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Everybody Welcome Harlow Winter Kate Madden

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!!!!!Chapter 29!!!!!

One Month Later
A month flew by and it was now January. Hilary was due anytime now to have her baby girl. Hilary sat on the floor of their bedroom with clothes piled in front of her and her suitcase beside her. Joel walked in looking at her, “Hilary what are you doing?” he asked

Hilary looked up at him placing a shirt in the suitcase, “Joel I'm getting my bag ready so when I go into labor its ready and I have everything.” she said going back to what she was doing.

“Oh I see.” he said watching her smiling

Hilary sighed, “Harlow will be here any day now and my father is flying in tonight so I wanna get everything done, you know?” she said looking up at him

“Yes babe I understand. Need any help?” he asked walking up to her

“Umm” Hilary said thinking to herself, “I don't think so. I just got to finish putting the rest of this stuff in here and I'm basically done.”

Joel smiled, “alright then” he said

Hilary went back to packing her suitcase. About a half hour later she was done, “alright babe I'm done! Will you please put it in the closet?” she asked looking up at him

“Yes I can do that for you” he said walking up and grabbing her suitcase placing it in the closet

“And can you help me up?” she asked smiling innocently looking at Joel.

Joel smiled walking up, “of course love” he said helping her up.

“Lets go downstairs!” she said grabbing Joel's hand. Joel grabbed her hand smiling and followed her downstairs.

Later That Night
Hilary sat in bed sleeping. She had been sleeping for the past four hours because she was exhausted. Hilary stirred in her sleep opening her eyes. It was dark in the room. She moved around and felt something wet underneath her, “what the hell” she said to herself getting up. She turned the lamp on that was beside her and pushed the covers off her. Underneath her was a huge wet spot, “oh shit!” she said to herself. Hilary looked at the door, “JOEL!” she yelled, “JOEL!!!!!!” she continued to yell

Joel ran into the bedroom, “Hilary what’s wrong?” he asked concerned

“Joel my water bag broke!” she said trying to stay calm, “we need to go to the hospital”

Joel grabbed Hilary's hand helping her up, “do you want to change first Hilary?”

Hilary nodded, “yeah that would be smart” she said walking over to the closet.

Joel ran into the closet grabbing her suitcase as Hilary came out wearing clean clothes, “come on babe we need to get you to the hospital” he said grabbing her hand and her suitcase and headed downstairs. They got into his car and headed to the emergency room.

At The Hospital
Hilary and Joel arrived at the hospital and got inside. They rushed Hilary into the OB floor and got her into a room. Joel and Hilary called everybody to let them know she was about ready to give birth at anytime.

A couple hours later passed and Hilary still had no sign of going into labor. The doctor kept coming in to check and see if she has dilated. She hasn't reached ten yet she was only 4 centimeters. Joel’s and Hilary's family has already arrived at the hospital. They were still waiting for Kelsey to arrive. She was at work and couldn't get off. Hilary sat in bed getting upset. Joel placed his hand on hers, “baby its okay” he said watching her

“No its not I'm so sick of being in here!! i just want her to come out already!” she said as tears came to her eyes, “I hate these stupid contractions too! They hurt so much!”

“I know baby I know” he said pushing hair out of her face as the door flew open. Joel looked behind him and Kelsey came running up

“Oh my gosh Hilary! I got here as soon as I could! How are you feeling?” she asked walking up to her

Hilary sniffed back tears, “I feel horrible! I hate this i just want her to come out already!” she said as a few tears fell down her face

Kelsey walked up hugging Hilary, “Hilary baby I'm so sorry!”

“Can someone go get me some water please?” she asked wiping some tears away

Joel nodded, “I will babe. I'll be back” he said kissing her on the forehead and walked out of the room.

Kelsey sat down in Joel's spot. Hilary looked over at her, “God I cant wait until I give birth.. this... owe!” she yelled in pain

Kelsey grabbed her hand, “its okay Hilary breath. Remember to breath!” she said trying to help her

Hilary began doing her breathing exercises and soon the contractions stopped, “god this is going to kill me” she said looking at Kelsey.

Joel walked in with her water handing it to her, “there you go babe”

“Thank you Joel I love you” she said taking a drink and sitting it on the table.

Benji walked through the door, “I hate to interrupt but you two have loads of flowers and stuff in the waiting room. The fans found out that Hilary was going into labor so yeah they sent stuff.” he said as Dr. Greene walked in

“Dr. Greene is there any other women in here having babies?” she asked

Dr. Greene looked at Hilary smiling, “actually there is. There’s six other mom's.”

“I want to send them flowers, balloons, other gift basket things” she said looking at Joel, “what do you think?” she asked

“Sounds like a great idea.” he said smiling and looking at Benji, “will you order the stuff for the moms?”
Benji nodded his head, “yes I will. I'll see you later” he said walking out of the room

A couple hours later Hilary was finally in labor. The nurses rushed in and so did her doctor. Dr. Greene looked at Hilary, “okay Hilary you're fully dilated all we need you to do is push when I tell you too okay?” he said

Hilary nodded her head yes, “lets just get his over with please” she said in tears

“Alright” Dr. Greene said getting ready. He looked at Hilary, “okay Hilary push”

Hilary grabbed Joel's hand taking a deep breath and pushed screaming in pain. Hilary continued to push as Dr. Greene told her too. Finally it was her last time to push.

Dr. Greene looked up at Hilary, “Okay Hilary push one more time and she will be out.”

Hilary took a deep breath once again and pushed still screaming in pain. Hilary laid back breathing heavy as she heard her baby crying. Dr. Greene grabbed the baby wiping her off with a towel. He handed her to a nurse, “okay Joel do you want to cut the umbilical cord?” he asked handing him the scissors.

Joel nodded grabbing the scissors as Dr. Greene showed him where to cut and Joel did. The nurse walked over to Hilary handing her Harlow. Hilary began crying holding onto her baby as Joel walked up, “oh my gosh she’s gorgeous” he said smiling

“Oh my god this is so amazing. I'm so happy this is over with” she said kissing Harlow on the head

Joel hugged her kissing Harlow as well, “Hilary we finally have our family” he said looking at her in tears

“I love you so much Joel.” she said as tears fell down her face

Joel kissed her, “I love you too”

One of the nurses walked up to Hilary, “okay Hilary we're going to take your baby and clean her up. When we come back we'll ask you if you want to bottle-feed her or breast-feed her. Also you need to think of her name. Alright?” she said smiling at her warmly

Hilary nodded handing Harlow to her. The nurse carried her out of the room, “Joel I know what we should name her.” she said

“What’s that babe?” he asked

“Harlow Winter Kate Madden” she said smiling at Joel.

Joel smiled pushing hair out of her face, “baby I love it. We got all the names we like in it.” he said kissing her on the lips

Hilary smiled grabbing her glass of water, “Babe you might wanna go tell everybody that I had Harlow.” she said taking a sip
“Alright I'll be back love” he said kissing her before walking out.

In The Waiting Room
Everybody sat in the waiting room waiting to hear if Hilary had her baby yet. Joel walked in, “hey guys” he said smiling

“Joel hunny did she have the baby?” his mother asked

Joel nodded, “yes Hilary had the baby and it was a girl and her name is Harlow Winter Kate Madden. She weighed 6 pounds and 7 ounces and she’s 19 inches long ” he said smiling proudly

Benji waked up pulling Joel into a hug, “congratulations bro!”

“Thanks Benji” he said smiling, “and everybody else”

Everybody told him his congratulations, “well I better get back in with Hilary.” he said waving as he walked off

In Hilary's Room
Joel walked in seeing Hilary breast-feeding Harlow. He walked up sitting in the chair by her, “I can’t wait to take her home”

“You’re telling me!” Hilary said smiling, “this is so amazing”

Joel nodded in agreement smiling, “this cant get any better or perfect” he thought to himself
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