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POV: Gerard then Frankie then back to Gerard

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Ch.4; Revelation

{{Gerard/Frank/Gerard POV}}

"If only Gerard learned his lesson. Maybe Frankie would still be alive." Gerard's eyes shot open. All he could see was a white ceiling. His heard pounded and yet again he was drenched in sweat. Gerard sat up and looked around. He was in a bed, in a room with religious pictures plastered on the walls. Rubbing his head, Gerard tried to figure out where he was. All he remembered was coughing up blood and passing out.

With a heavy sigh, Gerard uncovered himself and stood up. He wobbled a bit but after a few moments he was able to stand. Using the wall to keep his balance, Gerard made his way to the door. His hand trembled as he gripped the knob and turned it, clicking the door open. The room he woke up in led him to a larger room with a couch and a t.v. Still using the wall for support, Gerard walked into the larger room and looked around. He didn't see anyone. "Hel-hello?" He called out weakly. No reply.

Gerard made his way to the couch and sat down. He spotted the remote and he decided to turn on the t.v. He still didn't know where he was but it was better than wandering the street. Gerard flipped through the channels until he happened upon the news. It was on the weather. He watched it for a few minutes before it revealed to him that he ended up in New York. When the weather was done, the local news started playing. In the local news was a section about Gerard's stuff being found and how it had been DNA tested and proven to be his. God they waste no time... Gerard thought. They said after that that a surveillance of the was done on the area and that police concluded Gerard was dead, their only lead being the blood on the hoodie. Then they played clips of fans crying hysterically, holding his picture as well as candles. The clip that made Gerard's stomach flip though was when they showed Mikey crying with Bob and Ray."What the fuck am I doing?" Gerard yelled and threw the remote across the room.

What seemed odd to Gerard after staring at the t.v. was that Frank wasn't in any of the clips. Frantic, Gerard searched for a phone. When he finally found one hanging on the wall, he grabbed it and quickly dialed the guitarists number. He wanted to hear Frank's voice; to know he was ok. He didn't know what to say; where to begin. He heard ringing on the other end, each ring causing Gerard's heart to beat faster until there was a click and an apprehensive "Hello?" on the other end. Sighing relief, Gerard took a deep breath in."Frankie, it's Gee."


"Gerard?"Frank yelled. He had been driving to where Gerard's things were found when he heard on the radio that Gerard was dead. Frank had pulled over to think when his phone began to ring. Figuring it was Mikey calling to tell him what he already knew, but instead it was Gerard himself.

"You're alive!"He said coming to sudden realization."I'm going to fucking kill you!"He yelled into the phone."Where the fuck are you?"

"I'm not sure. I-I passed out on the sidewalk and woke up in someone's bed. No one is here now though."Gerard sounded real exhausted. Frank quickly became worried again.

"Gerard, are you ok?"he asked.

"No Frankie, I'm not ok."It sounded as though he was crying."I want to go home."He said quietly. Frank started his car again.

"I'm going to come get you baby and take you home, ok?"Frank replied calmly."Stay where you are as long as you're safe. When someone comes back, ask where you are and let me know."Frank said to Gerard."Don't worry. I'll find you no matter what.He hung up the phone and quickly dialed Mikey. When the ringing stopped, Frank heard a bunch of distressed crying.

"Mikey?"Frank asked, shifting his car into gear and pulling back onto the road. "Frank! Frank I can't believe he's de-" Mikey wailed when Frank cut him off."Shut the fuck up and listen to me. He's not dead."Frank said aggravated. "Give it up Frank! Police conf-" Mikey started when Frank cut him off again."Fuck the police. Gerard just called me."he replied. "What?"Mikey yelled into the phone. "Wh-where is he?" Mikey asked."He doesn't know. I assume not far from the boarder. He doesn't sound good so I'm trying to hurry. Let everyone know, including the news stations, and stop these bullshit lies. I'll call when I find him."Frank hung up his phone before Mikey could say anything else.


Gerard hung up the phone and heaved himself back to the couch. Frank is going to come get me he told himself reassuringly. Suddenly the door opened and a tall, muscular man in plaid walked in. He saw Gerard and smiled. "Hey man, you're finally awake!" he boomed in an excited low voice. "When you passed out yesterday, I brought you to my house because I thought waking up in a hospital might be a bit overwhelming." The man closed the door and walked over to Gerard, extending his hand to Gerard. "Name's Rick."

Nervously, Gerard shook the man's hand. He had a strong grip."Gerard."Rick smiled and sat on the other end of the couch. "You ok?" he asked Gerard like he had before when Gerard passed out on the sidewalk. Gerard shook his head. "We should get you to the hospital to get looked at." Rick said concerned.

"Do you have a pen and paper?"He asked Rick hoarsely. Rick nodded and went off to get them. Gerard felt very dizzy and the burning sensation came back to his lungs. He began coughing frantically again, blood flying out like before. Rick returned and when he saw Gerard, he ran to him. "We really need to get you to the hospital." Gerard took the pen and paper then wrote down Frank's number. When he started coughing again, Rick handed him a towel. It took moments until the white towel had large red stains. He felt so dizzy that he could barely focus on what was going on. Ricks voice faded in and out while everyone Gerard saw began going fuzzy.

His hand shaking frantically, Gerard handed Rick Frank's number. Rick helped Gerard off the couch and out to his truck. His lungs hurt so bad he could barely breathe and he was extremely hot. What's wrong with me?Gerard thought as Rick lifted him into the truck and ran to get into the drivers seat. Rick commanded the truck to life then backed out of the driveway and soared down the road. The town Gerard stumbled into was bigger than he thought as he weakly looked around. He was suddenly freezing, even though his body was pumping out sweat. "Stay with me." He heard Rick tell him. Gerard was shaking really bad now and he could barely keep his eyes open. Before he knew it, he passed out again.
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