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I can never get it up when I'm pissed

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"Hey everyo - Bert? What the hell are you doing here?" Mikey stood in the living room doorway with a shocked expression on his face, Bert turned to look at Mikey and grinned when he saw him.
"No way man... Mikey - I havent seen you since the last day of high school!" He cried. I raised my eyebrows as I realised they knew eachother, they had gone to the same freakin high school! Mikey walked into the room and stared at Bert as if he wasnt sure he was an hallucination.
"Yeah... what are you doing here? I thought -" Mikey stopped and glanced at me before continuing. "I mean, I didnt expect to see you here." Bert shrugged casually and retold his story about how he wondered where Gerard had been and he didnt like being alone and blah blah blah, Mikey seemed to find this as amusing as Gerard had and I couldnt help but wonder why he had never told me he knew Bert. It seemed to me like they were old friends. After Bert had finished talking Mikey greeted me and Gerard before sitting down beside me on the sofa, Bert sitting next to Mikey and Gerard curling up into the arm chair.
"So bro, how you been today?" Asked Mikey, usually his first question of the day, but of course Bert had been here to ruin that little ritual. I sighed, deep down I knew I was jealous of him. I wanted to be mad at him but I couldnt because he had a sort of charm about him, and as much as I didnt want to admit it I wished I could be the same, casual and yet entrancing, funny and laid back. I didnt like how he was good friends with the Way brothers, I didnt like how a small part of me still wondered whether Gerard had been round Berts doing more than just drinking, that maybe Bert was better than me and having Bert here now did nothing to calm my suspicions.
I tried to listen to Gerard and Mikeys conversation to take my mind off things, but it wasnt working. I was pissed off again and I couldnt help it. In the end I stood up and announced that I would start making dinner. Mikey nodded and Gerard looked up with a smile.
"Okay, Bert - your staying for dinner right?" He asked, grinning over at Bert who grinned back and nodded.
"Sure thing, I wont say no." He laughed. Hm, I bet he wouldnt. I forced a smile before storming off to the kitchen, thinking of all sorts of interesting ways to kill Bert and then feeling bad about it an instant later. I began grabbing ingrediants for vegetarian chilli out of the fridge and muttered angrily under my breath. Stupid Mikey and stupid Gerard, being friends with Bert and stupid me for ever thinking I could be better than him. A small part of me yearned to go back in there and kill him, and another part of me yearned to go back in there and laugh along to his jokes and become his friend. It was confusing and infuriating and I wished he would just leave - but now he was even staying for dinner!
"Hey Frankie doodles, need any help?" I frowned at the strange new nickname and turned to see Bert smirking at me from the doorway.
"No. I'm fine, thanks." I said coldly. He grinned and walked in anyway, hopping up onto the side and sitting there as if it were his home. I turned my back on him and ignored him as I began to make the dinner. For a while the kitchen was silent and I wondered why he wasnt leaving when he spoke.
"Ya know... I cant help but get the feeling that you dont like me." He said gently. He didnt sound concerned about this, just confused. I frowned to myself and didnt speak for a moment, swallowing down all the out of order things I wanted to say to him.
"Whatever gave you that impression?" I snarled, putting a pot onto the stove and throwing in some vegetables and tin tomatoes before turning to face him.
"Oh... no reason, just a hunch." He said in an amused voice, shrugging lightly.
"Well... I didnt mean to." I said, trying to sound convincing but there was really no point. Bert grinned and flipped some of his hair out of his face.
"Oh come off it Frankie, its insanely obvious how much you hate me. I just dont understand why - I really didnt make Gerard start drinking, and I honestly will help him to quit. I know I'm not exactly a great influence on anybody but thats just who I am and it'd mean a lot to me if you'd just accept that and try to get along with me." He said this in a happy tone but I could hear the sincerity behind it. I sighed, feeling bad, and toed the floor silently.
"Okay... I'm sorry... I know I shouldnt blame you for his drinking." I didnt want to say it but I felt better once I did, Bert wasnt through with me yet though.
"Apology accepted, but I know thats not the only reason your being cold to me. Come on, what is it? You can tell old Berty Boo." He giggled. I sighed and shrugged.
"Its nothing." I said quietly, turning round to carry on making the dinner. How was I supposed to tell him I thought he'd been screwing around with my boyfriend? How was I supposed to tell him I was jealous of him?
"Come ooon, its gotta be something. Just tell me, and then it can be sorted out. The water should be clear before you go swimming if you know what I'm saying?" He said, I raised an eyebrow and giggled a little.
"No, I dont." I heard Bert tutting a little behind me.
"It means - we cant be friends if you still have a problem with me, and I think its in everyones best interest if we get along - and I'd really like to be pals with you Frankie doodles." He said sweetly. I groaned and began stirring the chilli. "Come on, I know you want to tell me... its on the tip of your tongue... just spit it out dude..." He urged, I knew he wouldnt let up until I told him something, so I chose the thing that would cause less problems.
"Okay fine... I'm... I'm jealous of you." I said moodily, surprised to feel as if a huge wight had been lifted off my chest.
"What!? Are you serious? Your jealous of me? Why in the hell would you be jealous of me!" Bert cried, and I turned to face him again.
"Because your cool! Look at yourself - your funny and hyper and casual and everyone adores you, you just cant do anything that makes people mad at you. Its fucking insane, your practically best friends with Mikey and Gerard and when I'm next to you it just makes me feel like a loser in comparison." I sighed and pouted a little, wondering whether I said maybe a bit too much. Bert however, was looking as if I had just handed him the worlds most complicated maths problem. He was gawping at me with wide eyes and a dropped jaw, one hand scratching at his stubbly chin, the other rubbing the back of his head.
"Woh... thats like... the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me." He mumbled, before giving his high pitched giggle again. "Fuck Frankie, your probably the only person on the planet whose jealous of me! Wow... I'm seriously flattered man!" He grinned at me and I couldnt help but smile a back a little, even though he hadnt done anything to soothe my jealousy. He seemed to notice this and hopped off the side to grip my shoulders.
"Look, dont be jealous of me - you're your own person and Gee abosolutely worships the ground you walk on - cos I have a feeling that your worried he likes me more or something. Your cool and funny and casual too you know, you just dont realise it." He smiled at me but as he had mentioned Gee I just couldnt stop myself, the words tumbled out before I could stop them.
"If Gee really does like me more than you then why did he leave that message on my phone?" I snapped my mouth shut and wished the ground would open up and swallow me, Bert looked confused and I sighed, realising I would have to explain.
"The one... the one with you in it, asking if I wanted to come and see you two but I must not be up yet...erm... un erm..." I mumbled, avoiding eye contact. Bert looked thoughtful for a moment, a look of pained concentration on his face before it was took over with a look of realisation and he burst out laughing.
"Oh my god! THAT message!? Hahaha, I forgot all about that." He gasped, I glared at him and he calmed himself down with some difficulty before squeezing my shoulders and smiling gently.
"Frank, listen to me man - we were both pissed out of our heads when we did that, dont listen to a word of it. I can assure you we didnt do anything, me and Gee have been best friends since high school and we used to joke around and tell all our friends we were gay lovers, but it was never true. Besides, if you think saying that I'm up was an inuendo of me being hard - then think again. I can never get it up when I'm pissed, its a problem of mine, actually I was planning to go to the doctors about that. Dont get me wrong it all fine and in perfect working condition when I'm sober but -" I slammed my hands over my ears, hearing quite enough.
"EEEUGH! Bert TOO much information!" I cried, unable to stop myself from laughing as I did. I heard Bert giggling and I removed my hands as he stepped back from me, laughing to himself with a shrug.
"What? I may as well be honest with you." He said with a smirk. I shook my head but smiled, I felt extremely relieved. Gerard did love me more than Bert, I was an idiot for ever thinking otherwise. I was smiling dopily to myself when Bert waved a hand infront of my face, causing me to snap out of my happy trance and look at him.
"Oh, you are alive then. Hm... thinking of Gee were you? Look, if you want me to finish the dinner while you and Gerard have some bum fun then I'm more than happy to -"
"URGH SHUT UP BERT!" I yelled, throwing the dish cloth at him.

A/N: Sorry it took so long to update, since this was only gonna be something to write while I got over my writers block for 22 Acacia Avenue I didnt really have any plans for where I was gonna take it cos' I never thought I was going to consider completing this. BUT I happen to like it :] So I am gonna continue it, still got no plans for it but I'm sure I'll think of something :]
Lemme know what you think so far ^_^
Rayray xox
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