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Sex Ed with Holly.

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Just talk, no action.

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“So what time did they say they were coming back?” Brendon said as he and Holly sat on the couch watching TV.

“They didn’t.” She said absentmindedly.

“Oh.” Brendon said shifting so he was in a more comfortable position. “I need to talk to you about something.”

“Uh…okay. What?”


“Brendon. I’m flattered, but I’m happily married.” Holly laughed. Brendon rolled his eyes.

“Ew, gross Holly. Totally not what I meant.”

“I know. What’s up?” She paused. “Oh, you’re not having a problem with that are you?”

“NO! I’m perfectly fine and capable of doing that. Stop being a perv.” Holly laughed.

“I’m sorry Bden. You brought it up, but really, what’s up?”

“Grace and I have done it more times than I can count and it’s always amazing and I know you and Ryan can be very…creative…according to what he says and I just wanna know what else girls like. I mean, I want to keep Grace satisfied forever.”

“Well…” She started. “You just need to be really affectionate and attentive and don’t just focus on getting it done and over with, spend time making sure she’s comfortable and touch her skin, kiss her everywhere. Make her feel like she’s the only girl in the world. Make her feel like she’s on top of the world even afterwards.”

“What else? I mean, should I try new things, should I get toys?”

“Well I mean…experimenting is really healthy for your sex life.”

“What’s one thing you do that drives Ryan crazy that I should try with Grace?”

“Uh…well…are you sure you want to know?”

“Yep.” Brendon said, not prepared for what he was about to hear.

“He likes it when I…give him head in the car.”

“Whoa! Holly! You give Ryan road head?”

“Well not road head per se.”

“Then what?”

“Addy is a really light sleeper and there are times where Ryan and I just can’t keep quiet so we have to go in the back of his car.”

“The same car that you were driving today? The same car with Addy’s car seat in the back?!” Brendon was shocked. He didn’t think such a sweet, reserved person like Holly would do something like that to her equally reserved husband.

“No, that’s my car. His has more room.”

“Ew. I can’t believe I’m hearing this.”

“You asked.”

“Gross.” Brendon paused. “So does he do it to you too?” Holly nodded.

“You have to do that to Grace. Oh my god.” Holly said with wide eyes as she crossed her legs.

“Ew, you’re horny now, you want Ryan to do bad things to you. That’s gross. Get off my couch.” Brendon laughed.

“I am not.” She lied. “Can’t I just cross my legs for no apparent reason?”

“Fine. I don’t want to do that though.” He whined.

“She’ll love you forever.”

“She already does.” He said before coming up with another question.

“Can you do stuff when you’re pregnant?”


“You would know the answer to that. Wow. I kind of think you and Ryan are a bit slutty now.” Brendon said. Holly just laughed. Brendon was ridiculous. Grace really had it coming.

‘Do you think we should be getting back? I bet Brendon is going to be ready for dinner soon.’ Grace said as they walked around the mall with a couple more shopping bags.

‘Yeah, I kind of miss Holly.’

‘Aww well how sweet are you, let’s go.’ Grace said as they started back out towards her car. ‘This was fun today.’

‘It was fun today. We should do this stuff more often.’

‘We will.’

‘Yeah right, you’re going to go off and marry your sweetheart and be too busy with your new life to spend any time with your best friend Ryan. I’ll just be a distant memory to you.’

‘Ryan…’ Grace said trying to hold back a giggle, ‘You will always be my best friend, no matter where I go or what I do, you’ll always be my savior. I love you Spanky.’

‘Well I love you too Busty.’ Ryan laughed. Grace glared before she started the car and started on her way back home.

‘Honey, we’re home.’ Grace said as she walked into the house.

‘Hey baby.’ Brendon said walking in from the kitchen.

‘Hey.’ Grace smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist leaning her back into a passionate kiss.

‘How was your lingerie shopping?’

‘It was awesome. You should thank your friend Ryan here. He picked out some really sexy things for our honeymoon.’

‘Are you going to model them for me?’

‘Baby, he picked them out for you.’ Grace joked, ‘And no I’m not going to model them for you, you’re just going to have to wait and see.’

‘Are they really sexy?’ Brendon asked towards Ryan.

‘Dude, you’re going to melt when you see them.’

‘Are you guys ready to go to dinner?’ Holly asked.

‘Yeah, I just need to change really fast.’ Grace said referring to her jeans and sweater.

‘I should probably change too.’ Ryan agreed. Grace walked up the stairs with Brendon close behind as he followed her into the room to make sure she didn’t want into the room he had worked so hard on.

‘So what are you going to wear tonight?’ he asked. Grace gave him a weird look before walking into the closet.

‘This closet is such a mess. I’m cleaning it out tomorrow.’ She commented as she pulled a very fitted, black, square neck top of a hanger and put it on followed by her favorite silver pumps.

‘Ready?’ he asked.

‘Yeah.’ She commented as she put her various bags in her side of the closet before looking over at Brendon. ‘Don’t touch.’

Grace and Brendon, Holly and Ryan went to the stratosphere for dinner. Grace loved that place. It always made her happy to go there because she got to dress up, the mood was romantic which something she loved dearly was, and she loved the view. Dinner was spent with light conversation and large amounts of affection from both couples.

‘Alright, I’ll call you tomorrow.’ Grace said as she hugged Ryan before getting into the open car door that would take her back home with her Brendon.

‘Ready to go baby?’

‘Yes, it’s been a very long day.’

‘Okay, well let’s go home and relax. We can take a bubble bath together right? That’s not breaking the no sex policy is it?’

‘Nope, I’d love that.’ She smiled.

‘Great, but first, I have a couple of surprises for you.’

‘Brendon…if you don’t stop with these surprises you’re going to make me feel like a horrible wife to be.’

‘Don’t. I love doing this for you.’ He smiled.

‘Whatever. Did you have a good time with Holly today?’

‘I had a very good time with Holly. We got to bond a little more and had a couple of really weird conversations.’


‘Yeah, now I know why you talk to her about your sex life, she’s kind of good at it.’ Grace laughed, ‘Did you have a good time with Ryan?’

‘I had a great time with Ryan. Now I remember why he’s my best friend. He’s great.’

‘I shouldn’t be worried should I?’

‘Of course not, I love Ryan but I’m in love with you.’ She smiled leaning over and kissing his cheek, ‘And I really wish we could have sex right now. I’d make you pull over on the side of the road.’

‘GRACE!’ Brendon said as his jaw dropped, ‘I think you are suffering through this more than I am.’

‘I am it sucks.’ She whined.

‘Just a couple more months’ baby.’ Brendon smiled. Grace picked up his hand and kissed it gently before lacing her hands with his. She looked down at their hands intertwined and smiled.
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