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Chapter 11

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Sorry for it being so late guys! I had some pretty bad writers block :) Please R&R so I know you're still into it!

-Evie’s POV-
“So... where are we going?” I asked Pete curiously after we had been driving around for 20 minutes.
“Well, we could always just go to my place.” Pete said seductively.
I rolled my eyes, “Peter, no. Don’t even try it.” I told him seriously.
“Fine, we’ll go out for a late dinner and we’ll go from there.” He replied, plunging the car into silence once again.

Pete pulled up to a nice looking restaurant, parking the car and undoing his seatbelt. He got out of the car and helped me out, something that seemed really out of character for him. Once he helped me out, he kept a grip on my hand and led me into the restaurant, stopping in front of the maître d.

“Reservation for Wentz.” Pete told him.
The maître d nodded, “Follow me sir. And madam.” He said, leading us towards a booth in the back.
Pete pulled my chair out for me, another thing that was out of character for him, and I sat down saying a quiet thank you as I did.

Pete sat across from me and began to look at the menu. I copied his actions and began to look at my own menu. I ordered water whereas Pete ordered wine to begin with.

“So... why did you bring me to a restaurant Peter?” I asked as my eyes still flickered over the menu listings.
“Why wouldn’t I?” he replied, rubbing his foot up and down my calf.
I shivered, but not in the good way. More in the ‘Ok I’m starting to freak out’ way.

After dinner, which was surprisingly nice apart from Pete rubbing his foot up and down my leg and rubbing his thumb over my hand, we walked out of the restaurant and headed back out to Pete’s car. We were driving for about 20 minutes before I spoke up.

“Where are we going?” I asked, noticing we were driving the opposite way back home.
Pete smirked, “Just this small place. Not much longer now.” He replied.
Pete’s smirk made me feel uneasy. The phone Ryan had given me weighed my small pocket down and gave me a sense of security knowing I had it if needed.

Pete stopped the car in front of a club, pulling the keys out of the ignition as he did so. As he got out of the car he headed to the boot.
“What are you doing?” I asked nervously.
“Calm down. I’m just changing shirts.” He replied.
I let out a breath, unbuckled my seatbelt and opened my door and stayed seated in the car.

“So, which top? Black or red?” a voice came from the side of me.
I turned my head and held in a gasp. Pete was standing there, shirtless, holding up 2 shirts.
“Uhh, red.” I replied, quickly turning away to face the windscreen.
Pete chuckled and I saw out of the corner of my eye he pulled on the red shirt.

“Come on.” He said, grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the car.
I closed the car door behind me, which he promptly locked before he led me into the building. The music was pumping, the lights were blaring and the stench of liquor and smoke hung in the air. Why Pete brought me here, I have no idea.

“Keep close and follow me.” Pete yelled over the music, pulling my hand, and me, closer to him.
He pulled me through the crowd of people dancing and grinding together and led me to a back door, opened it and pulled me inside.

“Peter, where are you taking me?” I asked nervously as he unlocked a door.
He didn’t answer my question but instead unlocked the door and pulled me inside.

There was a circular table in the middle of the room with 3 other men, each holding a some cards and a girl was beside each of them. They were playing some card game, which one I’m not too sure but the girls were definitely involved. None of them were wearing shirts, exposing their lacy bras to the room. Oh God no!

Pete tried to drag me towards the table but I resisted.
“Come on,” he smiled, lowering his lips towards my ear, “if you don’t, I’m not going to check out your friends band.” He then whispered, kissing my neck and leading me over to the empty seats at the table.

“Pete, it’s good to see you. Who’s this?” the ‘dealer’ of the cards asked.
“Jordan, this is Evie.” Pete smiled, resting his hand upon my thigh and squeezing it.
Jordan looked me up and down before smirking, “Nice. Looks like she’s a feisty one.” He chuckled.
“You have no idea.” Pete laughed too, keeping his hand on my thigh.
“Alright girl, take off your top.” He said to me seriously.

“Excuse me?” I asked shocked.
“Come on babe, take it off otherwise...” Pete trailed off.
Great, I’m giving up my dignity for this. I sighed before pulling off my top, crossing my arms over my chest and hiding my strapless bra away from their eyes. Plus I was trying to cover up fading bruises and scars as much as I could.

“Wow, a girl with character. Get into many fights there?” Jordan asked with a smirk.
I ignored him and kept my arms crossed over my chest.
“Answer me!” he demanded.
“Yes.” I replied, shaking a little.
“Alright. Wasn’t that easy?” he said mockingly.

“Pete, how much you in for?”
“I’ll start off with a grand.” He replied, handing a wad of bills to Jordan.
“Very well. Let us begin.” He said, after dealing the cards and giving everyone their chips.

An hour later, Pete had won a fair amount of money and all us girls were now in nothing but our bras and underwear. I felt extremely self conscious to say the least. You may be wondering why I’m going along with this and not running away right? Well, I caught sight of a gun and I didn’t want to risk anything.

“Well, tonight’s been fun boys but we have to go.” Pete said, standing up and handing me my clothes.
I was about to pull them on when Jordan yanked them out of my hands and threw them onto the table. I stared at him ready to rip my clothes back from him.
“Not so fast Peter. You know what to do and we all want to see it.” He said with a smirk.

I looked over at Pete who looked nervous but happy. Ok, what’s going on?
“Evie, stand up please.” Pete said.
I nervously stood up and looked at him.
He leant forward and kissed my collarbone a few times before whispering into my ear, “Remember, just go with it.”
Suddenly his lips were on mine and one of his hands made its way into my bra. My eyes widened in fright. Why is he doing this?!

We were walking back to the car, me now back in my clothes (thank God!) and not talking. I kept my arms crossed over my chest and got inside the big black car and did up my seatbelt and waited for Pete to get into the car.

“Well, tonight was fun.” Pete said as he drove.
I remained quiet and looked out of the window. Pete sighed but continued to drive. The rest of the car ride was silent.

“Where do you want me to drop you off?” Pete asked.
“Just, drop me off here.” I said.
“Are you sure?” he asked with an eyebrow raised.
“Yes Peter. I’m sure.” I replied.
Pete complied and pulled the car over and I silently got out.
“Well, i’ll talk to you later.” He told me before turning the car around and driving away.

I pulled the small phone out of my pocket and dialled the ‘home’ number. It didn’t take long for someone to answer.
“Hello?” they asked tiredly.
“Ryan? Can you come and pick me up?” I asked timidly.
“I’m walking out to the car now,” he told me, sounding more alert, “Where are you?”

After explaining where I was, he told me how long he’d be and we both said our goodbye’s and hung up. It was dark and cold so I kept my arms crossed, trying to keep the heat in but it didn’t help when a rush of cold wind blew past. A pair of headlights caught my attention and I subconsciously took a step backwards.

The car pulled up in front of me and I saw Ryan inside, “Evie?” he called.
“Y-yeah.” I shivered, walking up to the car and getting in.
I really didn’t want to talk to him about tonight in the car... I was a tad worried he might do something stupid.
“We’ll talk when we get home.” Ryan said, easing my thoughts but causing new panic to rise in me.
How would I start?

We got back to Ryan’s not long later and walked quietly into the house and Ryan led me upstairs to his room. He quietly shut the door behind him and told me to sit on the bed, which he also did.
“Tell me what happened. By your expression it obviously didn’t go very well.” He told me.
I sighed before silently agreeing and telling him everything that happened.


“What’s his name?” Ryan asked me, looking mad.
Time for the truth to reveal itself, “Peter... Wentz.” I mumbled.
“Peter Wentz.” I replied, hating the name that came out of my mouth.
Even in the dark of his room I noticed Ryan’s eyes widen, “Pete Wentz? What were you doing out with him?” he asked curiously, but still mad.

“I wanted to repay you.” I said quietly.
“Repay me?”
I sighed, “I gave Peter your demo because you guys are amazing and deserve to be signed. Anyways, he said he liked you but wouldn’t come and check you out if I didn’t go out on a date with him. So I did.” I replied.

Ryan stayed silent for a moment, “I’m not sure if I should be happy or angry at this point... not angry at you in case you were wondering.” He added.
“I just-I really think the band is amazing, and you deserve to be signed. Everyone needs to hear your guitar skills, Spencer’s percussion skills, Jon’s bass skills and... Brendon’s voice.” I said, swooning slightly.

“You’re in love with him!” Ryan whisper-shouted.
“What?! No I’m not!” I replied in the same tone furiously blushing.
“You are! Oh thank the lord!” he said, raising his hands in the air, “I’m amazed I didn’t realise sooner! But, you shouldn’t be doing this to yourself Evie...” he told me, looking at me sadly.
I shook my head, “It’s fine Ryan. Don’t worry about me, nothing new.” I smiled sadly in reply.


The next day, Ryan dropped me off at Holly’s house, giving me his phone and telling me to call him if I needed to. I inwardly smiled. He was acting like a big brother even though I was older. Patrick let me saying Holly would only be a few more minutes so I stood there and waited.

Pete walked out of the study moments later and smirked upon seeing me.
“Why hello there.” He greeted.
“Hello Peter.” I replied, keeping my eyes away from his.
“So, when can I see this band of yours?” he asked.
“When do you want to?” I replied.
“This afternoon.” He replied.
“Fine. Here’s the address,” I said, handing him a slip of paper Ryan had given me with their practise space address, “Be there at 4pm.” I said.
He nodded, taking the slip of paper and walking back into the study.

I took out Ryan’s cell phone before walking outside and called Brendon’s number, hoping he was with Ryan.
“Hello?” Brendon answered.
“Uhh hi Brendon. It’s Evie. Is Ryan there by chance?” I asked him.
“Sure, he’s right next to me. Bye.” He said and I could hear a few shuffling noises before a new voice over took the phone.

“Evie?! Is everything alright?” he asked worriedly.
“Pete’s going to watch you perform at your practise space at 4pm. I’ve given him the address already so that shouldn’t be a problem.” I told him.
He was silent for a moment before asking, “Will you be there?”
“If you pick me up. I’ll most likely be at the music store. I got a job.” I told him with a smile.
“Oh that’s great Evie! Alright, so I’ll pick you up this afternoon. Call me if you need me.”
We both said our goodbye’s before hanging up.

“Good morning.” Holly greeted, hugging me from behind.
“Hey.” I replied, turning around and hugging her back.
“So... I heard about you living with Ryan.” She said, looking at me seriously.
“Oh? Uhh yeah, I am.” I stammered.
“Why can you live with him but never, not once, have you stayed over at my place? And I’m your best friend!” she said, sounding hurt and upset.

“It’s-It’s complicated.” I said, tearing up a bit.
“Why though?” she asked me.
I sighed shakily, “C-can I tell you at a later time? I-I can’t right now.” I told her, refusing to look up at her.
“Are you ok? Is someone hurting you?” she asked worriedly.
“No, no, no. It’s just... I’ll tell you another time ok?”
“Promise?” she asked, holding out her pinkie.
“Promise.” I replied, linking mine with hers.
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