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Making Up

by ipanicdaily

Gee's POV; bit of sexual innuendo towards the end xD

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Ch.14; Making Up

{{Gerards POV; }}

He knew he shouldn't have walked out like he did, but Gerard was tired of people telling him what he should be doing. Gerard knew what Frank said was true and that Frank was only looking out for his health, but it still annoyed Gerard that neither Frank nor Ray would even trust him to take a simple walk because they thought he would just runaway again. He planned on only walking around the block just calm down before he would return to Frank's house and decided what they would do for the rest of the day.

As he walked, Gerard began to choke again so he stopped until he was able to smoothly breathe again. Looking at his hands, there were slight traces of blood on them but Gerard ignored it figuring that it was because he was still slightly sick so he kept walking. Gerard didn't fully believe he was as weak as everyone kept telling him he was because he felt pretty good and hardly weak at all. Even though he was wearing a hoodie, he stuck his hands in his pockets as he walked because the slight breeze was making Gerard cold.

Gerard also knew he would have to face Mikey, even though he didn't want to. Mikey didn't really do anything too back, it was the fact that he talked so harshly to Frank and then punched him. Even if Gerard wasn't in love with Frank, and Mikey did it to someone else, he would still have been upset with Mikey because there was no reason for his brother to treat someone so harshly. Still, Mikey was Gerard's brother and no matter how much they fought, he would always love him. When Gerard started coughing again, he sat down in an empty patch of grass to relax for a few moments. More blood came up and Gerard wiped his hands on his pants then lay backwards to stare at the empty sky. He could hear horns and sirens off in the distance and he finally felt like he was home again. Gerard stared blankly at the sky for about ten minutes before he got kicked in the side.

"Get up." Ray told him.

"Go away." Gerard mumbled to him. Ray kicked him again.

"Come on, get up." Ray repeated. Gerard didn't budge. "Get your overdramatic ass off the ground and haul it to the car or I'll do it for you!" Ray harshly shot at him. "You need to grow up and realize you don't always get your way!" Ray was talking to Gerard like he was a child. "Why can't you see that Frank really loves you and only wants what's best for you?" Gerard covered his head with his hood as Ray yelled. It wasn't as though he didn't know Frank loved him. Gerard loved Frank just as much. "I'm not done with you!" Ray told him then kicked him for a third time. "You need to face your problems. Not run away from them!" Gerard had never heard Ray so angry. "Now get yourself up because we're going to go face your problems." When Gerard still didn't move, Ray grabbed Gerard's leg and began to drag him.

"Stop it! I'll get up." Gerard whined. When Ray let go of Gerard, he got off the ground and began to head in the opposite direction. Ray grabbed Gerard's hood and pulled him back in the direction he originally intended. "Ray, you're choking me!" He managed to get out between not being able to breathe.

"You can't cooperate so you deserve it." Ray told him then shoved him into Frank's car. Gerard began coughing again when Ray shut the door and he didn't feel like pissing Ray off more so he sat still as Ray got in the driver's seat. Ray began to drive them away, but not to Franks. Instead they headed for Mikey's.

"Where are we going?" Gerard asked frustrated, though he already knew the answer.

"You need to talk to Mikey and end this stupid feud. You guys are brothers who love each other." Gerard had about had it with Ray lecturing him. "Frank is fine so there is no reas-"

"There is no reason for Mikey to treat someone like shit because he's uncomfortable with them or jealous or whatever!" Gerard told him before he started coughing again. He held his sleeve to his mouth so Ray wouldn't see the blood and flip out on Gerard. Blood or not, Ray still flipped out.

"See?! This is what Frank was trying to prevent you from!" He found some napkins and gave them to Gerard. "What don't you understand about having a weak immune system? If you get a bad enough cold, you could very well die!" There was worry in Ray's voice as he snapped at Gerard. Gerard tossed the napkins to the ground and continued to cough into the sleeve. Ray sighed before speaking again. "Are you ok?" He asked, more calmly then he had moments before.

"I just need a drink." Gerard told him when he was able to breathe again. "And no more lecturing." He told Ray as he rested his head against the window.

"No, you do need lecturing." Ray responded. "It's the only way that you learn anything." His voice was softer but still stern. Gerard shut his eyes as Ray drove. When they got to Mikey's though, Gerard felt like he was under a lot of pressure that was trying to crush him. "We're here." Ray told him as he parked the car. Gerard mumbled to himself then opened the door and slowly hauled himself out of the car. Ray watched Gerard carefully to make sure he wouldn't try to run as they headed for the door. Gerard felt like he was in prison and Ray was the security guard martching him from death row to the chair.

When they reached the door, Ray knocked and a few moments later Alicia answered. "Hey Ray!" she said with a smile as she hugged him. "Hey Gerard!" she repeated the same with him. "How are you feeling?"

"Like shit." Gerard mumbled when Ray elbowed him. "Fine, thanks." he told her trying to force a smile. He could feel Ray's eyes burning into him so a moment later he forced himself to ask if Mikey was home.

"Yeah, I'll get him." she said still smiling as she disappeared back into the house. Gerard debated running but kept still for fear of being verbally abused and possibly physically abused again by Ray. When Mikey showed up, he looked shocked and confused. Gerard forced a shitty smile as he felt anxious and nervous at the same time.

"Hey, Mikey." He said at last.

"I didn't expect to see you here." Mikey said with slight amusement in his voice. Gerard just got irritated by it though as Ray suddenly pulled Mikey outside.

"You two are going to make up." He told them with a smile of authority. "Don't kill each other." He told them as he headed inside Mikey's house to go talk to Alicia. "You," He said turning to Gerard, "Keep your ass here. I'm watching you." Ray warned him before shutting the door and leaving them alone on the porch.

"I got forced to come." He told Mikey with no emotion in his voice. "I am supposed to forgive you for treating Frankie like shit and going off like an asshole."

"I said I was sorry."

"Yeah, to me." Gerard was trying not to get real upset. "You need to apologize to him."

"I will when I see him." Mikey said with a shrug as though he had no intention of seeing Frank again.

"What the fuck is your problem with him all of a sudden?" Gerard raised his voice at Mikey with anger. "You two always got along just fine! It's just recently that you've turned into a jerk because he saved my life and happens to love me just as much as I love him." Gerard couldn't keep calm with Mikey.

"You two are always together!" Mikey shot right back at him. "No one else has a chance to spend any time with you because Frank is always attached or within sight!"

"So because you're jealous, you fucking chew him out then punch him?"

"I didn't mean to punch him!" Mikey admitted again. "And what am I jealous of?" Gerard was tired with the argument and was giving Mikey no mercy.

"That you don't spend time with me? I don't know! I don't think for you Mikey! I do know though that you're the only one who such a fucking problem with us being together!" Gerard yelled uncontrollably. "Frank and I are in love, and I wouldn't give that up for anyone or anything in the world!" Gerard got right in Mikey's face. "You're my brother and I'll always love you," Gerard lowered his voice, "but I don't have to like you." Gerard headed back for the car to wait for Ray. He was through with Mikey. Until Mikey could accept that Frank was going to be with Gerard, he wanted nothing to do with his brother.

Mikey went back inside and a few moments later Ray appeared then headed for the car. He got in and started the car and began to drive off. "That sounded like it went well." he said sarcastically to Gerard once they were on the road. "You guys were supposed to fix everything, not make it worse. What happened?" Gerard could tell that Ray was trying to be sympathetic and calm as he spoke.

"He can't accept that Frank and I love each other so I'm not going to waste my breath fighting with him any longer." Gerard told Ray with pain. He didn't want to cut Mikey from his life, but he wasn't about to give up Frank to make Mikey happy when Frank made Gerard happier than anything else in the world. For once, Ray didn't start arguing with him. Instead, he spoke calmly to Gerard.

"Well Frank got really upset when you left earlier so you'll have to go talk to him." Gerard knew he had upset Frank when he left, but Frank had upset him too. Gerard just hoped he didn't destroy their relationship like he had done with Mikey. Frank meant everything to Gerard and he couldn't lose him too.

When they reached Frank's house, Gerard got out and headed for the front door before Ray could even turn the car off. He went to Frank's room and slowly opened the door to see Frank sprawled across the bed, sound asleep. Gerard shut the door and quietly walked to Frank's bed then climbed onto it and laid by Frank. He rubbed Frank's back and whispered softly to him. "Frankie." Frank moved slightly. "Frankie, I want to talk to you."

"Go away." Frank moved to the other side of the bed so Gerard followed him and repeated his actions. "I said go away Gerard." Frank repeated then buried his face in his pillow. Gerard pulled the pillow from Frank's head and threw it at the door so he couldn't hide. "I'm mad at you." Frank told him as he faced the opposite way.

"But you still love me." Gerard said cockily. Frank shook his head and curled up on his bed. "I don't believe you." Gerard said with a smile as he climbed over Frank and lay down, his face right in Franks. "I'm too beautiful for you not to love." Gerard told him, still smiling. Frank turned to face the other way, ignoring Gerard. "Come on Frankie." Gerard pleaded. "I'm really sorry about this morning." Frank remained mute. "I didn't sleep good last night because I didn't have you wrapped around me." He could see Frank smile a bit and Gerard knew that Frank couldn't stay mad at him.

"You could have slept in the bed with me." Frank told him. Gerard climbed over Frank again so they could see each other's faces.

"Now you tell me!" He said flopping down next to Frank. "I could have had a good night's sleep this whole time!" Frank smiled at Gerard and it made Gerard feel a lot better. He lay on his side and stared into Frank's eyes. "I love you." he told him softly.

"I love you too." Frank replied. "Most of the time." Frank smiled and Gerard smacked his arm, smiling himself. "So where did you go?" He asked, once he stopped laughing.

"Just walked around." Gerard told him. "Then went to talk to Mikey." The happiness left Gerard as he replayed their argument in his head. Frank sat up and looked at Gerard with concern.


"And I have no intention of talking to him again." Gerard said heavily. "He can't accept our relationship so until he gets over himself, I refuse to talk to him." Frank rubbed Gerard's arm then lay back down and pushed Gerard's hair out of his face. They stayed like that, staring into each other's eyes, for a good fifteen minutes at least. After that time, Frank suddenly got up and jumped on top of Gerard. Gerard was still on his side so Frank landed harshly on him, causing him to roll onto his back. Frank sat on top of him, smiling. "This seems oddly familiar..." Gerard told him with a smile.

"Those who don't learn are bound to repeat." Frank told him in a teasing voice.

"Well I'm not a horse and Ray's still here." Gerard said staring at Frank with amusement.

"So?" Frank said trying to undo Gerard's pants but Gerard kept pulling Frank's hands away.

"So you can't ride me." Gerard told him, trying not to burst into laughter.

"You've never objected before." Frank told him, still trying to get into Gerard's pants. "Plus, I owe you. Remember?" Gerard suddenly thought about the tip back to Jersey when he was harassing Ray with Frank. He had told Frank that Frank owed him since Ray told them they had to 'behave' in the backseat, which was very difficult for both.

"I fully expect payment too." Gerard said pushing Frank off his pelvis and onto the bed to ensure his pants stayed on. "But not now." Frank laid on his back next to Gerard, giving him the puppy dog look. "Awww, poor baby." Gerard said to Frank, laughing slightly from the look Frank was giving him. "Come here." Gerard told Frank, pulling him close and wrapped his arms around his neck, causing Gerard's arm to become Frank's pillow. "I promise I'll let you blow me later." He said trying to be serious, but couldn't help but laugh.

"Better be this happy later then." Frank told Gerard with a smile as he ran his hand down Gerard's body. "Because right now," Frank started as he pulled out of Gerard's grip and grabbed Gerard's crotch, "This is going to waste." He smiled and climbed off the bed then headed to the door. Gerard watched Frank leave and a moment later he heard Frank and Ray talking to each other. He stayed on the bed for a few minutes to calm down before he got up to join them.

As Gerard sat up, he began to choke so he grabbed Frank's blanket and held it to his mouth as he coughed to muffle the sound. Though he didn't want to take it, Gerard figured the medication he was supposed to take may help the insane coughing of blood stop. It was hurting his chest to be constantly gasping for breath in between his lungs painfully forcing up blood. Once he stopped, Gerard swallowed the bit of blood that remained in his mouth, and headed to the living room to join his best friend and his love.
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