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Here In Your Perfect Eyes

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Gee's POV. Ok, when I put 'pov' its for lack of better term. It doesn't mean its first person, it means it 'their side of the story' I guess. Their thoughts and feelings in a third person narra...

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Ch.5; Here In Your Perfect Eyes

{{Gerard pov;}}

****** 1 YEAR LATER ***********

Joy flooded Gerard as he made the familiar drive back to Jersey. It was April, just a few days after his twenty-third birthday, and he was going home. This trip was different than the rest though. This one was special. Frank was a senior and it was his prom, and Gerard was his date. When Frank asked Gerard on the phone weeks before, the first thing out of Gerard's mouth was "Fuck yeah!" and to top it off, he heard the laughter of Frank, which Gerard loved so much to hear. It had been a few months since the two had seen each other, which was too long.

It amazed Gerard that he stayed within speed limit and obeyed the laws of the road perfectly since he was so eager to get back. He was having fun in college but he missed having Frank there to talk to, to make love to. Instead of going to his parents house, he went right to Franks and held the horn down until Frank ran out of the front door to Gerard. Gerard got out of the car and grabbed Frank, hugging him first, then making out with him. "I've missed you so much!" Frank cried into his chest. Frank told his parents he was leaving then got into the car with Gerard and headed to Gerard's parent's house.

When they arrived, Gerard was bombarded with hugs by his family as well as Bob who was there with Mikey. Frank had told Gerard on the phone that it was working out between the two which made Gerard happy. Mikey didn't really discuss it with Gerard and Gerard didn't press the issue. Frank was greeted just as warmly and they sat in the living room with everyone else, Frank on top of Gerard for lack of seating, not that either minded too much. After a few hours of catching up, they had dinner and went their own ways.

Mikey left to go to Bob's for the night and Gerard's parents went to the movies, leaving Gerard and Frank alone in the house for a few hours. "How I've missed fucking you!" Gerard told Frank passionately and Frank nodded in agreement. "This will be our first time where we can say 'fuck you' to the law too since you're eighteen now." Gerard said as he slid off Frank's shirt. Frank pulled off Gerard's and they started easy with making out.

That only lasted a few minutes though as pants came off and as they slid and moved against each other like a perfectly choreographed dance on the bed, they became sweaty and entangled with each other. The smell of Frank sweaty and worked up flooded Gerard's senses, giving him the same feeling that a shark felt when it smelled blood. The undying passion to have it. Gerard rubbed each perfect muscle of Frank's torso and Frank wrapped his legs tightly around Gerard's body. He managed to find a condom since Mikey apparently wasn't buying his own, but rather taking from Gerard's once grand stash, and quickly put it on, unable to resist any longer.

Slowly he rocked his hips forward and backward, making himself as well as Frank sweat even more. Frank cried out in ecstasy as he gripped the sheets so hard his knuckles went white. Gerard's sides hurt a bit as Frank squeezed his legs around them, but Gerard didn't care because he missed his Frank so much he already hurt. Still rocking, Gerard bent down and wrapped his arms around Frank's sweat-drenched head and slid his tongue into Frank's mouth just as easily as his dick had gone into Frank. Frank let go of the sheets to put his arms around Gerard's neck, both of them barely stopping to get air.

After a bit Gerard fell onto his back on the bed and they both breathed heavily for a few minutes before Frank climbed onto Gerard and worked his hands slowly and carefully up and down Gerard, getting him just as worked up as he had just been. As Frank moved down to give Gerard the most amazing blow job of his life, Gerard put his hands in Frank's hair. Frank moved his tongue all around Gerard's very hard cock in a specific rhythm that caused Gerard to arch his back occasionally as he cried out in noises he never knew he could make. Gerard dug his heels into his bed as his whole body went numb and he had to shut his eyes to stop them from burning with all the sweat he was producing.

Frank managed to scrounge up a condom and repeated the same thing with Gerard that Gerard had done with Frank. Slow, steady, rocking and a tongue down the throat. This went on for a good ten minutes before both were too exhausted to continue. Gerard's bed was drenched with sweat and cum, but neither of them really cared. They just went through the best sex either of them had ever had so it was too much of a spoiler to worry about being clean. Gerard thought Frank was ten times hotter, if it was even possible, when he was hot and sticky anyway. He pulled Frank to him and held him close, just like they had on their first night.

"A few months and you'll be mine forever." Gerard whispered to Frank. Once he graduated high school, nothing would keep them apart. Frank just nodded, words refusing to pass through his throat and out his mouth, and held onto Gerard tightly. Gerard ran his fingers thorough Frank's hair a few times. Everything about him was perfect. "How about we shower." Gerard told him and the two manage to get themselves to the bathroom without falling once.

Gerard started the shower, remembering the first shower he and Frank took together and Frank leaned against the door, dripping with sweat and/or cum, Gerard couldn't tell. When the water was warm, they climbed in and at first started bathing but after long it turned into them making and then Gerard jumped out of the shower for a second and grabbed a jar from deep within the cover and pulled a condom out. "Fuck! Is there anywhere you don't have those stashed?" Frank asked laughing while they went to round three. Standing up was new for Frank and he leaned his head against the tiled wall as Gerard fucked him, trying carefully not to fall as his legs began to go limp again. Gerard held Frank up though and kissed his back, their sweat mixing in with the warm water that all slid down the drain.

This went on for another fifteen minutes before Gerard stopped the water. While they were fucking in the shower, they did manage to wash each other it just resulted in a dead end because they would only get sweaty and dirty all over with every look at each other. Once out of the shower, Gerard toweled Frank off and Frank did the same for Gerard. They threw on clothes that were actually clean thanks to Mrs. Way and went to the living room. Frank sat on the couch and Gerard turned on the television before grabbing a blanket from the closet and joining Frank on the couch. They found some horror movie on one of the channels and Gerard sat on the couch, Frank on top of him, both wrapped tightly in the blanket as they watched the movie.

When Gerard's parents got home they greeted them and Mrs. Way laughed to herself as she said, "We figured we would come home to you two staining the sheets!" as she passed by the couch. Gerard just shook his head and held Frank close to him. They said goodnight to the boys and disappeared into their room thus Frank and Gerard were alone again. It was the perfect night leading to the perfect day of Frank's prom. He was going to give Frank the best weekend just to make sure that as soon as Frank had his diploma, he would rush to Gerard, begging for more. Gerard figured Frank would do that either way but he still wanted to give Frank that perfect weekend that everyone should have for their prom. Gerard went with Ray, as friends, because neither of them really bothered to get a date.

"I wish this could last forever. Just you and me, lying together, warm...sweet..." Frank's voice started to trail off as he fell asleep. Gerard pulled the blanket farther up on Frank and kissed his head.

"It will, soon." He said as he turned the volume of the tv down. "I promise."

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