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Christmas Leads To Happy Times!

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!!!!!Chapter 28!!!!!

A couple weeks have passed and Christmas was just around the corner. It was Christmas Eve. Hilary and Joel invited their friends and family over for the holiday. They were the hosts for this year. Everybody sat at the big dining room table. Hilary and Joel stood up looking at everybody. Hilary smiled looking at everybody's face, “Joel and I would like to thank all of you guys for coming. It means a lot” she said looking over at Joel.

Joel smiled looking at everybody, “its nice to have the whole family together. And it means a lot that everybody could make it. This is the last Christmas that Hilary and I will be spending by ourselves because baby Harlow will be joining us at this time next year! So lets enjoy this Christmas while we can!” he said holding his glass up as everybody did the same hitting them together.

Benji grinned looking at everybody, “to baby Harlow!”

Hilary and Joel smiled as they sat down and everybody started eating their Christmas Eve dinner. Hilary looked around the table looking at everybody. She was so happy that Benji and Joel's family could make it, Kelsey and her family could make it, Billy and his family could make it, and that her own family could make it. It just made her happy to see everybody together again. That’s why she loved holidays because it brought everybody together. Hilary was shaken out of her thoughts as she heard Joel's voice

“Hilary are you okay?”

Hilary shook her thoughts away looking at Joel, “yeah I'm fine” she said with a smile and started eating her food.

She once again began zoning out thinking as she listened to everybody having their own conversations around the table. She was thankful that she was blessed with the people that she had in her life today. She was blessed with having Joel and for having his child. She loved everything that she had in her life at the moment. She pushed her thoughts out of her head and picked up her plate and took it into the kitchen placing it in the sink as some of the others did the same.

Susan, Kelsey's mom, came walking in, “Hilary darling congrats on the baby!” she said walking up to her, “you’re almost ready to have the baby aren't you?” she asked
Hilary nodded smiling, “yup. She’s basically due anytime now until the middle of January.”

“I bet you're happy to finally give birth huh?” Susan asked smiling at her warmly

“You have no idea, “Hilary said smiling as the both walked out of the kitchen and joined the others.

Everybody sat together in the family room gathering around the fireplace and told stories until they decided to go to bed.

Christmas Morning

Joel shaking her awakened Hilary, “Hilary baby get up! Please wake up!” he said

Hilary yawned looking over at the clock. It was 9:00 in the morning, “Joel its nine in the morning!” she exclaimed

“Hilary I have something to show you!” he said helping her up

Hilary sat up rubbing her eyes, “alright, alright I'm up.” she said as Joel helped her up off the bed

“Yay!” he said grabbing her hand and leading her out of their bedroom.

Hilary sighed walking along with Joel. He stopped in front of one of the guest room that was supposed to be the baby's nursery, which they haven't gotten around to fixing it all the way up and Harlow was due anytime now. Hilary looked at Joel confused as he turned around looking at her. Joel put his hand on the doorknob turning it and pushing it open. Hilary peered in the room and her mouth dropped open, “Joel oh my god its freaking adorable!” she squealed hugging him

“I knew you would love it!” Joel said hugging her

Hilary looked around in disbelief. She peered into the room once again looking at everything in the room. In the middle of the room was the baby canopy round baby crib that was painted white. The baby crib bedding was Tinkerbell, which Hilary loves and adores! There was also a changing table in one corner and the dresser in the other. On the other side of the room against the wall was a day bed for the nights that Hilary or Joel might have to stay in the room. There were also various accessories throughout the room. The walls were painted a baby pink and had Harlow's named spelled out on the wall above the round baby crib. Everything in the room was Tinkerbell themed and pink. Harlow had everything a baby could ever dream of having, “baby I love it so much!” she said looking around the room with tears in her eyes

Joel grinned watching her kissing her on the forehead and putting his arms around her, “I told you I would get the nursery done and I did! Merry Christmas baby!”

“I love you baby thank you so much!” she said hugging him and planting a kiss on his lips

Joel grinned down at her, “no problem babe. Now lets go join the rest of the group” he said closing the door taking Hilary's hand and walking downstairs.

Later That Night

Everybody sat down in the dining room once again to eat breakfast with everybody. Hilary sat at the table still half asleep picking at her food eating bits every now and then. Hannah looked at her sister watching her, “Hilary did you like the nursery?” she asked

Hilary yawned nodding her head, “yes I did! Its freaking gorgeous and its just freaking perfect!” she said smiling

Her father looked at her smiling, “oh yeah Hilary. I forgot to tell you that when you go look in the closet you will find the stroller, car seat and all that stuff in there that i bought for you. Don't worry its all Tinkerbell themed. I had it all custom made just for you”

A smile grew on Hilary's face, “oh my gosh thank you so much daddy! I freaking love you!” she said looking around at everybody, “actually I love all of you!”

“We love you too!” Kelsey said putting her hands together.

Later That Night At Dinner

Everybody sat down at the dinner table once again. Tonight was the night that everybody was leaving. Hilary was sad that everybody would be going back to their homes but she knew it was going to happen. She’s been up on her feet for the past couple days and that wasn't good for her since she’s about ready to give birth to her baby girl in less than a month. Hilary stood up, “can I have your attention” she said as everybody looked at her, “I would seriously love to thank you guys for coming here and joining us. It means a lot. So please feel free and come back to visit once Harlow is born. We would love to have you guys!” she said smiling, “now lets eat!” she said as she sat down.

Hilary sat down in chair watching everybody as they ate and were in their own conversations. She kept getting her Braxton Hicks contractions that told her she would be giving birth soon. Hilary sighed to herself picking up her glass of water drinking it as Joel placed his hand on her leg. She looked over at Joel smiling, “hey babe”

“Hey Hil. How are you feeling?” he asked smiling at her warmly

Hilary rubbed her stomach with her free hand, “I’m okay. Just having a few contractions here and there. I think its from being on my feet for the past couple days.” she said placing her hand on Joel's.

Joel smiled brushing his hand along her cheek, “once they leave babe you can lay down and rest. Alright?” he said kissing her on the forehead

Hilary nodded smiling as she continued looking around the room drinking her water. Awhile later everybody got done eating and were heading off to their homes. Hilary and Joel hugged everybody as they walked out of the door. Hilary's father, Eminem, stopped in front of Hilary hugging her, “babe I'll be back during the last week of your pregnancy but if you go into labor before let me know alright? And take care of the baby” he said kissing her on the forehead

“Yes daddy I will take care of my baby. I have so far.” she said smiling and she hugged her father one last time before he left. Hilary closed the door after everybody was out. She walked up to Joel wrapping her arms around him, “well babe I guess we can go to bed” she said looking up at him.

“Yeah I'm so tired” he said putting his arm around her as they walked upstairs into their room. Hilary and Joel changed into their pajamas and got in bed under the covers. Hilary laid her head on Joel's chest, “good night Joel I love you!”

“I love you too baby” he said kissing her on top of her head. Awhile later they both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The Next Day

“Hilary baby come here!” Joel yelled from the kitchen.

Hilary walked into the kitchen seeing Joel standing by the table with a box in front of him, “yeah babe?” she said walking up to him.

Joel looked at her grinning, “look Hil the baby clothes are here!” he said showing her

“Oh my gosh baby they're gorgeous!” she said picking up one of the onesies that had the DCMA Collective logo on it

Joel smiled nodding his head, “it turned out awesome! Yes!” he said placing them back into the box, “all these are for baby Harlow”

Hilary smiled hugging Joel around the waist, “oh my gosh cute!” she said yawning, “well I think I'm gonna go lay down I'm freaking tired”

“Alright babe I'll be up in little bit” he said kissing her on the head

Hilary nodded walking off towards their bedroom. Hilary reached their room and laid down on the bed. She couldn't wait to give birth to the baby. Hilary fell into sleep as she sat there thinking to herself.
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