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Hopefully this will get a chuckle out of some of you

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"Fucking hell, she sure puked a lot for such a small kid" said Bob as he tried to hold onto Charli and avoid coming into contact with the vomit on his knee.

"Bob don't say that in front of Charli" Gerard said.

"Sorry, shit this is gunna be hard"

Gerard raised his eyebrow at Bob's constant cussing.

"Oh, erm....I mean...fiddlesticks?"

"Thats better Robert" Gerard joked, grinning and appreciating his friend's effort. The car started to smell bad as the air conditioning didn't work so Mikey rolled down the windows and stuck his head out.

"Ahhh fresh air" he said, taking in a deep breath and spluttering afterwards, "I think I just swallowed a fly" he said, bringing his head in and continuing to cough. Charli found this quite amusing and started to laugh and jiggle around on Bob's knee.

"Uhh, Gerard" Bob said.

He turned around to face him, "Yeah Bob?"

Bob didn't need to say anything, he just held Charli up and turned her back to Gerard.

"This is just great" he said smacking his hand against his forehead. She had gone and sat in the puke.


Frank eventually found a small diner where they could pull over, change Charli and let Bob clean his jeans. They stopped and headed towards the diner where Gerard went over and ordered them a quick bite to eat and prepared Charli's milk. Bob and Frank headed over to the toilets and they went inside with Charli. Frank decided to give Charli a tour of the toilets while Bob cleaned himself up.

"Okay so these are the boy pottys, were we have a slash" he said pointing to the piss covered urinals

"And these are the shitters" he said laughing, Bob cleared his throat and gave Frank a stern look

"Oh, I mean erm, ok all you need to know about those is stay away from them unless you have a death wish"

Charli screwed up her nose from the smell and reached up to grip Frank's hand. He picked her up, placed her on the counter next to the sink and started to clean her up. She wriggled out of her sick covered jeans and Frank held them up in front of his face looking at them, then he looked around the bathroom for something to clean them with and when he didn't see anything he shrugged and tossed them in the bin.

"Frank, what the hell?!" said Bob who was still attempting to clean up his trousers

"What? It's not like she could wear them, they were stinking" he said

"There is an invention now called a washing machine" Bob said as he tried to put his leg under the hand dryer

"Well its too late now, look" said Frank as he picked her now rubbish covered trousers up. He shuddered as he noticed a condom stuck to the bottom of it.

"Right lets get you out of this shitter little Charli" said Frank as he picked her off the counter and carried her to the door.

"Frank do you have to have such vulgar words for things and use them in front of Charli" asked Bob as they headed over to the table the rest of the guys were at.

"Bob, she isn't even paying attention" he said as Charli was clearly in a world of her own.

They sat down at the table and dug into the food that was laid out for them.

"Where's Charli's pants?" asked Gerard as he noticed she was parading round in her nappy

"Long story" Bob said as he rolled his eyes towards Frank. Gerard just laughed and nodded.

"Did nasty Uncle Frank make you go in the smelly bathroom Charli" said Gerard as he pulled her onto his lap. She looked up at him with a cheeky grin on her face and opened her mouth to speak.

"Shitter" was all she said before she started giggling uncontrollaby.

Bob shook his head, trying to hide his smirk; "So much for her not paying attention"

Gerard looked at Charli shocked, then at Frank "You Iero, are dead meat"

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