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All The Smiles That Are Ever Gonna...

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Franks POV in this chapter. I tend to alternate so be sure you know who's speaking ^^

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School wasn't the same after that miraculous Friday night. Frank couldn't stop thinking about Gerard and how he gave the most amazing blow job, not to mention the best sex. He hit his head against his desk as he tried to avoid being a lovesick teen because he would daydream about that night then when he would snap back to reality, he would see he had written Gerard's name all over the page. Luckily, no one that sat around him in his classes really paid attention to him so he would be able to quickly hide the pages before someone saw them. It was also hard to avoid making things awkward at lunch.

All of Frank's really close friends had lunch with him so they all sat and goofed off with each other. Ray and Gerard were seniors, Bob, Frank, and Mikey were juniors. He still never really figured out how they were all so close in grades when they weren't so close in age but Frank didn't waste his time thinking about it. Gerard carried on normally at lunch by talking about how one day he will be in a band, which made everyone laugh because Gerard couldn't play an instrument and he refused to sing, but Frank couldn't think straight anymore when Gerard was around. His thoughts would always drift to that night when he heard Gerard's name, even more so when he saw him. Frank stared at the shit school lunch and decided not to eat it, which he normally didn't, and stared blankly at the table.

"You feeling ok?" Bob's voice broke Frank's thoughts as he looked up and noticed they were all looking at him with concern. He felt his face go red with embarrassment and he nodded so they all went back to talking, Gerard looking at him occasionally still with concern. "I'm the best fucking drum man out there." Bob boasted with amusement.

"Keep telling yourself that." Gerard said through laughter. He was only teasing Bob and Bob knew it. While he didn't know if he was the best, Bob was definitely the best drummer in the district hands down.

"Well I'm the best bassist." Mikey told them as he pushed his glasses up since they tended to slide a lot. He was so thin and lanky that not much fit him well.

"Then I'm best at guitar." Ray said with amusement.

"I don't know Ray, you got some competition from Frank with the guitar." Gerard told him and they waited for a response from Frank but he was still off in his thoughts. "Frankie? You sure you're ok?" Gerard asked him with concern a few moments later.

"What? Oh, yeah, I'm fine." He told them as he snapped back to reality again. "Ray is better at the guitar then me."

"See? I am the best." He said with a cocky smile and Bob hit him. They were all laughing but Gerard was looking at Frank with concern. Frank cursed himself out as he worried about what would happen because Gerard would want to talk to him to find out was really was up then Frank would have to tell him because he couldn't hide anything from Gerard and Gerard would question if it would ever work because Frank can't handle it. He mentally beat himself up until lunch ended and they started off to class.

"I'm finding you after school and you're telling what the fuck is wrong." Gerard told him before they headed their separate ways. Everyone else had band, but Gerard went to art since he couldn't play. Frank's stomach turned as he dreaded school ending because he didn't want to sound like a pansy when he told Gerard the truth, but he knew he had to.

Frank grabbed his guitar and went to stand by Ray since the class was divided into groups depending on their instrument. He tuned the guitar and played a few random chords before they were given their warm ups. As he played quietly to himself, Ray went closer to him while the teacher wasn't looking. "You sure you're ok Frank?" Ray asked with concern and Frank nodded. "Does it have anything to do with you and Gerard the other night?" He asked quietly and Frank looked at him with shock and horror.

"How d-"

"Like he isn't going to boast about fucking the hottest guy in this school." Ray told him with a smile and amusement. Frank didn't want to think of himself as the hottest but he knew he was at the top since girls would constantly stare at him the way he looked at Gerard. "And I could see the way you looked at him at lunch." Frank tilted his head back to the floor as his face burned with embarrassment. "Dude, it's nothing to be ashamed of." He told Frank in a supportive voice.

"I know but it's just, everything's different now." He said as he blankly played his guitar. The teacher yelled at him to focus which only added to his embarrassment more as the class looked. He wished he was dead at that moment, or at least somewhere far from the school and Gerard.

"I'd be shocked if it wasn't. But Gerard does really like you. He's told me for years." While Frank and Gerard were best friends, so were Ray and Gerard because they had classes together and were more around the same age. When Ray said that, relief and hope ran through Frank in large waves and he began to play his guitar with joy, producing so much noise that the class was looking at him with amazement now but he was lost in his own world. Ray smiled and went back to standing in his spot and Frank shredded his guitar.

After band was biology which Frank had with Mikey. It was their last class of the day and as Frank sat in class, he wished the class would never end since he was afraid to talk to Gerard, but at the same time he wanted it to be over already so he could talk to Gerard, to hear his voice. He really wanted it to be over when he learned that their lesson was on the male anatomy and the different hormones in the male endocrine system. Mikey scribbled down the notes the teacher wrote on the board as Frank avoided looking at the pictures because it would only put his mind on the other night.

Elyse, a girl that's had a crush on him for years, passed a note to him, smiling and giggling. Sighing, Frank opened the folded paper and read it. Roses are red, violets are blue, you're really hott, and I'm in love with you. Frank hit his head against his desk and gave the paper to Mikey who stifled laughter before giving the note back to Frank. He ripped it up and handed the shredded pieces back to Elyse who treasured them like a gift. He rolled his eyes and went back to staring at his notebook. He had begun to write what the teacher was telling the class but he gave up when his mind started applying everything to Gerard and his body.

"Hey Frank, you coming over this weekend?" Mikey whispered to him when their teacher was off in one of her long boring speeches.

"I'm not sure." He told Mikey hesitantly. If Gerard still wants me around He thought when Elyse started harassing him again. He told her to fuck off and luckily the teacher didn't hear him but everyone around him started giggling. They all knew Elyse like him and they all knew he couldn't stand Elyse, yet they would tell Frank that one day the two would be married. Frank rolled his eyes and packed his stuff up as the bell got ready to ring.

"Well I won't be home that's why I asked. I know you hang with Gee most of the time but I thought I would tell you anyway. I'm going to Bob's this weekend to play video games." Frank now screamed inside his head that Gerard would want him still. Without Mikey, they wouldn't have to be so cautious in whatever they did because they wouldn't have to worry about disturbing him or forcing him to realizing what they were doing.

The bell chimed and Frank burst out of his seat and into the hall, leaving Mikey confused and alone. He ran past Bob in the hall who said hi but Frank didn't even hear him. Frank went to his locker and grabbed everything he needed then shut it and rushed out the front door of the school, trying not to get trampled by all the kids anxious to leave. He was going to try to avoid Gerard until he made it home where he could relax without worrying about everyone saying that he and Gerard would never make it from the age difference. He didn't care what people thought about him being bi, but he didn't want to listen to them tell him it would never work.

He knew he should have taken the bus, but Frank started walking home when Gerard pulled up to him in his car and told him to get in. Frank obeyed and Gerard drove him home so he wouldn't have to deal with the crackheads on the streets. The whole car ride was silent and Frank only felt more and more tension every minute Gerard didn't speak. "Did Mikey tell you he would be at Bob's this weekend?" Gerard spoke at long last.

"Yeah." Frank said looking out the window.

"You coming over?"

"I'm not sure." He told Gerard quietly. He did feel a little odd having sex with someone five years older than him, but his mind pushed that away because it was Gerard; one of the hottest men Frank had ever come across. Even if Gerard was quite messed up, Frank would still love him.

"Well you know you're welcome." He told Frank. Soon Frank wouldn't see Gerard regularly because Gerard was graduating half way through the year along with Ray since they were stuck in the school for long enough and finally got their acts together. As far as the law that persons over 18 couldn't have sex with persons under 18, no one really cared about that. Frank would be 18 in a little less than a year. Then they would be free to do whatever they wanted. He had no idea why all the random shit about age and laws started crossing his mind, but it made Frank wish in a slight was that nothing had happened between them.

"Yeah I know." Gerard pulled up to Frank's house and Frank got out, wanting to kiss Gerard good-bye but forced himself to resist. "See you tomorrow Gee."

"You going to tell my why you were so distant today?" He asked Frank before Frank could get away.

"It's nothing." He told Gerard before smiling and walking to his house. Inside Frank went to his room and threw his bag on the floor then climbed onto his bed and stuck his face in his pillow. Great job Frank. You just fucked everything up! You'll be lucky if he even talks to you anymore! Frank screamed at himself. He couldn't help but start crying a little. All he wanted was Gerard to hold him and make him feel better but he kept thinking about laws and age and everything else that would destroy what they had. He didn't eat dinner that night and the next day he didn't go to school.

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