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Hilary & Hannah's Sisterly Moment In Washington D.C.

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!!!!!Chapter 27!!!!!

Joel arrived to the house about a half hour after Hilary got home. Joel threw his keys on the coffee table as he passed it and made his way upstairs into his and Hilary's room. He walked in seeing Hilary laying in bed watching TV. Hilary looked over at him but said, “let me guess Hannah told you right?” before Joel could say anything

Joel nodded his head, “Yes she did” he said walking up to her and sitting by her

“Joel I'm fine. Really I am. Can we please not talk about this” she said looking at him making eye contact with him

Joel bent down kissing her on the forehead, “okay Hilary we won’t talk about it.” he said sighing

“Thank you” she said looking back at the TV, “and yes I'm still going and seeing my mother tomorrow” she added

Joel sighed in frustration. He knew he wasn't going to get anywhere with Hilary because she was so damn stubborn. She got it from her father. Joel stood up, “I’ll be downstairs if you need me” he said before walking out of the door.

The Next Morning

Joel walked into their bedroom once again for the second time. He couldn't seem to get Hilary up and she had to leave in an hour and a half to get on her flight to Washington DC. He walked over to the bed and sat on the edge by Hilary. He shook Hilary lightly, “Hilary baby you need to get up” he said watching.

“No I don't want to” she whined hugging the blanket

Joel sighed, “Hilary do you want to miss your flight? Hannah will be here in like 20 minutes”

Hilary rolled over to face Joel. She pushed the blankets off her sitting up, “I’m up! Geez” she said rolling her eyes

“Hilary please don't start your moodiness. I really don't want to put up with it today and I really don't want us to leave on a bad note” he said sitting up

Hilary glared at him, “you be pregnant and tell me how you freaking feel” she said swinging her legs over the side of the bed and pushed herself off the bed

“Yes Hilary I know. I'm sorry I got your pregnant! How many times do you want me to say it?” he asked looking at her

Hilary rolled her eyes passing him, “whatever” she said under her breath as she went to the closet to find clothes.

Joel shook his head and grabbed her luggage taking it downstairs. While he was gone Hilary took a shower and changed into baby blue terry cloth sweatpants with a baby blue terry cloth sweatshirt that zipped in the front. She also had a white tank top under it. She put on her baby blue and white Vans on her feet and grabbed her pink Paris Hilton handbag and walked out of the bedroom and downstairs.

Hilary walked into the kitchen setting her handbag down on the island. She could hear Hannah in the living room talking to Joel so she picked her handbag back up and waked into the living room. She saw Hannah standing by the door talking to Joel. Hannah looked over at Hilary as she walked in, “hey Hil are you ready to go?” she asked with a smile on her face

“Yeah I guess so” she said walking up to them and giving Joel a kiss and hug before heading out of the door with Hannah.
Joel watched them as they walked out, “Bye babe I love you” he called after them.

Hilary turned around waving, “I love you too” she said getting into the passengers side.

Hannah got in the drivers side and started the car putting it in reverse. She backed out of the driveway and headed towards the LAX airport. Once they got there they got out heading inside. They checked in their luggage and boarded the plane.

Washington DC

After what seemed like forever they finally landed in Washington DC. The girls got off the plane grabbing their luggage and headed towards their mothers house. The girls finally arrived to the house getting out and walking up to the door. They knocked waiting.

They heard footsteps walking towards the door. Both girls looked at each other as the door opened revealing their mother. Both girls looked at their mom, “hi mom” they said together

A smile grew across their mothers face, “oh my gosh! Hilary! Hannah! Its wonderful to see you girls!” she said pulling them into a hug

“Its nice to see you too mom” Hilary said forcing a smile as her stepfather came walking up to the door standing by their mom. He had a smirk on his face

Their mom pulled away, “oh my gosh Hilary are you having a baby?” she asked looking at her daughter

Hilary nodded her head, “yup. I'm due next month.” she said looking at her mom.

“Hilary that’s great! I'll be right back girls” their mom said as she walked back into the house.

Their stepfather looked at Hilary, “I always knew Hilary would be the first one to get knocked up” he said smirking

Hilary glared at her stepfather, “what is that supposed to mean?”

“Oh nothing. I just knew you would be the first to get knocked up. The little slut that you are” he said with a smart ass look on his face

Anger filled Hilary, “fuck you! You're nothing but a fucking worthless piece of shit! You can go fuck yourself” she said turning around and walking back towards the rental car that Hannah and her had rented.

Hannah looked at their stepfather glaring at him, “what the fuck is your problem! Don't talk to Hilary like that!” she screamed at him and turned around looking at Hilary, “Hilary!” Hannah called after her

Hilary looked back at Hannah still walking, “no fuck this. I'm not taking this shit from him. I should've known that this was a fucking bad idea to come in the first place!” she yelled

“Have a nice fucking life you asshole” Hannah said walking away from their stepfather as their mother came walking back outside

“Hilary? Hannah? Where are you girls going?” she asked looking at them confused

Hilary opened the passengers side door, “we’re out of here. I'm not going to sit here and let that fucking asshole insult me. Mom you’re so fucking stupid for being with him. Why do you think that we don't come and fucking see you huh? Its because of that dick standing next to you!” she yelled looking at her mom then turning her attention back to her stepfather, “I hope you fucking die and when you do I'm going to spit on your grave!” she screamed

the girls' mom opened her mouth to say something but Hilary interrupted her, “have a nice life mom. Call us when you get rid of that fucking dick” she said getting in the car and slamming the door as Hannah did the same. The girls took off and headed to their hotel.

At The Hotel

The girls walked into their hotel room that they were sharing. They both walked up to the door taking a seat on the bed. Hannah looked at Hilary, “Hilary I'm so sorry about what he said to you. He’s such a fucking asshole. He had no right saying that shit”

“Yeah you're telling me! I never understood why he hated me out of the both of us.” Hilary said looking at her sister
Hannah started playing with her hands, “I think its because I was never home and you were always home. Hilary everything he did to you was my fault” she said

“Hannah its not your fault” Hilary said placing her hand on Hannah's

Hannah looked up at her with tears in her eyes, “Hilary yes it is. I should've stayed home. If I would've stayed home then none of that bad stuff would have happened to you! I should've been there to protect you and I wasn't.” she said shaking her head looking down

“Hannah it still probably would have happened.” Hilary said grabbing her hand

“I should've been there to protect you Hilary and I wasn't. You have no idea how bad this eats at me” Hannah said looking up at Hilary with tears streaming down her face, “I failed you as a sister.”

Hilary got up and scooted by Hannah taking her in her arms and holding her, “Hannah it’s not your fault. I love you okay?” she said her voice cracking from her trying to hold her tears back.

“I love you too Hilary... I'm so sorry” her twin sister said in tears

Hilary held Hannah in her arms rocking back and forth, “Shh...” she said trying to comfort Hannah as her own tears came running down her face. Awhile later the two girls fell asleep holding each other.

The next morning the girls woke up and headed off to the airport to fly back to Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles

The plane finally landed in Los Angeles. The girls grabbed their luggage and headed off. They eventually went their separate ways after saying their goodbyes. Hilary got to her LA home she shared with Joel and walked in. she sat her luggage by the door and started walking towards the family room. She could hear Joel's voice as well as some other male voices which meant Joel had his friends over. She wasn't expected to be home until another couple of days.

Hilary walked into the family room as Joel looked up watching her. Benji and Billy sat there talking to Joel but stopped when they saw Hilary walk in. Benji looked at Hilary and smiled, “hey Hil” he said

Hilary looked at Benji and gave him a small smile and kept walking. She wasn't in the mood to talk after what had happened last night. She was too upset. She walked out of the family room and Billy looked at Joel, “what’s wrong with Hil? I thought she wasn't supposed to be back for a couple days”

Joel looked at Billy and his brother, “she’s not supposed to be. I better go see what happened” he said standing up, “I’ll be back” he said as he walked out of the family room.

Joel walked upstairs to their room opening the door he saw Hilary laying on the bed with her face in the pillow. Her back was towards him. He walked up and sat down by Hilary, “Hilary babe are you okay?” he asked rubbing her arm

“No” she said holding her tears back

“Hilary what happened? Is everything okay?” he asked getting concerned

Hilary sat up wiping her tears away as she looked at Joel, “everything is wrong. I went and seen my mom and my so called stepfather was such a dick saying rude things to me so we left because I wasn't going to take his shit” Hilary said pausing sniffing back tears, “and then we go back to the hotel and Hannah breaks down crying because she’s blaming herself for everything bad that happened to me when we were younger. I sat up all night comforting her... she’s a mess” she said as fresh tears ran down her cheeks

Joel pulled Hilary into a hug holding her, “baby I'm so sorry....”

“Joel I don't want Hannah to blame herself. It’s not her fault all that stuff happened. She just won’t listen. And when she blames herself it kills me inside because it’s not her fault... she’s always saying she’s sorry but it’s not her fault...” Hilary said looking down breaking down crying, “I just want things to go back to normal.” she said looking up at Joel.

“Baby just give it time” Joel said wiping her tears away, “things will calm down....”
“I hope so” she said hugging Joel as he comforted her the best he could.
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