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We Finally Have Our Family...

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hey guys! this is the LAST CHAPTER.. the story has come to an end... leave me some reviews and let me no if u liked it or not!!! thanks for reading it!! :D

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!!!!!Chapter 30!!!!!

Couple Days Later
The nurse walked into Hilary's room seeing both Hilary and Joel awake, “hey guys! I came to tell you Hilary that you are free to leave now.”

Hilary smiled at the nurse, “thanks so much. I'll get ready right now”

The nurse nodded smiling, “alright. If you need help just let me know” she said as she walked out.

Joel looked at Hilary, “I’ll get Harlow's things ready while you get dressed okay?” he said standing up

“Alright” she said getting up as Joel helped her and walked off into the bathroom to change.

Hilary came out wearing pink sweatpants capris with a pink DCMA Collective hoodie, pink flip-flops, and her hair in a ponytail. The nurse walked in with Harlow handing her to Joel, “take very good care of her and if you have any questions at all just call and let us know and we will answer them for you.”

Hilary nodded, “okay thank you so much” she said walking up to Joel as he placed Harlow in her car seat.

The nurse walked out of the room. Hilary looked at Harlow. She was wearing on of the DMCA Collective onesies that Joel had picked out for her to wear, “she looks so cute. Now lets get baby Harlow home.” she said placing the baby car seat cover over Harlow, “we got to protect her from the evil paparazzi” she said smiling.

Joel smiled, “you got that right.” he said picking up her suitcase, “you take Harlow and I'll take your suitcase” he said

“Alright” she said picking up Harlow's car seat and carrying her out of the room with Joel following behind her.

Hilary and Joel managed to get into a private car with Harlow without the paparazzi knowing and seeing. They headed back to their LA mansion where their friends and family were waiting to meet Harlow.

At Hilary & Joel's LA Home
Hilary and Joel arrived home getting into the house as everybody sat there waiting. Hilary placed Harlow on the floor taking the car seat cover off her for everyone to see her. Hilary looked at everyone, “okay who wants to hold her first?” she asked picking Harlow up from her car seat.

Benji ran up, “I do!” he said holding his arms out taking Harlow, “come to uncle Benji!” he said holding her

Hilary and Joel smiled as they watched everybody interact with Harlow. As the day went on Hilary and Joel received more gifts from their friends for Harlow and everybody got to hold her and care for her. Nighttime came fast and soon everybody was leaving

“See ya later Hilary. I'll see you tomorrow take care” her father said kissing her on the cheek

“Bye daddy thanks for being here” she said hugging him

Em smiled hugging her, “no problem. See ya tomorrow” he said walking off towards his car.

Hilary shut the door looking back at Joel who was holding Harlow, “we can finally go to bed now! I'm so exhausted!” she said smiling as she walked up to him

“Yeah I know what you mean” he said kissing her on the lips

Hilary yawned, “lets put Harlow to bed and then we can go to sleep because I'm exhausted and who knows when she'll wake us up” she said grabbing Harlow's things
Joel nodded smiling and followed Hilary upstairs into Harlow's nursery. Hilary set everything down looking at Joel as he kissed Harlow goodnight. He handed Hilary Harlow so she could do the same, “good night Harlow baby sleep tight” she said softly placing a kiss on her head and setting her in her crib. Joel pulled the blanket on her and kissed her on the head also.

Hilary and Joel hugged each other as they watched Harlow sleep, “Joel we finally have our family. I'm so happy we have her” Hilary said looking up at Joel.

“Me too babe. She’s so special and I love her so much. I'm glad she’s part of our family now” he said smiling down at Hilary.

Hilary nodded resting her head on Joel's shoulder, “me too. I couldn't ask for a better family” she said softly

Joel kissed her on the forehead, “lets get you to sleep babe” he said grabbing her hand and leading her out of the room. Hilary stopped looking back at Harlow one last time before walking out, “goodnight baby girl” she said softly and shut the door some and walked towards her room with Joel.

I know you guys are probably wondering about how everything turns out in the end right? Well I'm here to tell you. After I found out that Joel cheated on me I never thought we would ever be together again. It hurt so much to know that he did something like that to me. But I'm super happy that we worked things out and had a beautiful baby girl. Harlow is getting bigger and cuter everyday. Joel and his band is rising on success and getting even more famous by the day. But, that’s not the point. Joel and I are happily together and are happily engaged! That’s right you heard it right I said engaged! Its crazy isn't it? I can’t wait to marry the man of my dreams and spend the rest of my life with him! Joel and I are adjusting to parenthood as well. Yes its not easy but we're getting better at it everyday. We have help from our family which is awesome! All I can say is that I'm very happy with life right now and it couldn't be any better! Thanks for following me into the journey of my life!
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