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The Meeting

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Jake's POV

I woke up early, earlier than I usually do for school. I stretched and yawned, standing slowly. I went downstairs, still in my boxers and t-shirt that i slept in, to find my mum in the living room.
"Andy, you're up early!" She exclaimed. "I suppose you're excited though?"
I looked at her blankly. She looked be expectantly. I blinked.
"Have you forgotten?" She said. I searched through my still sleep numbed mind to think, what was special about today?
Then it hit me.
"OHHH!! Mikeys flying in! I can't believe I forgot!"I said, becoming more awake instantly.
She laughed, and pushed me towards the stairs.
"Go get ready for school, and we'll go pick Mikey up from the airport after school."


My mom shook me awake. I groaned.
"What time is it.." I sat up slowly.
"3am." She said briskly, turning on the light. I was temporarily blinded. When I could see again, I went into the bathroom, using the toilet and splashing water on my face to wake myself up. I turned to exit, and Gerard was stood by the door. I jumped, not expecting to see him there.
"Don't you ever sleep?" I asked, passing him and going back to my room.
"Yes. Sometimes. But I wanted to come to the airport with you!" He said cheerfully, following me into my room and bouncing onto my bed. I looked at him strangely. How could he be this loud this early in the morning?
"Uhh...okay. I need to get dressed." I said, waiting expectantly for him to leave. He looked at me, then stood.
"Don't take too long, Mikeykins. We gotta go soon to catch your flight." He said, ruffling my hair, before turning and closing the door behind him.
I grimaced.
"This better be worth waking up this early." I mumbled, before throwing on some clothes and hauling my suitcase out to the car.

Andy's Perspective

School seemed to pass really slowly, but finally it was fifth lesson, and there was 5 minutes until the bell went.
"Are you gonna be coming out tonight?" James asked, copying Mr Phillips' work down off of the board.
"I don't know," I replied. " It depends on what Mikey wants to do."
"Oh. Okay." He said, finishing writing and packing away.
The bell went, and I put all my stuff away.
"See you tomorrow?" I asked James, leaving the classroom with him.
"Yeah. Maybe." He said, walking ahead. I stared at his retreating back, confused. Then shrugged, and walked out to the school carpark, finding my mum in the car, and then we headed to the airport.
I couldn't wait to meet Mikey!

After being stood in the airport arrivals lounge for around 20 minutes, I looked up at the times board, looking for flight 126.
"The flight is supposed to have just disembarked." I said to my mum. She nodded.
"I think I've just spotted him."
I looked around, scanning the room.
"Where?" I hissed, not seeing him anywhere.
My mum sighed, then started walking. I followed slightly behind. She went up to a tall, skinny boy with his back to us.
"Mikey Way?" She asked. He turned around, gave my mum a weird look, then walked away.
"I guess not.." She murmured. I burst out laughing, and looked around again, still not seeing him.

Mikey's POV.
I walked out into the arrivals lounge. There had been a bit of trouble with my luggage, and now I was late for meeting with Andy. I was so nervous. What if he didn't like me, and made me sleep in the shed or something for the two weeks? I took a deep breath and shook my head. I looked around, and spotted him. He was stood there laughing with some woman, who I assumed to be his mom.
I walked up to them, and shyly said,
"Andy? Andy Cole?"
He turned and looked at me. There was a moment of complete and utter akwardness, and then he smiled.
"You must be Mikey."

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