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They set off for the venue with Charli

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"Show clothes-check, Diapers-check, Smokes-check, Bottle and milk-check" Gerard was thinking outloud to himself as he went over some of the items on the list his mom gave him a few days ago. It was full of stuff Charli would need while on a tour bus full of stinky men. He hauled his hand luggage downstairs, which was now twice as heavy due to all the things he packed for Charli. Gerard glanced at his watch and realised he was already five minutes late, he was meant to be meeting them at Franks and it was at least ten minutes away, if he ran.

"Okay missy lets go" he said, picking Charli up and putting on her shoes. She looked at him carrying most of her toys and clothes, tilting her head slightly.

"Gamars?" she said, obviously thinking she was sleeping over at Donna's

"Not this time, were going on a little vacation" he told her, reaching his hand down for her to hold. She didn't look too happy, she widened her eyes and she stuck out her bottom lip.

"Aw, don't give me those sweety-pie eyes" said Gerard, squatting down to her level, he put his hand on her shoulder;

"Were going with Uncle Mikey, Frank, Bob and Ray" he said, trying to make her feel a bit better. It didn't work too well.


"No baby, not gamar"

That was it. She stamped her feet and started to cry, face getting redder by the second. This was the last thing Gerard needed, he bent down on his knees and picked Charli up onto his lap, rocking her gently but it didn't work. Instead she started flinging her arms around and wriggling off his lap.

"Charli, stop that, daddy needs you to be a big girl okay?" he said, realising he was even later. It was at that moment his cellphone rang, he picked it up and heard it was Frank.

"I would ask what is keeping you but by the sound of that I'm guessing Charli isn't very happy?"

"Beyond uphappy, she wont move for anything. All she wants is my mom"

"Ah no worries, we will pick you up in the van, but their is no car seat for Charli"

"Its fine, she can sit on one of our knees"

"Okay but if she shits I aint cleaning it up"

"Thats the good thing about disposable diapers Frank"

"Yeah well bring a pooper scooper just incase"

Gerard laughed at the fact Frank was clueless about babies, "Dude, there for dogs you moron"

"Well whatever, I aint taking any risks"

"Bye Frank!"

"See you soon Gee"

Charli was still crying although not as bad as before so Gerard put theirs coats on, slung the bags on his shoulder and picked Charli up, by this time she was just sniffling. He held her close and their cheeks were touching, Charli's was damp with tears so Gerard dried it off with his sleeve.

"I love you" he said, kissing the top of her head

"Wuv you daddy" she said, and rested her head on his shoulder.


The guys beeped from outside and Gerard looked around making sure he hadn't forgotten anything.

"Come on then missus" he said as he put Charli down and grabbed her hand, opening the front door. She sped off down the path, tottering towards the van. Bob jumped out of the back seat and greeted her by picking her up and swinging her around.

"Hey squirt" he said as she curiously prodded his lip ring. He laughed and got back into the car, putting Charli on his knee and making sure he had a tight hold on her. Mikey, who was sitting next to Bob kissed Charli's little nose.

"Hey princess" he said, giving her a swig of his coke zero. She smiled and started to hiccup after swallowing the drink.

Ray leaned over from the back and ruffled her hair, "Better than some backwashed coke" he said, giving her a sweet out of his pocket, she laughed and stuck it in her mouth just as Frank turned around from the drivers seat;

"Heyyo widdle baby" he cooed, much to the rest of the guys' amusment.

"Frank she is two years old not two months old" Mikey said, still laughing. Frank flipped Mikey off just so Charli couldn't see.

They all looked out the window and laughed as Gerard was struglling to lock the door and carry all his bags. He came stumbling down the path, stuck the bags in the boot and got into the passenger seat.

"Right now suppernanny is here lets go" said Frank revving up the engine.

Bob leaned back in his seat slightly and sighed, "Tour is going to be an easy one this year" he said. But he spoke too soon, as they hit a speed bump Charli hiccuped and was sick all over Bob's jeans. She looked at him, then his jeans and then back at him. Bob was pinching his nose from the smell and Charli started to cry at the top of her lungs.

"What were you saying Bryar?" said Ray as Bob tried to hold down his own stomach contents.
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