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Chapter 10- Out in the Park

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Atlanta and Archie finally talk.

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Atlanta simply sat and stared as Sherrice and Archie began to dance. If Sherrice wasn't good enough, Archie outshone her by a mile. He shone with grace and a manly elagance that Atlanta had never thought he could produce. His movements were sure and precice, his lines graceful but strong. The dance was very fast paced, but they both made it look easy. They moved as a single entity, and they both showed such passion for what they were doing.

Atlanta was so absorbed, watching Archie move as never thought he could, that she was shocked when the dance suddenly ended and the two dancers' bodies were pressed securly together. Their foreheads were connected, they stared into each others eyes.

They split and bowed and walked back stage.


After the next two dances, Atlanta thought she had entered a dream world. Archie didn't dance, and he didn't even know how to spell 'grace'. But he had preformed a flawless tango and a swift hip-hop, which had looked way more his speed. Atlanta sat listening vaguely to the conversation brewing beside her.

"I didn't even know he could run sideways without falling over." Theresa was saying.

"Did you see that tango? THAT was impressive." Jay said admiringly.

Atlanta looked to the stage to see Dani announcing the final dance of the slow dance category. Archie and Sherrice came out to the floor.

"Our final dance of the day is couple 623 dancing a contemporary number to 'Out in the Park' by Sarah Slean. Jake?" He began a staccato on the keyboard and Dani jumped into the lyrics.

Archie and Sherrice began their dance. Sherrice was ina flowy white trapese dress she was dancing as though she was playing, she acted to be terribly off balance. Archie's movements were strict, very formal. He wore a suit. A free-spirit and a stiff.

"She's out in the park,
conducting the birds,
trying to remember which bicycle's hers,
filling her pockets with handfuls of dirt,
ít's amazing,
out in the park."

The story they played through their movement was fantanstic. She made him see the playful side of life. Of course, seeing it did the dance much more justice than any worded explanation.

They finished, both with their backs to each other and their arms outstretched in front of them in a sweeping motion.

They walked off the floor and Dani looked down to the judge who had approached the stage.


After the awards had been given out the six heros walked backstage to see their friend.

Dani came out of a curtained off dressing room, finaly wearing normal make-up and her straightened hair fell over her face. She wore her jeans and a graphic t-shirt. Odie smiled and greeted her with a hug.

Archie and Sherrice were across the room looking at each other angrily. Atlanta wondered what had happened. They had won first place after-all. Had Dani told Archie about what Sherrice was up to?

Archie glanced side ways and saw them all coming over. Sherrice winked at Herry and Dani whispered something in his ear.

"What?!?!" Herry almost yelled. He gave Sherrice a deadly glare, patted Archie on the back muttered a congradulations and left quickly.

Sherrice looked pained and looked at Dani with a hurt look. Dani stared back non-chalantly.

Archie took Atlanta by her shoulder and steered her away from the group.

"I told her to leave." he said after they were alone in a corner.

"Good for you."

"What did you think? I mean, of the dancing?" he said this nervously, like he was expecting rejection.

"It was, very, very, unlike you. But it was fantastic." She admitted.

"I hoped you would like it. I, didn't want to tell you earlier cause, you know, it's ME and DANCING..." he trailed off. "Kinda lame, I guess."

"Not really." she said. "So did Dani tell you? About Sherrice?" she verified in response to a raised eyebrow.

"Naw, she didn't have to. Sherrice..." he trailed off looking over at Sherrice mournfully. "She's been that way for a while. She's like another sister to me. We've known each other since we were kids."

Atlanta nodded. "So... you don't love her?" It was moreso a statement than a question.

Archie shook his head. Then he raised an eyebrow playfully. "Why? Jealous?"

Atlanta sighed. "A little, yeah."

Archie laughed and pulled her into a hug. "Maybe I can teach you to dance sometime."

"You know, I'd actually like that." Atlanta said honestly as Archie kissed the top of her head.
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