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Chapter 10

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-Holly’s P.O.V.-

The bell above the door rang and Evie went to go tend to the customer.

“Bill, it was just a dream. It was my subconscious and wishful thinking.” I told him, putting my hand on the side of his face. He leaned into my palm and kissed it.

“Holly, we don’t know that. I mean, yeah, you had the test done, but what if they were wrong? What if they were mixed up or something?” I gave him a doubtful look. “Listen babe, I’ve had these dreams too. A little girl, playing and laughing. Holly, it’s my baby.”

“Alright. I’ll go get another test done.” He smiled and kissed me. The bell rang again and Bill stood up and pulled me up with him. I led the way out the door, but he kept me close with his long arms around my waist.

“Well, I’m going to take Holly home, want a lift?” Bill asked Evie kindly. I smiled up at him. He was never rude to anyone, unless they did something to him or me or his friends. She nodded and looked over at me.

“Is it cool if I come over Holl?” I nodded vigorously.

“Absolutely! I’ve missed you! Come on!” I grabbed her hand as Bill let go of me and we skipped out to the car and waited for Bill to unlock it. Once inside, we scooted in and he got in, shaking his head at us giggling girls. We got to my house and the door was locked. AGAIN! I banged my fist against the door until Patrick opened it.

“Hey.” Patrick said when he opened the door. We all said hey back.

“Well, uhh, let’s go upstairs.” I said, gesturing to the staircase.

“You guys go; I’ll be up in a minute.” Evie said. Bill and I hurried up the stairs to my room and shut the door. Sadly, the minute William’s lips touched mine, I forgot poor Evie was still here. Apparently Bill did too. He guided me back to my bed and we fell upon it. His hand went down my front, slowly unbuttoning the dress shirt I wore with my uniform. He opened it up exposing my black and purple black lace bra.

“I love that bra.” He sighed, kissing me again. I took it further until I heard the door click open.

“Holly, I nee-WOAH! Did not need to see that!” Evie shouted, covering her eyes. Bill and I stopped and blushed all over.

“S-sorry Eve. Just give us a sec, Evie?” Bill asked, closing his eyes in embarrassment. We heard the door click shut quickly and Bill opened his eyes slowly and we were both blushing. “Good thing we weren’t entirely nude.” He chuckled, gesturing to his boxers and my bra.

“Let’s just get dressed, okay?” He nodded and we got dressed quickly and opened the door.

“Ok. You are now both to blame for my mental crisis going on up there and Holly, I need to borrow your phone.” She told us. I reached back into my room and grabbed my cordless phone and handed it to her. As she made her call, Bill and I exchange embarrassed glances. We had to keep from laughing, we looked so messed up. There were dark marks on his lips, cheeks, and neck, from my lip gloss, and his hair was sticking up in places it shouldn’t. His shirt was backwards and inside out and his belt was still unbuckled. My hair was a mess, and my lips were probably as smeared as his. My shirt buttons were mismatched with the holes, and my skirt was crumpled, only one side of my shirt tucked in.

“Ok, now you can go back to ‘consummating your love for one another.’ See you later.” She said, throwing her backpack over her shoulder before heading downstairs. I wiped my bottom lip and swayed awkwardly.

“She has a very good idea baby.” Bill said, lifting me up and carrying me back into my bedroom and this time locking the door behind him.

After a pleasurable time, and a very well deserved nap, we woke up hungry. I pulled on some shorts and a bra and a tank top, and he pulled on his jeans and t-shirt and we went downstairs. We saw Pete in the living room and I stopped. He was sorta dressed up. The man never dresses up for anything. Not even his prom!

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked worriedly, going over and checking his temperature. He swatted my hand away as the other guys laughed.

“Nothing, I have a hot date, and I thought I’d dress up a bit.” He said, attempting to smudge up his eyeliner a bit. I pulled his hand away and held out my hand. He gave me my eyeliner back and I used the smudger on the back. I was finished with my work and handed my eyeliner to Bill, who stuffed it in his pocket.

“Bad Pete!” I said, smacking his arm. “Stop stealing my eyeliner! You have a sister too, ya know!” I turned and started walking into the kitchen.

“I know, I know.” Pete said. “Hot ass by the way! Breaking hearts!” I rolled my eyes then laughed loudly when I heard Patrick leap across the room to hit Pete for making such a comment about me. Pete was such a pervert, but I always felt especially sorry for Evie. He was worse to her than anyone else. Grabbing her butt, trying to kiss her, all these terrible things. I’m praying Brendon grows some balls and asks her out. She needs a guy to defend her and scare Pete off. Then again, Pete might be able to break Brendon in half. Pete may be a sissy at heart, but Brendon did look a bit fragile.

“What would you like to eat?” Bill asked, wrapping his arms around me as we stood in front of the fridge. I thought for a minute.

“I don’t know, let’s ask Baby Beckett.” I looked down at my abs and put my hand over it. “Mmhmm, mmhmm. Really?! Hmm, that’s interesting.”

“What’s she saying?” Bill whispered in my ear.

“She’s saying she loves her mommy and daddy, and would love her daddy even more if he made her and mommy a ham sandwich.” I giggled as Bill kissed me and pulled out the ham and mustard. I hopped up on the counter and watched as he made my ham sandwich with delicacy. He put the other half of the bread on it and handed it to me. I took it happily and took a big bite out of it. “Mmmmm!” I chewed and did a happy dance.

“Mommy and baby happy?” He asked.

“Very happy!” I said, lightly kicking my legs. He stopped them and took a bite of the sandwich and nodded his head.

“Damn, I’m good.” He laughed. “I make a good sandwich.” He laughed and I giggled. Patrick walked into the kitchen and smiled. He went to the fridge and grabbed a soda.

“You two are adorable.” He said. “Holly, are you going to tell mom and dad?” I looked down.

“I don’t know when. I’m not too sure. I’m getting another test done, and then I will.” I told him.

“You’re starting to show a tiny bit. We can pass it off as a food baby or something for now. But you need to tell them.”

“Okay Patrick! I get it!” I snapped. I jumped off the counter and went up to my room and slammed the door. I went to Evie’s guitar corner and sat down on the pile of pillows and clutched one to me chest. A few minutes later I heard a soft tapping at my door.

“Go away!” I said.

“Sweetheart, can I come in?” Bill’s soft voice made me melt.

“I guess.” I muttered. The door opened a few seconds later and Bill came in, shutting the door and coming and sitting next to me.

“Sweetie, Patrick’s right.” He told me. “I know your hormones are out of control and so are your emotions, but we have to tell them soon, and I don’t care what they say. We’re having this baby and raising it ourselves. My parents would be more than willing to help if we need it.”

“I know, I’m just really nervous. And I know you’re parents still need to know. I just want to make sure that it’s your baby before I tell them.” I whispered. He took the pillow from my arms and hugged me tight.

“Do you want me to go with you tomorrow?” He asked, looking directly in my eyes. I smiled.

“If you want. You don’t have to.”

“I want to. Evie can watch the shop and the guys will understand.” He said. “I love you so much Holly.”

“Can I marry you?” I asked just before his lips touched mine. He pulled back abruptly.

“Are you serious?!” He asked. I nodded and he smiled and lunged at me with a kiss. “I don’t have a ring on me, but I promise I’ll get you one as soon as I can afford one!” He smiled and kissed me again.

“Can we go to bed?” I yawned. “He nodded and pulled me up.

“But first, there’s someone you need to talk to.” He said, and with that Patrick came in my room.

“I’m sorry for snapping at you Tricky.” I said, giving him puppy dog eyes. He smiled.

“It’s okay Holly. You’re under a lot of stress right now. I get it.” He gathered me into a hug. “I love you Hollz, never forget that.”

“I love you too Patrick.” I whispered, and hugged him tighter. We said goodnight and then after Bill shut and locked my door, we crawled into bed and had a peaceful sleep.


Evie tagged along with Bill and I to the doctors. If there was anyone else I needed with me, it was her. The doctor called me in and we went over what was to go on. She didn’t protest to another test, as I thought she might’ve. Evie held my hand through the process of the baby’s DNA retrieval, and the doctor told me that she’d call with the results later that afternoon. Evie seemed to be in a slightly irritated mood, but I didn’t want to push it.

As like the last time, we went to Mike’s and suddenly I got strong cravings for chocolate. During a break I hugged Bill from the back and sneakily reached into his pocket and grabbed his keys. I quickly released him from the hug, tossing the keys to Evie and we made a scene of running out of the garage celebrating and we got into the car, and I drove off to the 7/11 down the street. We grabbed almost every candy bar in there, including lots of Reese’s cups and snickers, and even Oreos! The guy behind the counter gave us weird looks, especially when came back up again with seven slurpee cups filled to the brim. I gave him a wink after paying and Evie and I juggled our stuff while in the car. We went through Mike’s empty house and set all the slurpees on the counter and two by two took them out to the boys, who graciously accepted them.

“Be right back!” Evie and I ran back into the house and I opened up the Oreos and Reese’s and started chomping down. “We’d better get our fill.” I said. “The boys are ravenous when they practice.” Evie giggled and bit into an Oreo. My cell phone rang and I opened it before checking the caller ID.

“Hullo?” I answered, my mouth full of Reese’s. I took a sip of my slurpee as Evie laughed at me and I cleared my throat. “I mean Hello?”

“Hi, this is Dr. Perry; I have the test results from your visit earlier?”

“Oh yes!” I said. “What are they?”

“Well it turns out that we got your earlier tests wrong. We accidentally switched the DNA samples in the lab. We ran today’s test twice, just to make sure, but the father of your baby is in fact William Beckett.” Relief crashed through my body, and tears came to my eyes.

“Thank you.” I hung up and looked at Evie, who smiled and nodded. She had heard the doctor. I ran to the door connecting the kitchen to the garage and swung it open. Bill looked up, as did the other guys, and saw the tears in my eyes. He shut his mic off and looked worried. I ran up to him and hugged him.

“It’s okay Holly.” He soothed. “I’ll still act like the baby’s father.” I shook my head.

“You are the father.” I whispered. “They ran the test twice. It was you the whole time!” He smiled wide and hugged me tight, kissing me in front of everyone.

“Mmm, Reese’s cup.” Bill laughed.
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