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You've Never Skated Before?!

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Mikeys POV

I nodded, smiling slightly. I waited for him to do something. His mom seemed to have wandered off to one of the shops, looking through the window at the items on show.
I looked back at Andy. He was short, coming up to about my chin. His blonde hair was swept over to one side of his face, and came down to his shoulders. He had piercing green eyes. He was wearing an Iron Fist t-shirt, and tight grey jeans. His slip on Vans had a red and black bat pattern on them. I looked back up to his face to find his eyes fixed on me. I blushed, realising that I had been staring. He laughed.
"Why are you so nervous?" He said, his head cocked slightly to the side, giving him an inquisitive look. I raised an eyebrow. Wasn't it obvious?
"Because...I don't know you, and I'm staying with you for two weeks!" I said, a slight laugh evident in my voice. He laughed again.
"Then don't just stand there looking at me," He said, grinning. "Get to know me."
I opened my mouth to ask something when something smacked into me from behind, sending me flying forward.
Into Andy.
We fell, and I landed on top of him with a gasp. I froze, a look of horror on my face.
Andy smirked.
"Well...this is an interesting position." He said. My body came back under my comand and I scrambled up, apologizing profusely. I helped him up, and he brushed himself off. I look around behind me to see what had hit me. A luggage trolley was directly behind me, and the woman pushing it was looking through her handag. She started to push it forward again, clearly not seeing me.
"Hey!" I said, stopping the trolley with my hands. "Watch where you're going!"
She looked up, startled, then went in the other direction. I watched her incredulously.
"She didn't even say sorry!" I exclaimed. I turned back to Andy, and saw him laughing.
"What?" I said, slightly taken aback.
"Nothing." He said, still smiling. "Let's go get my mum." He walked towards where she was, and I followed.
"Mum!" He called, and she turned. "This is Mikey."
She smiled. "Hello Mikey. I'm Linda Cole, Andy's mum, but please, just call me Linda."
I smiled and nodded.

Andy's POV

After we'd driven home, I showed Mikey up to the guest room, where he'd be staying. He walked in and put his bags down, looking around.
"Do you want to unpack?" I asked.
"No." Mikey said, turning to look at me. "I want to get to know you a bit better."
I nodded slowly.
"How about we go to the place I usually hang out?" I said, thinking that we could call for James on the way.
"Okay." Mikey smiled, and followed me downstairs and out of the door.

James's POV

I sighed, staring at the ceiling of my room. Andy hadn't called for me yet, or even texted me to tell me what was going on with that Mikey kid.
Recently, that was all that he had been going on about! Mikey Mikey fucking Mikey. It was like he was in love with him or something. I sighed again. I had known that I 'liked' Andy for ages, but I had never had the confidence to tell him, and I was getting sick of having to keep it secret. I resolved to tell him either tonight or tomorrow.

Mikey's POV

We walked to this James's house. I waited behind Andy as he knocked on the door. A tall, good looking boy with shoulder length brown hair, much like Andy's, answered the door.
"Hey." He grinned. "Do you wanna come in?"
Andy looked at me. I shrugged.
"Sure." Andy went in, and I followed.

Andy's POV

We followed James into the lounge, and sat down on the couch. I flicked on the TV, knowing James wouldn't mind. There was a moments silence, then I remember that James and Mikey hadn't been introduced.
"Oh! James, this is Mikey, Mikey this is James." I said pointing to each of them as I said their names. They both grinned at each other.
"Actually, do you mind if I borrow Andy a minute, Mikey?" James asked Mikey. Mikey nodded, and I followed James through to the kitchen, wondering what he was going to say.
He leant up against the counter, and I stood opposite him.
"Andy.." he started, then paused.

James's POV

I paused, not knowing how to say what I wanted too. He was stood there, his piercing eyes on mine. I took a breath, then continued.
"You know what I told you the other day?" I waited for him to nod, then carried on. " Well, I just wanted to... What I mean is...Oh, Andy, I really like you. And not in just a friend way." I stopped, and watched him carefully to see his reaction. He was looking down. I bit my lip, wondering if I had totally screwed up our friendship.

Andy's POV

I looked up to see James biting his lip. I smiled slightly. I moved closer to him, watching the way his eyes went wide as I stood as close I could without actually touching him.
"And how long have you waited to tell me this?" I murmured, staying close to him.
"Ages." He whispered, looking down. I backed away slightly, and he looked up again.
"I haven't ruined our friendship, have I?" He asked, worry evident in his eyes. I shook my head, smiling at him.

James's POV

As I watched him smile at me, I couldn't help myself. I leant forward and caught his lips with my own. He froze, then responded, moving closer and placing his arms round my waist.

Andy's POV

James leant forward, and then his lips were on mine. It took me a second to fully comprehend what was happening, then I was kissing back. I moved close to him, my arms going round his waist. He started to move his lips against mine, and I responded, moving a hand up to tangle my fingers in his hair. I heard a gasp from the doorway, and ripped myself away from James. I turned to see Mikey stood there, his cheeks burning red in embarassment.
"I'm so s-sorry!" He stuttered. I sighed.
"It's okay, Mikey." I smiled at him. "I'm sorry we left you for so long." I said as we headed back to the front room.
"So...are you two..y'know?" Mikey asked. I looked at James.
"No, Basically, James just told me he likes me, and I guess I'm bi and we kissed, but I don't know and oh my god, I have no idea what is going to happen." I said quickly, with lots of big arm gestures, mixing up my words and not making much sense at all. Mikey and James looked at each other, the burst out laughing at me. I frowned and crossed my arms.
"Sorry," Mikey spluttered. "You just looked really funny saying that."
"Okay, yeah, whatever, can we go skating now?" I asked, slightly embarassed.
Mikey looked slightly uncomfortable.
"I've never been skateboarding before.." He muttered. Me and James both gasped.

well, that was just fillerish, and not very good at all lol.
confused bout where this story is gonna go lol.
i think that i may set up a triangle here...
btw, james and andy won't immediatly have a happy, loved up cliché relationship. so don't expect it (:
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