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Bert Mccrackhead

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It had been a week of struggling, Mikey was round almost all day, every day - the two of us working together to help Gerard to give up the drink. All alcohol had been thrown out of the house, even the red wine vinegar and whenever Gee wanted to go out one of us would go with him to make sure he didnt buy anything alcoholic. He was trying hard but it wasnt easy for him, he would get angry, he would try to fight his way out of the house, he would whine and complain all the time and pretty much every night I would hold him as he cried as he apologised over and over. He was blaming himself, and I still blamed Bert Mccracken. Gerard kept telling me that it had all started as just casual drinking, and then he would drink a bit more, and a bit more, and a bit more, until it progressed into him becoming an alcoholic. He insisted that there was no one to blame, it wasnt any one persons fault, except maybe his own. He never mentioned anything about Bert being the cause but I was still convinced, Mikey however was intent on not blaming anyone and just helping Gerard get through the mess he was in. I knew Mikey was being the most sensible but part of me just wanted to blame someone, and to blame someone who wasnt Gerard.
By the end of the week Gees little temper tantrums had died down greatly, he was happier, he was eating more which he had stopped doing at the start of the week because all he wanted was a drink, when we got up this morning I just felt like today was going to be great. Maybe today was going to be the turning point and everything was going to get so much easier. When I tentavilly told Gerard he instantly agreed and we had been kissing passionately in the kitchen when there was a knock at the door.
"That'll be Mikey." I muttered against Gerards lips.
"I'll get it." Gerard smirked before biting down on my bottom lip and moving away, I grinned dopily to myself and walked over to the coffee machine, turning it on as I hurried to flatten my hair. Man... we hadnt kissed like that for what felt like forever, things really were getting better. I was whistling to myself so I didnt hear the conversation going on in the hall until I realised Gerard and Mikey were taking their time and actually started to listen.
" - think Frank will want you here, he doesnt really like you..."
"Nonsense, he's never even met me. Come on Gerard, let me in already."
"Bert I really dont think -" Gerard was cut off as I heard heavy footsteps going through the hall and Gerards annoyed sigh. "Fine. Make yourself at home." He said moodily and I leant my back against the side, my mouth open slightly and my arms crossed tightly over my chest. BERT was here? Bert fucking Mccrackhead? I resisted the urge to storm out of the kitchen and punch him, but the sensible part of my brain kept repeating that Gerard liked Bert and I hadnt met him so I should give him just one, teensy little chance. I still didnt like him though.
"Erm... Frank... Err Berts here..." Mumbled Gerard as he re-entered the kitchen, closely followed by a man with long blonde hair, the roots of which were black, his chin was coated in stubble and he had a ciggarette dangling between two fingers. His blue eyes met mine and he smirked, placing a the ciggarette between his lips so that he could extend a hand.
"You must be Frank, nice to meet you." He said politely, his voice rough from what I guessed was years of smoking and alcohol abuse. I glared at him and refused to shake his hand.
"Hm. Nice to meet you." I said back flatly, he chuckled lightly and pulled his hand back as if it meant nothing to him whether I shook it or not, he took the ciggarette back between his fingers and blew a cloud of smoke into the air. I wanted to punch him for it but Gerard smoked so I knew I had no right. Talking of whom, I looked over at Gee and he looked back apologetically, I smiled softly at him as Bert spotted an ashtray and put his ciggarette out.
"So Bert, we werent expecting you." I said pointedly, Bert nodded and shoved his hands into his pockets.
"Yeeah, I was wondering what had happened to Gee. He just dissapeared off the face of the Earth for a while. I wasnt used to being alone all week." Bert laughed and flicked his hair out of his eyes. "So I figured I'd come check he was still alive." I scowled but Gerard smiled a little, evidently this was funny to him. I pushed down my anger and told myself to stop being such a jerk and give the man a chance for crying out loud.
"So Bert. Would you like a coffee?" I asked, somehow managing not to choke on the words as I forced them out. Bert grinned and shrugged.
"Suure, why not?" He said casually. I looked at Gerard and he nodded so I turned and began making us all a coffee as Bert began asking Gerard where he had been all week. Gerard softly told him about how he was trying to stop drinking and everything me and Mikey had been doing to help him. Once he had finished there was a small silence before Bert gave a strange, high pitched giggle.
"Haahaha, really!?" He cried. Gerard must have nodded because Bert laughed again. "Oh man! That is pretty funny, HEY why didnt you call me? I could've come and helped too ya' know. I respect people who try to break nasty habits." I tensed, unsure whether Bert was being serious or not. Gerard chuckled lightly.
"Bert, you'd be telling me not to drink while knocking back vodka yourself." He snorted, I turned round and handed out the coffees as Bert shrugged.
"Yeah, but then you'd be resisting the temptation and it'd make you stronger. See, I bet if your some alcohol right now you'd probably dive on it." He said matter of factly, Gerard blushed and I knew he was silently agreeing. I decided to step in.
"He probably would, your right. But he's still working on giving it all up, its not something you just get over in a week. We have to be patient and help him." I said coldly, Gerard smiled at me and Bert smirked as he looked me up and down.
"I know that Frankie. I've seen a fair share of people quit an all manner of things. I'm not an idiot, and I want Gerard to do well in this as much as you do." When he saw my disbelieving look his jaw dropped and a look of realisation crossed his face.
"Woh woh woh now. Dont tell me - You think I'm to blame for all this." He didnt seem concerned about this, just surprised and I could lie, the look on my face said it all. Bert tutted and shook his head.
"Well now, you hadnt even met me, its not really fair to make that accusation." He said with a smile. I sighed and frowned.
"Yeah, but everytime he came home drunk he had been round yours so..." I left the sentence hanging, Bert shrugged.
"Well, thats true I suppose. But I never forced him to drink anything, I'd offer and he'd accept." Gerard nodded and looked at me with pleading eyes.
"Thats true Frank. He never forced me, its my own fault." He said quietly. I didnt like this, I felt as if they were teaming up on me, but then Bert said something I didnt expect.
"Well, I guess you wont wanna blame Gee since you love him and whatnot, so whatever you can blame me if you like. I get blamed for most things, but either way - I'm sorry if I was a bad influence and caused him to become an alcoholic, I cant apologise enough." He said it sincerely but he had a soft smile on his face, I was momentarily stunned. What the hell?
"Err... well... erm... sure, I mean, okay, erm... apology accepted." I said stupidly. Gerard rolled his eyes with an aumsed expression and Bert smiled widely.
"Great then, lets all just make a clean start and get along huh? Great coffee by the way." He said pleasantly, sipping the coffee. I didnt know what to say so decided to just keep my mouth shut, Bert seemed to have this strange lovable charm about him. Like a big fluffy bear who just ate all your camp food and you wanna be mad but you just cant because its too.... too much of a big lovable bear! I was annoyed that I wasnt annoyed at him anymore, and I wished Mikey would hurry up and get here.

A/N: Just a bit of a filler but I just felt like adding a little to this story, so - Bert has arrived xD Lemme know what y'all think :]
Rayray xox
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