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What Lyes Beneath

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Gerard's POV again

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Ch.4; What Lyes Beneath

{{Gerard pov again}}

Gerard stared at Mikey with shock. He didn't know what to say. "Well, its, um," he choked a bit, "why?"

"I want to be prepared." Gerard tried not to have a heart attack as his younger brother asked him about sex. Sex with a man above all things. Not that it bothered Gerard that his brother may be into guys like Gerard was with Frank, it was the fact that he was asking Gerard about it.

"Prepared for what?!" He was breathing heavily as he tried to concentrate on the situation and be stable for his brother.

"This weekend." Another heart attack. Gerard sat in a chair before he fell over and he took deep breaths. "Are you ok?" Mikey asked him with concern.

"Just give me a minute." Gerard said as he took deep breaths and tried to relax. "So, you want to know, for this weekend?" Gerard said trying to recap what he was just told. Mikey nodded slowly at him, looking at him with concern still. "Why do you need to know for this weekend?"

"Well I'm spending the weekend with Bob and-" Third heart attack. It had never occurred to Gerard that Mikey and Bob would have something together. They were really good friends and spent almost as much time together as Gerard and Frank had. "Are you sure you're ok?" Again Gerard nodded.

"You're seventeen Mikey!" He was having problems comprehending the situation.

"So? You were having sex at like fifteen if I remember right." If I remember right. Gerard felt really nauseous all of a sudden and wished the conversation was over. "And Frank is only seventeen and is having sex with you." Gerard's head was screaming. All this time he thought his brother had no idea when he knew about everything. He knew about Frank.

"" Was all he could manage to get out.

"I'm not stupid you know." Mikey stared at him with unamusement. "And the walls aren't exactly sound proof. Not to mention the shower running in the middle of the night between you and whoever you're with or when mom and dad use it. One starts to connect the dots." Gerard wanted to cry. It was so awkward. He felt sick as his brother went on about everything he had known for years. "So are you going to tell me?"

"It'" Gerard really didn't know how to explain it. Granted he had had sex with both men and women, but they were completely different yet in the end both were just sex. "There's really no way to explain it." He said quietly. Mikey fell back against the couch he was sitting in and sighed.

"You're a lot of fucking help." He complained as he stared at the ceiling.

"Look, all I can say is, make sure you're both ready for it, use condoms, and don't let anyone hear you." It was something he never thought he would say to his brother. "Does one of you have lube?" He didn't want to ask that but he wanted to make sure his brother was prepared too. Mikey shook his head and Gerard sighed then went to his room, grabbed an extra tube of it that he had, threw it in a bag with a few condoms, then gave the bag to Mikey. "Always make sure you're prepared."

Mikey took the bag and thanked Gerard then went off to his room. Gerard went to his room and laid on his bed, trying to forget everything that had just happened. He never thought it was something he would talk to Mikey about, and while he knew he would have nightmares about it, he felt honored in a way that Mikey chose him to talk to. He knew it wasn't easy talking to someone about it. The day he let his parents know about his sex life was a very awkward moment but they did the same thing Gerard did for Mikey. Told him to be protected and provided him with what he needed until he was comfortable enough to buy it himself.

Gerard pulled out his cellphone and called Ray. After a few rings Ray answered. "Come over and chill with me for a bit." Gerard needed something to take his mind off Mikey and Bob. It wasn't that he wasn't happy for them, it was just strange to think about two of his greatest friends having something. Then he thought that they probably thought the same way about him and Frank so he just put it out of his mind. Ray arrived about ten minutes later and went to Gerard's room. "I just had the fucking weirdest conversation with Mikey."

"I know. I had the same with Bob." Ray said falling onto the couch with him. "Only I probably wasn't as helpful to him as you were to Mikey." Ray was the only one of them that was mostly straight. He tried a relationship with a guy once and it didn't work for him. But he still keeps his options open. However at the moment he did have a girlfriend.

"I never thought he would ever ask me what it was like to have sex with a man." Gerard said remembering walking in the door to be greeted with that line. Ray laughed a little and started playing video games.

"What did you tell him?"

"Same thing I was told by my parents. Make sure they're both ready, use condoms, and don't get heard." Ray laughed some more as he was caught up in the video games. "He knows about me and Frank too."

"It's not hard to figure out." Ray teased and Gerard smacked him. "Speaking of Frank, did you talk to him?"



"And it's going to be difficult when I go to college in a few months, but we're going to find a way to make it work." Gerard said with a sigh as he picked up the other controller and joined Ray in the video game. It was good to be doing something normal for once. It had been awhile since he played video games with anyone and he felt like a kid again.

"So, Mikey and Bob." Ray said as they turned their brains to mush with pointless violence.

"I know." He said, still finding it a bit strange. "But at least they're the same age. And they'll graduate together." Gerard would give anything to be the same age as Frank, to stay with him, to graduate with him.

"It's only a year and half. And it's not like you're leaving without coming back that whole time." Ray said trying to comfort him.

"Still." Gerard sighed as he thought about what it would be like if he could be like Mikey and Bob. "So this weekend will be interesting." He said trying to change the subject. "Mikey will be at Bobs, Frank will be here..."

"And I'll be with Melissa." Ray said with a smile.

"Big plans?"

"Going to spend the weekend at the beach." He said as his character in the game died and he put the controller down. "You?"

"Just a quiet boring weekend with Frank..." Gerard said turning the game off.

"A quiet weekend of sucking and fucking." Ray teased him and Gerard kicked Ray that time. It was true though, he didn't plan on getting much rest over the weekend when he had Frank there with him. It would be the last weekend they would really have together before Gerard would leave for college because Frank had some band shows to do and Gerard had to make sure everything was prepared. He was going to make the best of it.

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