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The waysome twosome

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Humor,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Published: 2008-10-15 - Updated: 2008-10-15 - 1836 words

"Hey brother!" The sound of Mikeys cheerful voice surprised me even though both Gerard and I had presumed it would be him when we heard the knock at the door. Gee had gone to answer it, eager to do something as he was agitated and restless, unashamed to admit he was dying for a drink.
"How are you?" I heard Mikey asked ask as he and Gerard walked into the living room where I was sitting.
"I'm fine Mikes." Said Gerard simply, Mikeys eyes fell on me and he smiled, a normal, friendly smile like I was used to.
"Hey Frank, you good?" He asked, sitting down on the armchair opposite the sofa as Gerard sat down in the space beside me, once again pulling me into his arms like we had been before Mikey arrived.
"I'm fine." I said, trying not to sound shocked at how... normal, Mikey was asking. It was like the kiss had never happened, and I wasnt sure whether to be relieved or not.
"Kool." Smiled Mikey, before turning back to Gerard who was looking guiltily at the floor. "So... your sober I see then." Mikey said softly, Gerard nodded stiffly before giving Mikey eye contact.
"And I will be for a long time." He said, his voice strained from the determination in his words. Mikey smiled gently and nodded.
"I hope so Gee, but I'm your brother and I cant help it if I know you too well to have doubts. You've made this promise so many times now..." Mikey spoke carefully, delicately, he knew both Gerard and I were adament Gee would pull through this time, and neither of us wanted to hear the voice of reason.
"I know that Mikey. And I know how hard this is going to be for me but after last ni - I mean. Last night I realised that I couldnt keep hurting you and Frank." Gerard was blushing deeply from almost blurting out that he had nearly killed himself from taking a bath, and I bit my lip. Mikey frowned, nothing escaped him but he could tell neither of us wanted to mention what it was so he dropped it, for which I was grateful.
"Well... I'm always prepared to help you through it, if you ever need me I'm here. I know you dont want my help and you want me to keep out of this whole situation but -" Gerard cut Mikey off quickly.
"No - I do want your help!" Mikey looked shocked but didnt say anything so Gerard continued. "It was wrong of me to try and keep you out of this, I'm your big brother for gods sake, I'm meant to protect you - not go around getting myself pissed and hurting you because of it. I thought if I refused your help it wouldnt affect you and I know it was stupid to think that. If I'm gonna quit I'm going to need your help, and Franks of course. I'm not ashamed to admit this is gonna be hard for me. I need your help Mikey... I really do..." Gerard trailed off and Mikey smiled, crossing over to the sofa and pulling his brother into a tight hug, Gerard grabbed him back and squeezed him tight, I realised now how much they had drifted apart through this, I had never realised how much it had been affecting their brotherly relationship just as much as it had been affecting mine and Gerards relationship. I respected Mikey deeply for how strong he had been, even if he said he had broken down before, even if he said it had been tearing him apart, he never let it show and I was in awe of him. But now neither he nor Gerard could stop the tears and they held eachother as they cried quietly. I watched them in silence, feeling as if one of the missing pieces had just been replaced. Gerard and Mikey - the waysome twosome once more, I smiled slightly and didnt even realise I was being dragged into the hug.
"Come 'ere Frankie." Gerard smiled and he and Mikey hugged me to them as I hugged them both back.
"...Anyone else feel like an emotional teenage girl?" I wondered alloud after a while, Mikey and Gerard laughed as one and we all pulled apart, looking at eachother with goofy smiles. I felt good... great even, this time, this time everything would be fine. I could feel it.
"You'll get through this Gerard." Mikey smiled, squeezing his brothers shoulder. "Your strong enough." He said. Gerard smiled gratefully at Mikey before frowning.
"Hey... I'm hungry..." He exclaimed, sounding extremely shocked at this revelation, I giggled and realised that I too felt hungry. Mikey smiled gleefully and began jumping up and down.
"Ooh! Let me cook, let me cook!!" He cried, waving his arm as if trying to get picked in class. I laughed, the old Mikey was back. And the old Gerard was returning.
"Then go cook mini Way - before we die of starvation!" I cried dramatically, adding a small gasp of pain and falling back against the sofa, Mikey giggled and ran off to the kitchen. Gerard smiled at me and pulled me back into a sitting position.
"I feel great, I'm really gonna do this Frankie. I know I've screwed up big time but I'm gonna make it all better again. You trust me, right?" He asked, I cupped his face gently in my hands and smiled.
"Of course I do, rightly or wrongly, I really do." Gee smiled and pulled me softly to his chest, pressing his lips to mine in a gentle kiss, making me melt into his arms. I was really feeling great when Mikey ruined it.
"Do you guys want Pi - Ooooh.... sorry, didnt realise you were bumming." Gerard and I pulled apart to see Mikey in the doorway, holding a wooden spoon, a grin that even the cheshire cat would be proud of plastered on his face.
"I'll come back in a minute." He smirked, giving us a mock salute before turning to leave.
"Go screw yourself Mikester!" Growled Gerard, lobbing a cushion at Mikey and missing, I heard Mikey laughing to himself as he went into the kitchen.

Gerard was in the bathroom brushing his teeth ready for bed when I stood with the door open, saying goodbye to Mikey. I was feeling nervous, I wanted to make everything about the kiss we had shared clear, I wanted everything to be cleared away and forgotten about but I didnt know what to say.
"Well, tonight was great." Smiled Mikey, his eyes sparkling. "Your right by the way Frankie, I really think he can stop this time." He grinned. I smiled before sighing sadly, Mikey looked concerned and touched my shoulder.
"Hey, whats wrong?" He asked softly.
"Nothing. I mean... well... Mikey, about the kiss.... w - why.... why did you kiss me?" I asked, to my surprise Mikey smiled and his eyes filled with worry.
"Well... Its going to sound terrible but I guess I really should be honest, I dont like the feeling that its hanging over us." Mikey sighed, and I braced myself. "See... the thing is, you and me... we were such great friends before Gerards drinking and for the past few months we were both being hurt so badly part of that friendship left, we were just trying to keep one another together without leaving room for any real friendship, ya know... hanging out just messing around, playing video games and stuff cos' we were too worried to do anything like that. And I guess I could feel ourselves slipping away from that friendship and I didnt do anything because I was too caught up in worrying about Gee, and then the last few days when you came round mine and stuff, well - I realised I wouldnt, couldnt let that friendship go. I got desperate... I needed to show you how much I cared, how much I needed you as my friend and I kissed you as an impulse decision to show you... And in all honesty, I havent had much human interaction in the loving sense, I mean I havent had a girlfriend since Gerard started drinking and when I kissed you I just had to kiss you again, just to remind myself what it felt like to kiss someone. It was wrong of me Frank and believe me I dont want this to make things different between us, you and Gerard love eachother and I wouldnt want that any other way. The kiss it was... stupid. To say the least." Mikey shrugged, but he looked worried. "Please understand Frank. I only like you as a friend, please dont be mad at me." Mikey had a wounded puppy look on his face and I rolled my eyes, lightly punching his arm.
"Your unbelievable way. But yes, I understand. Phew - I'm so glad we got that out of the way. I was scared that you... that you loved me or something." It sounded so absurd when I said it that I had to laugh, Mikey grinned with me and shoved me gently.
"I do love you Iero, but only as a friend. And I love Gee... and I want to have his babies." He said seriously, I stared at him in shock as his face twitched and then he was laughing so hard he had to bend and clutch his knees.
"Oh my god -" He spluttered. "You actually thought I was into Gee just then." He cried before bursting into a fresh fit of laughter, I scowled just as Gerard appeared.
"Hey... whats so funny?" He asked.
"Nothing Gee, I was just telling Frankie how much I totally wanna screw you and have weird incest children." Mikey choked out between laughter. Gerard scowled, he knew Mikey well enough to understand the strange jokes he sometimes came with. I tried to stay looking pissy but I was resisting the urge to laugh and I could tell Gerard was too. He wrapped an arm round my waist and swatted his brother.
"Geez Mikey, dont scare him like that. You know our babies are secret." He said seriously, joking along. Mikey choked with laughter and I elbowed Gerard in the ribs.
"Your both impossible." I snarled, unable to hide the giggle on the end. Mikey took a deep breath, shaking from the laughter.
"Oh man, but that was good." He smirked, high fiving Gerard. I poked my tongue out and Mikey grinned.
"Anyways, I should get going, I need to make some plans to kidnap Gerard and make him my sex slave." He chuckled.
"Sick Mikey, your twisted you know that?" Asked Gerard with a smirk, Mikey saluted us as he gave a cheerful 'yup!' and then he was gone. I closed the door with a roll of the eyes, but I was feeling happier than I had in a long time.
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