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Would Anything Matter If You're Already Dead?

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Frank's POV

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Ch.15; Would Anything Matter If You're Already Dead

{{Frank's POV;}}

It was about ten minutes before Gerard joined him and Ray in the living room. Frank wondered what Gerard was doing in his bedroom but he wasn't real concerned so he didn't ask. Gerard stood by Ray with a slight look of concern on his face. "Did you get that medicine the doctor gave me?" he asked.

"Yeah, in the kitchen." Ray told him slightly confused. When Gerard disappeared, Ray turned back to Frank. "What did you say to him? He was arguing with me all morning about having to take it!" Frank just shrugged his shoulders and waited for Gerard to return. When Gerard came back, he sat by Frank who laid his head across Gerard's lap. Gerard put his arm across Frank's chest and Frank put his arms on Gerard's arm as though he was locking himself in. "So, any plans for the rest of the day?" Ray asked when they were settled.

Frank opened his mouth to speak but Gerard put his hand over Frank's mouth to silence him. Frank began to lick Gerard's hand but Gerard wouldn't take his hand away. "No, not really." Gerard told him, making sure Frank couldn't make a sound.

"Well if you don't mind then I think I'll head out." Ray said as he stood up. Frank short up when Ray told them that but Gerard pulled Frank back down again. "I'll stop by in the morning." He told them as he disappeared out the door and again Frank shot up.

"Finally!" he said turning to Gerard with anticipation. "He's gone." Frank climbed onto Gerard so they were face to face. "We're alone." Frank told him, biting Gerard's lower lip. Gerard managed a weak smile to Frank and Frank knew something was wrong. "Are you ok?" He asked, becoming seriously worried. It was then that Frank noticed Gerard's eyes were cloudy and distant.

"I'm just really tired." Gerard told him. Frank knew it was a lie but he didn't want to upset Gerard so he tried to avoid an argument.

"You sure?" Gerard nodded and Frank got off him. "Why don't you go lay down then?" He suggested.

"It's ok, I'm fine." Gerard said pulling Frank back onto his lap. "I want to spend time with you." Frank smiled at Gerard but he was still worried.

"If you're tired, you can lay down." Frank told Gerard as he ran his hand across Gerard's forehead. He could tell Gerard was starting to develop a fever again. "I'll be here when you wake up." He reassured him. Gerard's eyes were slowly shutting as he fought off sleep. "Go lay down." Frank told him somewhat sternly. "I'll wake you in a few hours so you can sleep tonight too." Frank got off Gerard and Gerard obeyed by getting up and disappearing into Frank's bedroom.

After about ten minutes, Frank went to check on Gerard. He was passed out on Frank's bed so frank shut the bedroom door so he wouldn't disturb him. Not knowing what else to do, Frank went back into the bedroom to grab a hoodie so he could go for a short walk to make sure he wouldn't wake Gerard. Quietly, Frank went back into the bedroom and looked at Gerard for a moment. Gerard was asleep, but he suddenly started coughing. It only lasted a minute and Gerard didn't wake up, but Frank's heart nearly stopped. There were suddenly spots of blood on the pillow where Gerard's head rested.

Frank left his bedroom and grabbed his cellphone. It rang a few times before the other end was finally picked up. "What do you want?"

"Mikey, it's Frank."

"Yeah I know." Mikey sounded really aggrivated. "I already told Gerard th-"

"Mikey, forget about what happened. I'm really worried about Gerard." Frank said tripping over his words slightly.

"What else is new. Is that al-"

"Dammit Mikey would you listen to me?!" Frank raised his voice in frustration. "He's coughing up blood."

"What?" Mikey's attitude suddenly changed.

"Blood." Frank repeated, glad Mikey was no longer being so harsh.

"That's not good." Mikey said as though it was all he could think of.

"I know that." Frank told him. "I think it's been going on for awhile. That's probably where those stains on that hoodie of his came from." He said anxiously.

"The doctor sa-"

"Well the doctor must have missed something because coughing up blood is not good at all!" Frank was trying to stay calm but was having difficulties.

"What should we do?" Mikey asked eventually.

"I don't know. I don't think he wanted anyone to know about it." Frank told Mikey, upset that Gerard didn't even let Frank know. "Just please keep it between us for now. I don't want Ray over here chewing him out."

"Frankie?" Mikey said quietly.

"Yeah Mikey?"

"I'm really sorry about the way I acted. I'm glad you're there for my brother. He really does love you." Frank knew Mikey was having a hard time telling him that but at the same time he knew Mikey meant it.

"Thanks Mikey." He said with a smile. "I really love him." Frank hung up the phone and sighed heavily as the thought of what to do. Obviously Gerard didn't want to tell anyone he was coughing up blood so Frank wouldn't be able to talk to him about it. He didn't want Gerard to think he was invading his personal affairs which would make Gerard really upset.

Frank decided to get online and look up what coughing with blood went with. It made Frank want to cry when the word tuberculosis kept popping up. He knew it was a terrible disease, but worse of all, it was terminal and incurable. Frank tried to remain calm because he didn't know for sure what was causing Gerard to cough up blood so it might not be too bad at all. Somehow Frank would have to get Gerard to a doctor so they could know for sure what it was. The only problem was getting Gerard there. He didn't exactly cooperate well and Frank wasn't supposed to know anything other than what Gerard told him.

The whole situation gave Frank a bad headache again so he shut his eyes to concentrate on a happier time. He thought about the first time he and Gerard met. They didn't really know each other but Frank loved how Gerard sang as well as the way he looked. It was a dream come true when Frank was asked to join the band because it meant getting to know him and getting to listen to him day in and day out. After that, Frank and Gerard along with Mikey, Ray, and eventually Bob, became really good friends. He couldn't ask for better friends. As time went on, Frank fell in love with Gerard but was afraid that Gerard wouldn't love him back so he kept to himself.

But like the fairytales you don't think could ever come true, Gerard did, and does, love Frank back. All Frank needed was that ever famous 'happily ever after'. It's just nothing seemed to be going right so his happy ending seemed to be slipping away. Frank wasn't going to give up though. He would do whatever it takes to give him and Gerard that perfect ending and a long life.

Stressed, Frank decided to play his guitar. He took it outside so he wouldn't wake Gerard. He would let Gerard sleep for a few more hours and then he would wake him. Frank didn't want to wake Gerard because he needed the sleep but Frank wanted to spend time with Gerard too. He hadn't had much time with Gerard in a few weeks. First, no one knew where Gerard was and then when Gerard first was put in the hospital, he slept a lot because he was so weak. When Gerard was feeling better, Frank still didn't get much time with him because when they weren't asleep, they had doctors and the boys bothering them. Gerard had been home for about two days but most of the time Ray was there so again it took from their alone time.

Frank sat on the ground outside and played with the strings on his guitar, striking random notes and chords to break his thoughts on Gerard. Occasionally, his fingers would get their own minds and would start playing parts of I'm Not Ok or To The End. Frank didn't want to play anything in particular because he just wanted to let his thoughts clear and if he started playing a song, he would think about concerts and being next to the over excited stage Gerard which would only upset him more.

The sun was getting low so Frank decided he should go wake Gerard up though he would only go back to sleep in a few hours. Sighing heavily, Frank got up and went back inside to put his guitar away. Then he went into his bedroom to wake Gerard. He walked to Gerard and was horrified when he saw that his once white pillow was almost completely reddened with blood. Frank shook Gerard but got no response. Frantic, Frank called 911 then Mikey who told him he would meet him at the hospital.

Please don't let him be dead! Frank screamed in his head as he waited with Gerard's motionless body, crying as he beat himself up. I shouldn't have let him lay down! he continued to yell at himself. The sun disappeared as his bedroom flashed with red and blue, the bitter night silence broken by the screaming sirens Frank hated to hear, but at the same time was comforted by them.
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