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It Is Love

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Frank POV

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Ch.11; It Is Love

{{Frank's POV;}}

Sleep wouldn't come to Frank as he thought about his divorce, his argument with Mikey, Gerard's health, and listening to Ray. Gerard had fallen asleep about three hours before which relieved Frank because the pale singer was over exhausted and developing a fever. As Frank held Gerard, he thought about the nightmare that had forced Gerard to leave them in the first place and he tightened his grip around him. Frank wouldn't let Gerard leave again.

"Frank?" Ray called to him quietly.

"Yeah?" Frank replied softly so he wouldn't wake Gerard.

"Are you ok to drive? I'm going to pass out." Ray said. Frank was real exhausted too but he knew that Ray needed sleep as well.

"Yeah." he lied and Ray pulled the car over. Frank carefully slid out from underneath Gerard as Ray got out of the driver's seat and into the passenger's seat. When Frank was in the front, Ray tilted the seat back to lay down and Frank pulled the car back onto the road.

"You really love him don't you?" Ray suddenly said. Frank was hesitant to reply as he gripped the steering wheel and focused on the highlighted road. He was quiet for a moment before he finally got the words to answer Ray.

"Yeah, I do." Frank said with a slight smile. "I do really love him."

"Don't let him forget that." Ray said sleepily. "He needs someone strong to watch over him." Ray's eyes were closed as he spoke. "For the record," he said quietly as though he was going to pass out any second, "I think Mikey was way out of line saying those things to you." A moment later Frank heard Ray snoring. It made Frank feel better knowing that he wasn't alone. Frank admired Ray even more now. Ray knew that Frank and Gerard were happy together; Ray even encouraged Frank to stay with Gerard. He knew all along that while he loved Jamia dearly, his heart belonged to Gerard. Frank re-adjusted the mirror so when Frank looked into it, all he would see was Gerard's heavenly face. He drove quietly down the road, knowing his Gerard was safe and finally going home to stay. After about two hours, Frank couldn't stay awake any longer so he pulled into a rest stop and parked the car then got out and went back to the back seat with Gerard, locking his doors when he got inside. It got to where Frank couldn't sleep unless Gerard was there with him. Frank laid on top of Gerard and rested his head on Gerard's chest like he had for the past few nights. Listening to the steady rhythm of his heart, Frank thanked God that Gerard was alive and in Frank's arms.


Frank woke up to Ray driving again. He pulled himself into the passenger seat as Gerard still soundly slept. "Just can't stay off him, can you?" Ray said with amusement when he noticed Frank climbing up front.

"It's weird." Frank said through a yawn. "It's like I can't sleep without him on top or underneath me." He rubbed his eyes and curled up in the seat. "So when are we getting off the road and back to home sweet home?"

"Two, three hours top. Bob and Mikey are ahead of us since you pulled over to have more intimate time." He joked with Frank. "I woke up and noticed you were asleep so I took the keys from your hoodie and called them." Frank just buried himself in his hoodie.

"You'll have to get coffee soon since sleeping beauty back there will demand it." Frank said with a smile to Ray. "At least he's getting some sleep. He was really exhausted." Ray smiled and nodded back to Frank as he continued to lead the car down the road. "It's going to be different now."

"Change can be good Frankie." Ray said becoming more serious. "You'll make it just fine." Ray smiled at Frank. "If you ever need to talk, come find me, because so help me if you try to pull something like he did." he told Frank in a serious yet slightly amused voice and Frank couldn't help but laugh. Ray was probably Frank's best friend, and he couldn't ask for someone better.

"Well you can count on me talking to you because we all know there is no way the two of us can take care of ourselves so we need someone to keep order." Frank said to Ray with a bit of laughter. It was the truth though. Frank couldn't take care of himself and it was obvious that Gerard couldn't handle himself either. Just then they heard Gerard come to life. He whined a bit then his head popped between Frank and Ray.

"Coffee?" He asked blankly. Both Ray and Frank burst into laughter as Gerard looked confused. "Where are we?" he asked still blinking away the remaining traces of sleep.

"We're almost home." Frank told him. Gerard started pulling on Frank's arm until Frank sat up. He still wouldn't stop pulling on Frank's arm though. Gerard kept pulling on Frank until Frank was in the back seat with Gerard again. Once his body was in the back, Gerard pulled Frank's face to his and started sucking on Frank's lips.

"There's no coffee and I need something to wake me up." Gerard said as he bit Frank's lip, avoiding Frank's lip ring. Frank enjoyed getting mauled by Gerard and he began to slide back so he could have access to every part of Gerard's body.

"Hey!" Ray suddenly yelled. "Above the waist when I'm in the car!" He said as he threw an empty cup backwards at Frank.

"Stop looking." Gerard told him with amusement and Frank started laughing. There were times when Frank loved when Gerard was a smart ass. Ray wasn't real amused by it though.

"I'll pull this car over and you'll never make it home." He warned them. While Frank knew Ray wouldn't go that far, he knew that Ray would punish them somehow if they didn't behave. Gerard sighed and pulled Frank back to his face where they looked at Ray. Frank was pretending to pout again and Gerard faked a look of innocence.

"He was only making sure I was up." Gerard told Ray with his arms around Frank's neck. Ray rolled his eyes and shoved the mirror to the ceiling. Frank started to work his way down Gerard again when Ray yelled at them again.

"Above the waist Frank." he said harshly. Frank couldn't figure out how Ray knew but he pulled himself back up and gave Gerard the puppy dog look. Gerard, playing along, petted Frank and spoke loudly enough for Ray to hear.

"I know, he's a big meanie who won't let us have fun." Frank bit his lips together to prevent himself from bursting into laughter and Ray just sighed as he continued to drive. "Awww, don't cry!" Gerard carried on. Frank almost couldn't breathe as he held back laughter. Gerard was quietly laughing to himself as he amused himself harassing Ray. He laid Frank's head on his chest then looked at Ray before speaking again. "You made my bitch cry!" he pretended to yell at Ray. Ray shook his head and ignored Gerard who could barely contain himself from bursting into laughter. Frank had to bury his face in Gerard's chest so he could remain semi-calm. He was glad to have the old Gerard back. He knew that Gerard was recovering well as he annoyed the shit out of Ray.

"Just behave." Ray told them as though they were children. Frank wrapped his arms around Gerard's chest as he calmed down, trying not to piss Ray off. After a few moments, Gerard pulled Frank's face up and began to make out with him again.

"Don't think you're off the hook." Gerard told Frank quietly. "You owe me." he told him before he went back to sucking Frank's face. Frank smiled as Gerard slowly fell backwards until he was sitting at a roughly 130 degree angle with Frank right on top of him. The car ride was a bit bumpy but they were in too tight of a lip lock to notice. He didn't know how long they spent sucking each other's faces but it seemed like no time at all as the sun rose high into the sky. Frank ran his hands through Gerard's hair when they finally broke apart so they could breathe. Gerard just held Frank close as they waited to be back at home and out of the car, though Frank didn't mind spending all his time on top of Gerard.

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