" Donna asked, dreading the answer

"I'm gunna find out who it was and make them wish they were never born"

Donna cringed at this, wishing at that moment she was anywhere else but having this conversation with Gerard.


Mikey was back home in his room, deep in thought. He knew all about Tori coming and checking up on Gee and Charli, he didn't want Charli taken away from Gerard, that would mean none of them could see her, and they all loved her like their own. Whenever she needed looking after they sometimes would get into arguments about who's house she went too. Mikey laughed outloud at the thought of those times. Then he sighed, he needed to make sure Gerard and Charli stayed together, and he had a convincing although potentially stupid plan.

"Jade it's me Mikey"

"Look I know you hate me even more now but-"

"I haven't called to shout at you or anything Jade, I actually need your help"

"Oh, ok, what is it?"

"Well you and Gee haven't officially broke up yet right?"

"I guess not no, why though?"

"Come to mine in ten minutes, I'll explain there"

Mikey disconnected and sat back in his chair, this plan could work after all.

About fifteen minutes later Jade had arrived, Mikey explained his 'plan' to her and she agreed to it.

"It's the least I can do after what I did to Gerard" she said solemnly. Mikey just nodded and let her out, already anxious to know if his plan would work.


Jade made her way down to the Social Services offices and walked nervously inside.

"Hello can I help you?" said a tall dark woman as Jade entered and approcahed the reception desk.

"Hello, yes, I'm looking for Tori" she said

"Just over there" replied the woman, pointing to the office closest to them.

Jade smiled and made her way over, knocking twice before being told to go in. She entered and sat down in front of a small woman with blonde hair.

"Hello how may I help you?" said Tori, putting her hand out for Jade to shake.

"I'm here about Gerard Way's case"

"Ohhh, are you the girl who reported it?" Tori asked

Jade shook her head, "No, I'm his girlfriend and the mother of Charli. I have come to put forward a statement" she told her

Tori pulled a form out of her drawer and scanned over it, frowing as she read more and more.

"Is something wrong? said Jade, picking up on Tori's facial expressions.

"Your deffinetley the mother of Charli and his current partner?" asked Tori

"Yes and yes, why is that a problem?"

"Because on this form Gerard said he has no partner and is a single parent. Apparently nobody apart from the people on this list have contact with Charli" Tori said, placing the forms in front of Jade. She read them and Tori was right. She swallowed hard, not knowing how she was going to lie her and Gerard out of this one.

"This could be classed as very serious Jade, this could put Gerard and Charli at risk. And if your lying, this could get you into trouble"

"Oh...right" was all she could say.
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