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I hate it when my head talks to me.

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Funny funny.

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‘Alright are you ready for your first surprise?’ he asked as they walked into the dark house.

‘Yes.’ She smiled.

‘Alright, I’m going to put this blind fold on you and then we’re going upstairs okay?’

‘Okay.’ Grace said as they stood in the dark kitchen. Brendon gently wrapped the red bandana around her head waving his hand in front of her face after he’d tied it.

‘Can you see anything?’ he asked. Grace shook her head. Brendon took both of her hands and started to walk backwards before he stopped and looked at her. He traced a finger along her cheek feeling her soft skin under his callused finger tip. He ran his hand through her hair and down her neck and shoulder. ‘I’m sorry, you’re just so beautiful.’ He whispered letting his hands rest on her hips as he brought her closer to him. Brendon leaned in placing soft, plump kisses on her neck as she moved her head to give him better access before she let out a low moan. Brendon worked his way from her neck, up her cheek, kissing her nose before he dove into a deep kiss on her lips. Grace moved closer to him and wrapped his arms around his neck as he ran his hands up under her shirt finally landing on her butt. ‘I love you so much.’ Brendon said as his forehead lay against hers.

‘I love you too Brendon.’

‘I wish I could show you how much I love you.’

‘You already have baby, we’re getting married.’ She said.

‘That is going to be the greatest day of my life.’ Brendon said as he picked her up bridal style and carried her up the stairs towards the room he and Holly had redecorated earlier that day.

‘Beary, what is this surprise?’ Grace asked as she stood in the middle of the room while Brendon turned on the lights making sure the room looked its very best. He opened the top of the piano like it should have been and straightened one of his guitars before walking back over to stand behind her.

‘I’m going to take the blind fold off but keep your eyes closed okay?’

‘Alright.’ Grace said as Brendon untied the blind fold stuffing it in his back pocket before putting his rough hands over her eyes.

‘Holly and I worked on this all day. I figured it would help you get back into it. I hope that you like it baby.’ Brendon took his hands off her eyes, ‘Open them.’ He whispered. Grace slowly opened her eyes and gasped as she looked around the room.

‘Oh my.’ She whispered as she turned looking at the white walls with the black music notes. ‘Brendon.’

‘What do you think?’

‘This is amazing.’ She smiled, ‘Oh Beary.’ Grace said as she noticed the crystal piano. ‘You bought this for me?’

‘Of course I did baby.’ He said as she walked over to the piano and sat down on the crystal clear bench that had a white cushion. She opened the crystal key guard and played a note. The piano sounded perfect and beautiful. She began to play a song and Brendon walked over leaned down and kissed her neck sucking in different places. Brendon laughed as he heard the awful sound of Grace’s hands falling on a bunch of different keys as he kissed her. Grace turned around. Brendon leaned into her listening to the sound again as he let his hands rest on the keys. Grace worked on unbuttoning his shirt and slowly letting it fall down his shoulders exposing his pale, bare chest. She let out a soft moan as he kissed her neck. Brendon was the next to pull her yellow top over her head exposing her white Victoria secret bra that he threw behind him almost as quickly before cupping her perfect breast, something he hadn’t done in almost three months.

Grace stood up and pushed him back over to the couch with out ever breaking the kiss. She unbuckled her jeans, letting them slide down her hips before doing the same to him and straddling his hips. Brendon moaned as she grinded her hips against his pelvis exciting him even more. He quickly tore her panties off throwing them behind him as they landed on the black and white floor lamp behind the couch. He rolled over on top of her, landing both of them on the floor before he ran his hand down between her breast, down her flat stomach, and in between her legs where he began to stroke her. With every sound that she made, he got more turned on. This continued on until Grace was nearing her orgasmic point. Brendon took this as a sign that said it was time. It had been a long three months, and although a voice in the back of his head was telling him to stop and wait for their wedding night, he wanted her so badly at the moment he just wanted that voice to shut up. ‘Baby, now.’ Grace moaned as she arched her back towards him. Brendon placed his lips on top of hers as he ran his member closer and closer to her finally meeting her opening where he thrust his hips to meet her. He had hit her spot hard and she yelled out for him. It felt amazing. It felt wonderful. It felt wrong. Brendon laid there for a minute on top of her contemplating what to do before he pulled out and sat again the couch.

‘Brendon, what are you doing?’ Grace asked looking up at him.

‘Baby, we’ve gone three months. We’ve worked so hard to go three months; we only have a couple more months until our wedding if we do this now it’s going to ruin all of our hard work.’ He said. Grace sat up and sat next to him. He put his arm around her as she laid her head on his should.

‘I want you so badly.’

‘Trust me, I probably want this more than you do but there is a little voice in my head that is telling me that we should wait. We’ve waited this long already.’

‘Okay. This room is amazing though. This is probably the best surprise you’ve ever given me.’

‘Well I did it for you baby, so you can play your music.’ He smiled. Grace put her hand on his arm and heard him wince.

‘Honey what did you do to your arm?’ Grace asked referring to the piece of plastic that was covering part of his forearm.

‘That would be the other surprise.’ He said. Grace gave him a look before standing up and holding his hand out for her. ‘Let’s go take a bath.’ Brendon got up taking Grace with him as they quickly made their way to their bedroom and into their joined master bathroom. Brendon ran the bathwater, throwing some bubble bath in as well before summoning Grace over to get into the tub with him.

‘That sex would have been so great.’ Grace said leaning back into his chest.

‘I know I hate it when my head talks to me.’

‘What did you do to your arm?’ she asked. Brendon brought his hand out of the warm water and took off the plastic. Grace smiled as she saw the piano keys on his arm. ‘Bren, I love it.’ She smiled as she touched it gently.

‘Do you see what it says under the keys?’ he asked. Brendon turned his arm around so she could see it. There in light blue ink was her name in beautiful cursive writing. Grace smiled as she leaned back into his chest. He wrapped his untattooed arm around her and kissed the side of her head. ‘I love you baby.’ Grace snuggled into him even more and shut her eyes enjoying the relaxing time with him.

The next three months would be a complete rush but both were ready to enjoy the roller coaster of getting married.
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