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Tori speaks to Gerard and then he makes a phone call

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"Can I ask why you are here?" Gerard said as he and Tori went in to the living room

"I have had a report of an un-cared for child, I'm afraid I can't say much more" she told him

Gerard didn't know whether to be angry, upset or scared. He was angry at Rick and Jade for accusing him of something so untruthful, he was upset that the social services thought he would be so careless and scared that they might even take Charli away from him. She was his world and he didn't know what he would do if she was taken off him.

"Well I don't know who has reported this, but they obviously don't know me well enough, my daughter IS cared for, very well infact" said Gerard, totally oblivious to the person who had really reported this to the social services.

"Dont worry Mr.Way, this is just a routine check, something we have to do everytime something is reported" Tori said reasuringly

"So your not taking her away from me?" Gerard said, his heat race increasing as he dreaded the answer. Suprisingly Tori let out a small laugh, Gerard looked at her confused.

"Of course not, this is just to make sure your child is being cared for. If she wasn't then we would have to do many more things before we suggested care, but I'm sure everything is fine right?"

"Oh, yes, of course, she is fine" Gerard replied, relieved from what he had just been told.

"So am I able to see Charli please Mr.Way?"

Gerard nodded, "Follow me, she is sleeping right now" They went upstairs into the bedroom Charli was sleeping in. She was sound asleep in her cot and Gerard carefully lifted her out, trying not to wake her to abruptly. He kissed her on the cheek and stroked her hair, whispering her name to wake her up gently. She opened her eyes and smiled when she saw Gerard, lifitng her arms up she wrapped them round Gerard's neck, "Daddy" he smiled and passed her over to Tori for her to check her over. Charli looked confused and her bottom lip formed a pout, threatening to cry.

"Its okay baby, daddy's here" he soothed as Tori sat her down on the bed.

She checked her arms and legs, looking for any unusual bruises or marks. Moving onto her face and head, she ran her hands through Charli's hair, looking for any sign of harm. She seemed totally satisfied and gave Charli a lollypop out of her bag when she was done.

"Wolly" Charli smiled as she put it in her mouth. Tori smiled too and ruffled her hair, turning back to Gerard.

"Well, physical appearence seems fine Mr.Way"

"Please, called me Gerard" he told her as they both stood up. She smiled and nodded, "Of course, Gerard"

"So, what happens now?" Gerard asked, hoping it was all over

"Well I just need you to fill out these forms and once they are processed we will let you know what is going to happen"

Gerard nodded nervously, he would be worrying the whole time they were on tour, which wouldn't benefit him or the band.

"But I'm sure you have nothing to worry about" said Tori as she smiled and passed Gerard the forms and a pen. She got up and headed towards the bedroom door, "I will just wait downstairs while you fill those out" she said and turned and left.

'Okay Gerard, don't loose your cool. Make sure you don't write anything that could make them take Charli away'

Social Services Report Form- Parent

State your name: Gerard Arthur Way
State your child's name: Charli Marie Way
Your relationship status with the child: Father
State your partner's name: N.A

Are you a single parent: Yes
If yes, do you recieve any extra help from people: Yes
If so, please state their full names: Donna Lee Way, Micheal James Way, Frank Anthony Iero, Robert Cory Nethaniel Bryar, Raymond Toro Ortiz
What relationship status do they offer to the child: Grandmother, Uncle, Godfathers

Signature here: G.A.Way

Gerard put the lid on the pen and carried the forms and Charli downstairs to where Tori was waiting in the living room.

"All done" he said, hadning them to her. She put them in her bag.

"Well, that's my job done. I wish you all the best Mr.Way, I mean Gerard" he was sure she saw her blush slightly when she said this. They shook hands and she left, Gerard decided he needed to make a few calls.

"Hey, it's me"

"Hello Gerard, what's wrong?"

"Jade has been cheating on me"

"Can't say I'm suprised"

"Oh and someone called the fucking social on me!"

"Oh...shit..." said Donna, trying to sound as innocent and suprised as she could.

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