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In This Pool Of Blood

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Frank's POV again I really give up on the rating thing; I have no idea what to put so unless there's sex I'm putting pg-13. You should know by now this is full of it xD ....don't kill me.... ...

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Ch.6; In This Pool Of Blood

{{Frank's POV;}}

Frank woke up to realize he was on top of Gerard, the tv was playing some paid programming show, and he had a back ache from hell. Frank sat up and stretched before getting off Gerard and going to the bathroom. He was still sore from the amazing night the two spent together and as he looked himself over in the mirror, he swore he lost at least five pounds from sweating so much. He splashed cold water on himself then went back out to the living room where he lay back on Gerard, pulled the blanket back on them, and flipped through the channels of the television. Finding nothing to watch, Frank slowly started to fall back asleep but was wide awake when Gerard pushed him to the floor. "Good morning." Gerard told him with a teasing voice as Frank rubbed his head. Laughing slightly, Gerard lifted Frank off the floor and put him back where he was.

"That really hurt." Frank whined and Gerard kissed his head. Frank put his head on Gerard's chest and went back to playing around with the television. Gerard left him alone for about five minutes before sitting up, causing Frank to fall again. Laughing harder, Gerard picked Frank up yet again and sat him on the couch. "I'm starting to think you're trying to give me a concussion." He said rubbing his head more.

"Awww," Gerard said rubbing Frank's head, "stop whining!" he said with a smile and smacked Frank in the side of the head. Frank rubbed his head more and Gerard got up then went to the kitchen to make coffee. A few moments later Frank followed him and sat at the table.

"I wonder how Mikey and Bob's night went." Frank said as Gerard brought him a cup of coffee and sat by him.

"Pretty fucking amazing if it was anything like ours." Gerard said raising the cup to his mouth with a smile.

"And we're going to have another one tonight." Frank said drinking his coffee. It was the night of his prom; the night he had been looking forward too since Gerard told him 'yes'. As they drank their coffee, Mikey walked in the front door, tossing his key back into his pocket, and Bob following behind him. "We were just talking about you." Frank told them as they entered the kitchen.

"Why?" Mikey asked getting cups out of the cupboard then pouring some coffee for him and Bob before joining them at the table. Bob swung his blond hair out of his face as he sat and looked at the coffee before drinking it.

"We were just wondering if you had a fucking amazing night like we did." Gerard said as he finished off his coffee. "So you two all ready for prom tonight?" He asked after.

"My mom is torturing us with pictures and shit." Bob said grumpily. "That's why we escaped so early."

"We never really went to bed." Mikey said quietly with a smile as he sipped on the coffee. Frank couldn't help but laugh a little, Gerard joining him, but Bob was off in his own world and didn't notice.

"I have to go home. My stuff is there." He told Gerard who nodded and stood up. He grabbed his keys and started at the door, Frank following him closely.

"Behave." Gerard said with a smile to Bob and Mikey.

"You too." Mikey replied, still smiling. Gerard was happy to see his brother happy with Bob. Even if he still couldn't picture the two of them, though they were right in front of him, it made him feel good that his brother had someone to love just like Gerard did.

Frank dragged himself down the porch to Gerard's car and got in. It was a piece of shit car but it worked so that was all that really mattered to him. Frank fell down in the passenger seat as Gerard got into the driver's seat and started the car. He drove Frank back to his house and Frank got out, sad he had to leave Gerard, but not before kissing him. "I'll see you later." Frank told Gerard, still miserable he had to leave. They spent the most amazing night together and Frank didn't want it to end but he needed his suit for the prom.

Still aching, Frank walked up to the door of his house then pulled out his keys from his bag and unlocked the door. Gerard had already left so Frank didn't bother lingering in the doorway and shut the door behind him. His mother was in the kitchen doing whatever it was she was doing so Frank said hello to her and headed to his room where he shut the door and flopped down on his bed. "I'll have no ass if I continue that." Frank told his pillow but he didn't care if it happened. Sex with Gerard was like nicotine for smokers; they just had to have it. His mom had neatly put out his suit and he stared at it. Frank really didn't want to wear it, but he wanted the night to be perfect.

He told his mom that since he couldn't get a date he was just going to go with Mikey and Bob so she didn't much argue. There was still a few hours until Gerard would be back to pick him up so Frank pulled his guitar out and began to play random things on it. He wished he was in a band because the joy his guitar brought him was almost as great as the joy sex brought him. Frank also wished Gerard would sing again. He had no idea what his voice was like now, but if it was as heavenly as it was when he spoke, he could hit any note and make people's hearts pound.

Frank played his guitar until he had to get ready, refusing to eat anything saying that they would have something there. He got dressed and his mother groomed him before she took a bunch of pictures and finally allowed him to leave when Gerard arrived. Once free of his mother, Frank ran to the car and when she shut the door he jumped into Gerard's arms and made out with him for a moment. When he realized Mikey and Bob were waiting in the back, Frank got into the car and they all headed off for the best night Frank could ever imagine.


When Gerard saw Frank in the suit and all cleaned up he thought two things. He looks amazing! and I can't wait to rip the fucking thing off him later! They didn't feel like wasting money on a limo so Gerard just drove in his beaten up car which none of them really cared because it wasn't exactly a 'normal' prom for them anyway.

The place they had to go was huge. It was decorated in the school colors and music was going when they walked in. There was an empty table where they all sat. It was just like lunch all over again only without Ray there. He wanted to go but since he technically had no one still in the school to go with, he just decided to spend the night with Melissa. Gerard was happy for Ray too because it seemed to be working between him and Melissa.

Before long a very hyper girl in a silk dress ran over to them. "Hi Frank! Who's your friend?" she asked him eagerly. Before he could answer she extended a hand to Gerard. "Hi I'm Elyse. What school do you go to?" She was like the fucking energizer bunny and just wouldn't shut up. Gerard laughed to himself as she went on and on to Frank. Gerard remembered that Ray had mentioned an Elyse to him before and how she liked Frank.

"Will you fuck off already Elyse?" Frank said aggravated. Gerard kicked Frank and gave him that 'behave' kind of look.

"Hello Elyse, I'm Gerard." He said shaking her hand. Frank rolled his eyes and slumped a bit in his chair. "I'm Frank's date." She looked at him with confusion. "You know, his boyfriend." He told her. Mikey started laughing to himself, Bob joining in a moment later.

"Yeah I have girlfriends that I came with." she said with a smile still not realizing what Gerard meant. He took a deep breath and knew he would have to explain it to her.

"I fuck him." Finally realizing what he meant, Elyse went white and stared in horror then quickly left, leaving all of them at the table laughing hysterically. They watched her explain in horror to her friends that joined her expression and they laughed harder. Gerard wasn't going to let the lovesick girl carry on after Frank because he didn't have the guts to tell her the truth. Frank belonged to Gerard and he wasn't going to let anyone think otherwise.

The evening was picture perfect. The four of them talked, laughed, joked, and carried out some personal actions. Frank ended up on top of Gerard's lap at one point and the only reason people looked was because Gerard was older than Frank. For the most part everyone knew he was bi and they didn't really care. Bob and Mikey went at it a bit too but they were more afraid of showing their relationship in public than Frank and Gerard were. They probably would have started fucking if it wouldn't have gotten Frank expelled.

When the song Save The Last Dance ((for me)) started playing, they all got up and danced with each other. To his surprise, he wasn't bad at slow dancing, nor was Frank. People cleared out of their way as they got lost in each other's eyes, taking step after step, dancing to the music. Gerard had to look down to Frank because Frank was a decent amount shorter than he was but when their eyes met, the room around them melted away and they danced the whole song before they stopped and people began to clap.

Gerard bowed for the hell of it, pulling Frank down with him, and when they stood he kissed Frank with more passion than he knew he had. Frank wrapped his arms around Gerard's neck and the spot light rested on them sucking face in the middle of the dance floor. Some people whistled and others turned away. Finally they broke free and decided they had enough of the prom so they were going to go home.

Bob and Mikey decided they wanted to leave too but Gerard knew they would be busy in their room so he didn't much care. "I have to go to the bathroom. Be back in a minute." Frank told Gerard as he kissed him and went off. Bob and Mikey went with Frank figuring they wouldn't get the bathroom at home when Gerard and Frank would spend a decent amount of time in it with their nightly shower. Gerard sat at the table and drew on a napkin waiting for them to return.

He didn't realize that about twenty minutes had passed when Mikey came running back to the table. Gerard stared at Mikey with confusion and concern as he noticed Mikey's nose was bleeding and his glasses were broken. "Mikey, what happened?"

Mikey was breathing heavily and crying. "Bob...Frank...bleeding..." Mikey choked out and the two ran back to the bathroom. Bob was sitting against the wall, his head bleeding and arm twisted pretty badly. Gerard ran over to Bob.

"Bob?! Bob can you hear me?" Bob nodded weakly. "Mikey, take my car and get him to the hospital. Be very careful and focus on the road. Just get there as fast as you can without getting a ticket." He tossed his keys to Mikey who nodded and helped Bob up then supported him as they left the first half of the bathroom. Gerard went into the next part and his heart nearly stopped as he saw Frank in the middle of the floor, his body mutilated in a large pool of blood. Gerard ran to Frank got covered in the blood as he bent down to Frank. Gerard started crying as he picked up Frank's limp body. "Frankie! Frankie don't leave me!" He yelled to the unresponsive boy and pulled his cellphone out, quickly dialing 911.

Within minutes the ambulance arrived and they quickly got Frank's body on the stretcher then into the ambulance. The paramedics tried to check Gerard out but he told them all the blood was Frank's and not his. They asked him what happened and he said he had no idea but his brother had taken the other victim, meaning Bob, to the hospital. The driver radioed the hospital and confirmed that Mikey and Bob had made it there which gave Gerard some sense of relief. As the paramedic stripped Frank of his clothes, Gerard could see Frank's body covered in bruises and many gashes caused by a knife. There was a large gash near his heart where someone had tried to kill him. "Is he dead?" Gerard asked quietly.

"No. But he's barely hanging on. You're lucky you got to him when you did because if he went any longer he would be." Again, a slight bit of relief. "But he's got a lot open wounds and has suffered a lot of blood loss. It doesn't look good." Those words stung Gerard as he thought about life without Frank. He winced and looked away as the paramedic stuck a needle into Frank because Gerard couldn't stand them. When she was done, Gerard took Frank's hand into his and bent down to him.

"You better not leave me." He told Frank as he kissed his bloody head and started to cry again. The paramedic gave him a towel to wipe himself off as the siren blared, telling people to get out of the way as the ambulance raced to the hospital.
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