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When Skies Are Gray

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Ferard/ bobxmikey (I don't like blending their names cuz it sounds weird). Prequel to 'My Only Sunshine'. Can Frank and Gerard survive a relationship?

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Ch.1; True Colors

{{FRANKIE pov}}

Sex with Gerard was unlike anything Frank had ever experienced. The evening had started out like any normal Friday night. Frank was staying at the Way residence like he often did on weekends and occasionally a week day. He and Gerard were in Gerard's room watching a movie like they usually did after playing video games when it happened. The room was dark except for the flashing on the screen of the television and suddenly Frank felt Gerard rest his head on his shoulder. Figuring that he was just exhausted, Frank didn't say anything and continued to watch the movie. It never occurred to him that the two would eventually end up as more than best friends seeing as both were bi and spent almost all their time together.

Frank laid his head on Gerard's head and a few moments later Gerard took Frank's hand into his and held onto it tightly. While they were watching a horror movie, he knew Gerard wasn't scared or anything because they watched them all the time and almost nothing scared the elder boy. Still oblivious to what was about to happen, Frank let Gerard hold his hand and suddenly Gerard kissed Franks cheek. He was struck with shock but at the same time he wanted more, so Frank turned his head to Gerard and kissed him on the lips. That was the moment that Frank realized he had always loved Gerard.

Ever since they were children he knew he felt differently about Gerard than he did all his other friends but he never realized it was love. When Gerard was Peter Pan in the school play, Frank went to support his best friend and even though they were young still, seeing Gerard in tights gave Frank a sense of joy and longing that he was too young to understand. Now he was a junior and Gerard was a senior in school. Even though Gerard was a few years older than Frank, they were only one grade apart because Gerard had failed once and Frank had skipped a grade.

Before long, Frank had his arms around Gerard's neck and was making out with him, completely ignoring the movie. It went from kissing on the couch to Gerard picking Frank up and putting him on his back on Gerard's bed. Gerard sat on top of Frank and kissed him everywhere he possibly could from the neck up. As he did so, Gerard slid Frank's shirt off and threw it across his black room. Frank could only just make out Gerard's figure as the light flashed from extremely bright, to semi bright, to really dark and all over again. When Frank's shirt was off, Gerard ran his tongue down Frank's torso, his hands following slowly behind.

Lust, joy, and a little fear flooded Frank as Gerard's tongue moved up and down chest. Next went Frank's pants as he lay on the bed. Frank was sweating now as Gerard warmed him up with his tongue. As if he wasn't hard enough, Gerard started rubbing Frank's thighs slowly and deeply as his hands moved closer and closer to Frank's penis with each rub. When Gerard's tongue found its way there, Frank gripped the sheets of Gerard's bed tightly in his hands, sweating profusely and breathing heavily. His heart rate increased greatly as Gerard gave Frank the most amazing blow job. Some of the things Gerard did with his tongue Frank would have never imagined in his wildest dreams.

"Like that Frankie?" Gerard asked him in a seductive sort of voice.

"Oh...yeah!" Frank managed to get out between quick inhales of air. He had had sex before but nothing could, and never would, compare to him and Gerard at that moment. The screams of the television only added to the urge Frank felt to yell out himself so he bit tightly onto his lower lip to prevent himself from waking the Way household. He especially didn't want to wake Gerard's younger brother Mikey, who was also a good friend of Franks, because he didn't think Mikey would understand.

"Want more?"

As if you need to ask! Frank thought as the sweat rolled down his face and blood from his lip ran down his throat. "Please!" He cried weakly, barely able to speak at all. Gerard got off Frank and Frank heard him rustle around in drawers before he returned. Frank heard the ripping of paper and assumed it was what used to be a freshly packaged condom because while nothing as problematic as a child could ever occur from them having sex, they had learned in health class to always use a condom no matter what in case of STD's. Neither of them had any STD's but it didn't hurt to be cautious.

"Roll onto your stomach." Gerard told him softly. Frank tried but he couldn't move at all. He heard Gerard laugh slightly then Gerard rolled Frank over himself. A moment later Frank could feel Gerard's dick up his ass and the lust flooded Frank all over again. Gerard was slow and gentle with Frank as Frank buried his face in the sheets to prevent any noises he made from escaping the room. He was doing all he could to prevent himself from cumming all over Gerard's bed. "It's ok Frankie, sheets are washable." Gerard told him quietly with amusement as though he knew Frank was struggling. Relieved, Frank let go since he was about to lose the war with himself anyway.

After about fifteen minutes, their whole passionate evening was over. Gerard laid down next to Frank who was breathing heavily still as he calmed himself down. "Holy...fuck...Gerard!" He said to the darkness. The movie was running through credits but neither of them bothered to get up to stop it. Frank couldn't move really and Gerard just laid there. He pulled Frank's sweat drenched body closer to him and wrapped his arms around Frank. Frank, starting to regain feeling below the waist, came down from his high and put his arms around Gerard. They stayed like that, tightly together, covered in sweat and cum, for about ten minutes before Gerard let go and got up again.

"Come on. Let's get cleaned up." He said quietly to Frank as he threw clothes at Frank.

"It's like two in the morning. Wouldn't you parents wonder why the shower is running?" Frank asked as he slid the clothes on, his hands shaking still from the over powering lust he felt thirty minutes prior.

"You think they don't know what I do?" He told Frank with amusement. It was true though. Gerard had had multiple boyfriends/girlfriends and to Frank's knowledge, all of them had stayed over before, some more than once. But Gerard had always been cheated on or drove them away with his smoking/drinking habits. It was different between them though. They were used to each other's habits and if it did go farther, Frank would never dream of cheating on Gerard. He had only had few relationships anyway but they ended because he just didn't feel the passion with them. However with Gerard, there was a slight glimpse of that passion, and Frank hoped it would grow into a lot of passion. "We just have to be careful of Mikey. He's used to hearing the shower go in the middle of the night, because my parents do it too," He said with a slight laugh and Frank shivered with bad thoughts of Mr. and Mrs. Way, "But he doesn't know I'm bi. And I really don't want him to find out this way. Especially not after I fucked one of his best friends." He told Frank with amusement and a little bit of teasing.

Quietly they walked up the stairs, Frank's legs trembling a bit still, and made their way to the bathroom. Gerard turned the light on and when Frank was inside he shut and locked the door behind them. The shower was ineffective though as they made out with the water splashing against them as Frank began sweating more. Gerard's black hair was matted on his face and Frank would have to push it out of the way as the water pushed it closer and closer to their locked lips because he didn't want to gag on it. There was a knock on the door and they heard, "not all night boys", so Gerard shut off the water but continued making out with Frank.

He wrapped a towel around Frank then one around himself before they left the bathroom and went to the kitchen where Gerard's mom was cleaning up a few stray dishes that didn't get cleaned after dinner. Frank thought it was odd she was doing dishes at like three a.m. but he didn't think too much into it as he followed Gerard. "Cookies anyone?" she asked and Gerard nodded then sat at the table, Frank following him. She brought them a plate of cookies and set it on the table before going back to the sink.

"Thank you." Frank told her and she smiled. The cookies were really soft and Frank smiled more when he learned they were made especially for him because Mrs. Way expected what would happen when they went to Gerard's room earlier than normal.

"You know where the sheets are Gerard." she told him quietly as she headed back to her room. "Just don't wake up your brother." She warned and disappeared into her room.

"I love your mom." Frank told Gerard who smiled and got up then disappeared into the hall, returning a few moments later with an arm full of sheets and a blanket. Frank cleaned up their snack then followed Gerard back to his room. They stripped and re-made the bed then turned the television off and got ready to go to bed. Frank pulled the damp towel off, not wanting to get Gerard's bed wet, and laid it across the back of a chair. "You got some shorts or something I can wear?"

"Just sleep naked." Gerard told him sleepily as he lay down on the bed. Frank was a little hesitant but figured they already had sex so it wouldn't much matter thus he got into the bed with Gerard who put an arm over Frank and covered them both with the blanket. Gerard kissed the back of Frank's neck before he drifted off to sleep leaving Frank secure in his clutch. Frank shut his eyes happily to join Gerard in slumber, telling himself that it was the best sleep over he ever had.

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